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"He found out my secret and helped me out before you removed my hood by distracting you." Oliver waited before telling her "When you figured out I was the Green Arrow Clark double crossed you and put on my costume and pretended to be me unbeknown to me Chloe also found out my secret."

"So when you told me to repeat my story to Clark you know it was him all along." Lois asks Chloe.

"Yes I just wanted to see his reaction to being a better kisser than Oliver." Chloe says then starts to laugh.

"How come you never told me this?" Oliver asks

"Didn't want to hurt you feelings by saying someone is better than you." Lois tells him. "I need to lie down wake me before you go back to the hospital." Lois says

"I better get going also, see you at the hospital." Chloe says.

"You want me to stay you leave?" Bart asks.

"Just go I'll see you later." Oliver tells him

_Hospital next day_

Lois and Oliver walk to Hamilton's office to find out about Clark.

"Got any news on Clark Emil? Oliver asks.

Emil just looks at Lois and back to Oliver.

"She knows about his origins so of you go." Oliver tells him.

"What he knows about Clark also?" Lois shouts at Oliver.

"He knows everybody in the league, I need to have a doctor on the payroll after my near death experience last year."Oliver tells her.

"Don't worry Miss Lane I won't betray their trust." Emil reassures her.

"Fine if they trust you I trust you." Lois says.

"Well his wounds are now healed I'm on my way to checkup on his progress." Emil tells them.

When they reach Clark's room they notice the bed is empty.

"Well I guess he's better. Oliver says.

"I'll get his discharge papers for you to sign." Emil tells Oliver.

When he turns to leave he notices Lois is not there.

"Oliver where's Lois?" Emil asks.

Oliver looks around the room and notices that she is missing.

"She must be out trying to find him when she noticed he wasn't in the bed and just forgot to tell us where she went." Oliver tells him.

"Will she find him?" Emil asks.

"I hope so the future depends on it." Oliver answers him.

_Kent Farm several hours later_

When Lois reaches the Kent Farm she goes to the barn to look for Clark.

"Smallville are you here? Lois asks an empty barn.

When she gets no reply she heads to the home to see if he's there. When walks through the door Shelby comes up to her wagging his tail.

"Where's Clark he home?" She asks not getting a reply.

She notices the dog bowl full of dog food and thinks Clark must come home to feed Shelby.

_2 hours later_

"Shelby come here." Clark says when he enters the house.

"Well look who decided to show up." Lois says in a sarcastic manner.

Clark looks up and is surprised to see Lois standing there in front of him.

"What happened to you? I've looked everywhere for you." Clark says.

"I bet you have she thinks to herself" "I'll tell you after you tell me where you blurred of to? Lois asks him.

"What do you mean blurred of to?" Clark asks back

"I know you are the blur." Lois shouts at him.

"How do you know?" Clark asks.

"Oliver told me after I figured it out. Lois tells him.

Before he could say anything else Lois interrupts him.

"We've knowing each other for over five years and this is something you couldn't trust me with knowing that I can look after myself no matter what it is."

"Lois people have died and gotten hurt because of my secret I didn't want that to happen to you." Clark tells her.

"That's not the point the point is you didn't trust me enough you thought I would tell the world about you but I wouldn't do that to you or your parents." Lois tells him.

"I know." Clark says.

"Then why?" Lois asks.

"I don't know what I would do without you, you helped me move on with my life when you gave me that application form and I've never been happier." He tells her with a small smile on his face. "So you figure it out I was the blur?" Clark asks

"At Chloe's wedding you looked ill when I was giving you the piece of meteor rock and when we figured out that it was Zod that attacked you Oliver got these special arrows tipped with kryptonite." Lois tells him.

"So Oliver doesn't trust me now?" Clark says getting angry.

"I don't know, can they really kill you." Lois asks.

"Only if I'm exposed to it for a very long time." Clark tells her.

"Who is this Zod guy and skip out the bit about Lex I now that bit already?"

"He was banished to the Phantom Zone by my biological father and holds a grudge against him and all the members of the House of El." Clark tells her.

"So what happened to your father?" Lois asks.

"He died along with everyone else on the planet, Kara and I are the only survivors." Clark tells her.

"So you both where sent here as infants and grow up on earth not knowing about your real parents or anything." Lois asks.

"I was sent as an infant Kara on the other hand her ship crashed into Reeves Dam and was in suspended animation for eighteen years." Clark tells her.

"That's a long time so how did she come out of it?" Lois asks.

"The explosion at the dam moved her ship which you found by the way and before you say told you so let me finish, when I told her our planet was destroyed she took it hard but she learned to adapt to life on earth." Clark told her

"So where is she now?" Lois asks

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