Originally this was going to be one chapter and that was all. Simply something that I always wondered about and finally gave my own voice to, since nobody else would. However it has been asked of me to continue with Almanzo's thoughts after he discovers that the man he was so jealous of was only Laura's Uncle Tom. Please let me know if I should keep this up or simply keep it as my original one chapter.

I do not own any of the characters; they belong to the brilliant author Laura Ingalls Wilder.

I feel as though my face is going to split open from my smile. Her uncle! I can't believe I was jealous of her uncle. Although to be honest with myself, I cannot believe I was jealous at all. I knew that my feelings for Laura were getting stronger, but until I saw her so happy with another man I never realized how involved my heart was. Is it possible to fall in love that quickly? Is this really love or an infatuation? I enjoy being in her company. She knows when to simply enjoy the world around us and when to have a conversation. She is bright, funny, beautiful….

When did my heart get so involved? When did I start to say things simply to see eyes sparkle? Why was I so jealous?

Laughing with Laura, Mary and Cap is only my excuse for smiling so much. I know they are happy because it is springtime and it is so easy to laugh in the spring. Yet I am smiling for an entirely different reason. I feel as though something has just clicked into place. Something that was missing for so long but I did not know it was missing.

I love Laura. It has become that simple and that complicated. To me these are no longer simple buggy rides, they are so much more. I want to know more about Laura and I want her to know more about me. I want her to feel about me the way I feel about her; as though she completes me. It is such a wonderful and yet frightening feeling. What if she does not feel the same way about me? With my heart so involved I don't know what I will do if she decides that she does not want to be with me. I should talk with Mr. Ingalls. Make sure he is alright with me courting Laura, not simply taking her for buggy rides. I want him to know that I am serious about this, that this is no longer something for fun. I only hope that he is understanding about it and does not refuse me.

Jerusalem crickets, I am in love with Laura Ingalls!

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