Stage 1: Birth of a War

The date was August 10th, 2010 of the Royal Calender.

The Holy Britannian Empire declared war on the far east island nation of Japan.

In the battle for the mainland, Britannia unleashed its greatest weapons. The Mobile Humanoid War Machines, The Knightmare Frames. They completely obliterated the Japanese Army.

The country was striped of its freedom, rights and its name.

Area 11. The once proud nation's identity was replace with a number.

Seven Years have past and the balance of power is about to shift. Not by a global superpower, but by something not of this world.

Opening: (Sousei No Aquarion by Masaaki Endoh)

(We see a map of the world with Britannia controlling the majority of the world. Glasgows destroy tanks and planes. The Japanese flag is replaced by the Britannian Flag. Area 11 flashes on a computer screen. We see the map of the world again. It burns up and we a massive fleet of UEs in space. The logo appears: The Knights of Earth.)

Sekai no hajimari no hi Inochi no ki no shita de
Kujira-tachi no koe no tooi zankyou Futari de kiita

(We see Lelouch walking through a crowd of civilians in the Tokyo Settlement. Kallen walking through a crowd of students in her school uniform. Suzaku marching with Britannian soldiers. He looks up at the bright blue sky.)

Nakushita mono subete Aishita mono subete
Kono te ni dakishimete Ima wa doko wo samayoi iku no

(We see soldiers & tanks marching in the Shinjuku ghetto. Sutherlands shooting at Japanese Rebels. C.C. opens her eyes. Several objects fall through the sky. They hit the ghetto, Britannian Soldiers and Japanese Rebels are being killed. Fire blazes everywhere and we see a silhouette of an UE.)

Kotae no hisomu kohaku no taiyou Deawanakereba Satsuriku no tenshi de irareta
Fushinaru matataki motsu tamashii Kizutsukanaide Boku no Hane
Kono kimochi shiru tame umarete kita

(A Sakuradite Core spins rapidly. The Lancelot piloted by Suzaku takes off and fights through the UE with kicks and punches. A red Glasgow piloted by Kallen jumps out of a speeding truck and is flanked by two Sutherlands controlled by Jeremiah and Villetta as they race through the highway, shooting at the UE . Lelouch moves some chess pieces and the Sutherlands fire at flying UE. Clovis gives an order. The Mobile Command Center opens its weapon ports and fires on the enemies.)

Ichimannen to nisennen mae kara aishiteru
Hassennen sugita koro kara motto koishikunatta
Ichioku to nisennen ato mo aishiteru
Kimi wo shitta sono hi kara boku no jigoku ni ongaku wa taenai

(We see flashes of Nunnaly, The Ashford Student Body Council, The Purest Faction, Kaname's resistance group, Lloyd, Cecile and finally C.C. Suzaku fighting soldiers in his devicer suit. Kallen rides a red motorbike through the Tokyo Settlement. Lelouch looks down at the ground with a solemn look. He turns around and sees Suzaku, Kallen, Nunnaly, C.C., Jeremiah, Villetta and Clovis smiling at him. Lelouch is suprised but then a genuine smile appears on his face. He looks toward the sky as the sun shines through the clouds. It zooms out from Japan and we see a view of the Earth.)

The truth is a rare thing in this world. I'm sure you all know how the story of the Black Rebellion & The Rise of the Demon King began right? Lelouch Vi Britannia, exiled prince of Britannia went under false name of Lelouch Lamperouge and felt as though he lived a life without purpose. It was only when he enter a contract with the immortally witch C2 that he was able to truly live. Live to make a world where his sister could find happiness. The power of Geass gave him absolute control over anybody through direct eye contact. He abused his power and built a rebellion promising freedom, but that too was built on lies. He lied to his friends, his allies. And when the truth came out, they betrayed him. He killed many people, some of which shared his blood. In the end, by becoming the center of the world's hate, his death gave peace. But for every goal, there are aways other way to reach it. This is the story of different world. Instead becoming the demon that the world despised, Lelouch would become the savior they would praise.

2017, Above Earth's orbit...

Several shadowy figures floated above the Earth they spoke in an unknown dialect.

("Location identified. Awaiting further orders.")

In a few minutes, they received their orders.

("Affirmative. Beginning Operation.") And with that they began their descent.

Shinjuku Ghetto...

Lelouch was pushed against the wall of an abandoned warehouse. Two guards held his green-haired companion at gunpoint.

"What a perfect location for a terrorist to meet his end." A head of the Royal Guard said.

"You scum." The young man grunted.

"Still you did well for a student but that's to be excepted. You're a Britannian. Unfortunately my clever young friend, you have no future." He pointed his gun at Lelouch.

Meanwhile, Kallen was fighting to the death in her red Glasgow. Tears falling out of her eyes as she fought like a berserker.

"Those damn Britannians!"

Jeremiah Gottwald on the other hand was having fun fighting the rebels. Prince Clovis smiled as his troops overwhelmed them. Suddenly...

"Sir! We have unknown objects heading toward Shinjuku."

Clovis raised an eyebrow. "Reinforcements for the rebels?"

"No sir. They uh..."

Clovis looked out the window and looked in awe as several objects set ablaze from atmospheric re-entry. The phenomenon was scene by soldiers, rebels, civilians of the Shinjuku Ghetto and the Tokyo Settlement.

"No way!" Rivalz said as he rode his motorcycle on the highway.

"What is that?" Shirley asked as the entirety of the Ashford Academy student body looked at the sky.

The objects landed in Shinjuku, crushing anybody in the way before explosions ran though the area. In the G-1 Mobile Fortress, several IFFs went off line.

"Lazlo Squad was just obliterated!" General Brantley yelled.

"Impossible! How could the Elevens have that kind of power!" Clovis asked. "Send a recon group to investigate Lazlo Squads last location."

Three Sutherlands observed on of the impact sites. All they could see was smoke, even with their Factspheres activated. The smoke cleared and they saw a menacing looking machine.

(For image reference, think of the ovv-f Gafran from the Gundam AGE, only the size of the Gawain.)

"You in the … whatever model that is. Identify ourselves or we will exterminates you on the spot!" The Sutherland readied their guns. The machine looked at them with red light running along its face. I turned to green and faster than the Knightmares could respond, it charged a tore off the heads of one of them.

"Holy Crap!" The fellow devicers yelled. The devicer of the beheaded tried to eject, but the machine pierced the cockpit with its claw, cutting right through the devicer as he vomited blood. It pulled the bloody claw out and the Sutherland exploded.

"You Monster!" One of the other Sutherlands started firing at the beast, managing to make a lot of holes that stopped it.

"Thank god." The devicer said in relief. But the machine stood up and charged at him. It lifted the Sutherland above its head and ripped it in half.

"Nonononono!" The last Sutherland tried to flee the scene. The machine aimed its tail at the retreating Britannian and fired a laser that pierced the cockpit and blew up the Knightmare.

"The recon team was defeated in under 25 seconds!" Brantley exclaimed.

"The Elevens have this kind of technology?" Clovis asked in disbelief.

"Sir. We ran through the database. The unknown doesn't match any kind of weapon ever made." One of the technicians said.

"Then we the what the hell are we fighting?"

Back at the rubble, the Japanese rebels and Ghetto civilians looked at the machine.

"Is it an ally?"

"Its gotta be. Why else would it take out those Britannians?" The rebels waved to it.

"Hey! Thanks for taking care of them! We were really trouble for a second!"

The machine turned toward them. It raised its palm toward the group. A light covered the hand. In a blast of light, the group was vaporized down to the last molecule.

The G-1 command center was silent. They saw the feed through the the Sutherland that was ripped in half.

"It … killed all those Elevens." One of the technicians said.

All over Shinjuku, everyone whether they were Britannian or Japanese were slaughtered by the unknown machines. The Sutherlands managed to put up a minimal resistance but they were unable to destroy the enemy. Clovis looked at the screen in horror.

"This is madness!" He thought. "They don't care if they're killing Britannians or Elevens!" He suddenly remembered the very words he said earlier.

"Destroy Shinjuku Ghetto! Leave no one alive!"

He nearly vomited at the memory. "Is this what we do to the Elevens... No, the Japanese?"

At Lelouch's location, the royal guard turned toward the exit of the warehouse.

"What's going on?" The main guard asked. Lelouch opened his eyes.

"Terrorist reinforcements?"

Suddenly the roof collapsed, killing all of the Royal Guard and covering everything in a cloud of the dust. Lelouch tried to get to the girl. The scene he saw gave him chills. A bloodied Royal Guard lay on top of the girl. She seemed unfazed. Lelouch moved the body and undid her bindings.

"Are you okay?"


The sound of metal moving drew their attention. The smoke cleared an they saw on of the unknown machines looking down at them. Lelouch was scared for his life. "Nunnaly!" A green line ran across the machines face.

"That was the turning point; since that day, I've fought for survival. The survival of humanity. Britannian. Japanese. None of those names meant anything anymore. I was sick to death of a world that couldn't be changed. But when that change came and a great danger showed itself, I refused to give up in despair." - Lelouch Lamperouge

Next Chapter: The King, The Queen and the White Knight.