Katherine Pierce was kidnapped by Eric when she was human and he made her his. This is the untold story of Katherine's human life and what really made her into the woman she is today. Who was her actual true love. Dead or Alive Eric wants her back to teach her a lesson!

A/N: I do not own anything….Some material may not be one hundred percent correct but there is a reason for it . Also their may be rape, lemons, abuse, and a love story..

Katherine Petrova just gave birth to a healthy baby girl the night before. She still was laying on her bed with her dark brown hair spread across her pillow while tears fell from her eyes. She wanted out of this nightmare and the only way she could think of is to run. Katherine was waiting until her parents were sleeping before she quickly pulled on her best dress. It was a long sleeve baby blue dress that was tight around the torso area, and was huge at the bottom.

Once she was fully dressed she took off running hoping not to be seen. As she ran the cold wind stung her face which also made her lungs hurt from the cold air. Her lower lip was shaking since it was freezing outside, she had forgot to grab a coat. She had finally entered the woods and she let herself lean against a tree to catch her breath. Little did she know that two men stood not far from her. One looked like a young teenager with tattoos around his neck, while the other one had blonde hair that reached his shoulders and his looks were remarkable.

Katherine's breathing started to slow down, she strained her ears trying to see if she could hear a noise. CRACK. Was what she heard, she quickly stood up getting ready to run, she turned her head to check to make sure she was not being followed, once her head return to look in front of her she let out a scream. Their stood a man whom toward over her, his piercing blue eyes narrowed on her dark brown ones.

Katherine's heart was racing in her chest she did not know who he was her eyes were full of fear. She thought she was scared when she seen him standing their but what made her nearly faint was when she seen fangs pop from his mouth. Katherine turned around and started to run back home, she could have sworn she heard him let out a dry chuckle. She then ran into a teen boy who did not wear a shirt, she seen his tattoos around his neck and he also had fangs. Katherine fell to the ground in fear of both men and started to weep.

"Eric don't play with your food" the teen boy told Eric. Eric sped toward the crying Katherine, he pulled her up by her neck and Katherine used all her might to slap him across his face. He pinned her quickly to the tree "I like them scared Godric…makes the blood sweeter" he hissed at Katherine making her terrified even more.

"Ple-please let me go" Katherine cried out. Eric and Godric both laughed at her. Eric moved her long dark brown hair, her neck was is full view.

"Why would I do that" Eric asked with a smirk. Katherine looked up into Eric's eyes she did not know what to say to the creature who was pinning her against the tree. He leaned forward to where his face was near hers. His eyes felt like an enchantment to her.

"Are you scared" Eric asked in a calm voice. She did not know what came over her but the words slipped out her mouth as if she was forced.

"Yes" she said calmly her eyes were still locked on Eric's. Godric laughed at the girl.

Eric's nose touched her neck he was smelling her blood, his fangs pierced into her flesh slowly. He waited until she screamed in pain before he went deeper. Katherine never felt something like this before that she tried to pull his hair to make him move. He did not budge but just pulled her hair making her weep more while he drunk her blood. Katherine started to feel weak, the whole world started to spin. She blacked out.

Eric stopped feeding from her to make sure she would not die, he turned toward Godric "I love her blood" he said as he licked where his fangs were inserted in her neck. Godric rose a brow at Eric.

Eric picked up the passed at Katherine "I want to keep her as a little pet…you had one for a while before it killed itself so I will keep this one until I get bored with it" he walked toward Godric licking his lips to clean off the blood.


Katherine woke up she thought it was all a dream, her eyes were still closed but she could tell she was on a soft bed. Her head was pounding with pain she touched her head gently. Her eyes started to open but all she could see was black, she must be in her room she thought. Katherine sat up in the bed happy that she was home, she placed her feet on the ground. Katherine headed in the direction she thought would have been the door to enter the rest of her house at home. Instead she touched a wall, she started to panic and try to feel for a door.

The light was quickly turned on by Eric who stood in the door way tilting his head watching her with a wicked smile. The light made her shut her eyes since her head was killing her.

"My little pet" Eric said as he walked toward Katherine who was now leaning against the wall she thought was a door.

"I'm not a pet…I'm a human being" Katherine said with narrow eyes, she was terrified of the creature in front of her but she did have dignity. Eric chuckled as he slowly placed his hands around her neck. Katherine could feel the cold coming from his body as he gripped her neck, she felt her feet leave the floor as he held her up to his level by the neck.

"You are my pet…because you are MINE" he hissed at her. Katherine didn't like what she heard so she kicked him with all her might in the stomach, she hoped it would hurt him. Instead he tightened the grip on her neck making it hard to breath.

"Does my pet not respect me" Eric growled as he threw her on the bed she woke up in. Katherine touched her neck as she hurried and sat up looking at the man. He sped to her his eyes locked upon hers. She felt the enchantment again, his eyes were now making her body relaxed.

"Do you respect me" Eric asked calmly. Katherine did not want to answer but again she felt like the words were pulled out her throat.

"No…I hate you" she said calmly. Eric let out a chuckle while his eyes filled with anger. "Kiss me" he ordered while his eyes still locked on hers. Katherine did not want her body to move but she could feel it going closer to him without her will. Her lips touched his, she could feel the cold upon his lips. Everything about him was cold to Katherine. She slowly started to kiss him, Eric pulled her closer to him. He slipped a hand under her dress rubbing her thighs. Katherine did not move but continued to kiss him like she was ordered. Eric was growing hard in the pelvic area, until the door swung open. Their stood Godric.

"Having fun Eric" Godric asked as he leaned against the door way with a smile. Eric moved away from Katherine's lips and dropped the glamour. His hand was still under her dress on her thigh, she did not know what made her kiss him nor why she felt like a puppet. She tried to move away but Eric squeezed her thigh making her fight back a whimper, and he added some weight to where she was unable to move.

"I was a little" Eric replied smugly. One of his fingers rubbed her soft thigh softly, she just stayed still trying to plan what to do since she knew he was a lot stronger.

Godric laughed "Well I thought you would not glamour her since you wanted her blood to be sweet from fear" he said as he walked in the room and sat on the other side of the bed. Katherine realized that he was using some type of magic to make her body obey him, and she also noticed that both men trapped her from leaving the bed.

"I just wanted our first kiss to be good since I know the rest will not be well" Eric replied as he touched Katherine's cheek with his other hand that was not on her thigh. She moved her face quickly and bit his hand as hard as she could, she even noticed she drew a bit of blood and she spat it directly in Eric's face. Both men's fangs were fully out and their eyes narrowed on her, she quickly climbed over Eric. He grabbed her dress ripping some of it off since she ran straight to the door. Godric sped to her which made her let out a small shriek.

"You will not disrespect your owner that is my progeny" he growled. Katherine could feel Eric behind her looking down at her. He stepped closer to her that made her push against Godric's chest. She was literally trapped between two muscular, ice cold bodies. Eric moved her hair away from her neck and he moved her head to where her neck was titled to his liking.

"You disobeyed me pet" he hissed as his mouth gently kissed Katherine's neck, she whimpered from fright. His fangs pierced her neck harder then last time making her cry out in pain. Eric loved when she cried or screamed as he ate, the blood tasted so much better. He did not make her faint like last time, once he was done he picked up Katherine and tossed her on the bed. Eric looked at Godric with a smirk.

"Shall we go finish our business" he asked without looking at Katherine whom was curled up in a ball touching the spot Eric drew blood from. Godric nodded. Both men sped away leaving Katherine alone. She noticed they had locked the door, then her eyes fell upon the window that was near the bed. Her eyes narrowed as she walked toward it, she had a gut feeling it was locked but she used all her strength to open it.

It made a noise as it slowly opened. Katherine looked at her dress which was torn on her shoulder part and the skirts at the bottom were messy and ripped. She took a deep breath as she placed her hands on the board in front of the window, she picked up her weight as she stuck her head out the window. She noticed once she looked down that she was not far from the ground, a small smile appeared on her face. Katherine squeezed herself through the window that was opened only halfway. Once she was out she noticed her hair had dried blood in but it did not stop her from running. Katherine's hair was blown back as she ran, she had to lift up her dress for she would not trip from running.

Katherine came upon a small village she noticed that people were starring at her since she was wearing torn clothes and was unknown. She didn't know where to go that she leaned against a small house and sat on the ground crying. She noticed she was far away from home and she wished she would have never ran away. An old woman was standing near her.

"Are you ok child" she asked with concern. Katherine looked up at the woman and slowly stood up "Yes ma'am" she replied looking down at the ground.

"How old are you, what happened to your clothes…come inside child" The old woman grabbed Katherine's small hand and led her to the inside of her home.

"I'm seventeen, and" Katherine didn't know what to tell her about her clothes. "Men were attacking me" was all she could say. The old woman looked at Katherine with concern.

"Where are your parents" she asked her while she sat Katherine at her small wooden table. Katherine looked down at her hands " I was kidnapped, I'm from Bulgaria" Katherine said the place she was from with great dignity.

The old woman looked down at the ground "You were taken far away…this is not Bulgaria child but Austria." Katherine started to get worried she never been this far away from home, she wondered where they were taking her and why he called her Pet. The old woman fixed Katherine a bowl of warm soup and placed it in front of her. Katherine started to eat slowly since she was starving she knew if she rushed it that she would get sick.

"Thank you" Katherine said with a smile. The old woman smiled "The name is Pierce" the woman said before she took a bite of the bread. Katherine noticed that the lady was old but her hair was white as snow and it was obvious that she was a great beauty when she was younger.

"Katherine" Katherine replied with a smile. Peirce smiled "Well Katherine you're a beautiful woman. I bet your father and mother are worried sick" she said softly. Katherine nodded. "I think they are" she let out a yawn since it was so late at night. Peirce stood up "I have a spare bedroom if you want to sleep." Katherine nodded "I thank you so much for your kindness."

Peirce smiled and led the way to the back room. Katherine left the door opened as she changed into a white gown that Peirce had loan her. She pulled back the sheets and crawled into bed thinking. Her mind went at ease, she felt like she finally escaped the horrible man Eric. All she had to do now was find her way home. She also knew if she would run into the men again she would fight like her father taught her. Katherine drifted into a deep sleep.