A/N: Ok their is abuse warning in this chapter later on. If you do not read it I will post a summary in the next chapter. But everything happens for a reason.

A few months passed and it would soon be her Birthday in a few days. She would be eighteen finally. Katherine was sitting by the window staring outside. She watched as Jake picked up the logs and stacked them into a neat pile. Her heart would flutter every-time he would glance her way. She couldnt help but smile as his eyes caught hers. Giggling like a young girl she quickly jumped when the door opened.

Kendra walked in the room slowly "Do you love him" she asked in a soft whisper. Katherine had grew closer to Jake over the weeks she been here. He helped her when Eric would grow angry toward her and feed. Katherine's dark eyes stayed upon Jake as she answered Kendra.

"Yes. I think I do. He makes me smile when I feel like I cant go. He tells me the time will come when he will be my night and shinning armor. When I will be saved from this monster" her words flowed out her mouth as she thought f her future. Her future with Jake, finding her lost daughter. And then starting a family of their own.

Kendra touched Katherine's shoulder lightly "Like a fairytale" she whispered as she joined her friend upon the frame of the window.

Katherine nodded as her curls gently bounced. "Yes. With a happy ending and everything" she whispered with excitement. This was something Katherine always wanted. A happy ending, love and a family. Something she knew Jake would be able to give her.

As the sky turned orange because it was now evening their was a knock once again upon her door. Katherine was at the vanity table trying to cover up the bite marks upon her neck. She slowly got up and went to the door, their stood Jake. His white shirt looked almost brown from all the dirt and she knew the shiny look of his skin was actually sweat. Not caring she wrapped her hand quickly around him.

"I am glad I get to see you for a little while" she looked up into his eyes with a simple smile on her face. With Jake around she was truly happy.

Jake touched her cheek and his thumb gently stroked her soft flesh. "I look at you and I see an Angel. I touch your skin and my whole body unites" Jake's lips gently touched Katherine's soft red lips. He slowly pulled away. "And when we kiss. I know Im falling in love. I love you Katherine" before he could finish she quickly planted her lips back onto him.

Their lips were intwined together as he picked her up as she wrapped her legs around him. Hands were roaming all over each others as Jake laid her upon the bed. He took out a necklace from his pocket. It was a Cameo necklace with a dark blue back ground.

"Happy Birthday" he whispered as he placed the necklace around Katherine's little neck. His lips started to plant themselves on her neck as she moaned.

"Thank you" she moaned as Jake's hand slowly went up her dress and toward her sex. Katherine wanted him and she ran her fingers thru his hair as she said the three words for the first time.

"I Love You" Katherine said as her eyes locked with Jake's eyes. His finger slowly stroked her sweet spot allowing yet another moan to escape Katherine's lips.

"I love you too" Jake purred as he slowly pushed Katherine's legs open. She bit her bottom lip wanting more of Jake. As He slowly positioned himself a cold chilling voice came from the distant.

"Now Jake. I did not allow you to play with my Pet" Eric said with venom dripping off of every 's heart dropped as Jake quickly turned around to look at Eric. He quickly got off the bed but stood in a protecting way over Katherine. She pulled the covers over her body as she stared at the monster in the doorway. He seemed so perfect with no shirt and just his black slacks. But he was nothing to Katherine.

Eric took a step toward the pair but Jake held up a herb.

"Take one step and I will burn you and weaken your body" he said sternly.

Eric couldn't help but chuckle making Katherine jump a bit, "You been growing that crap?"

Jake didnt answer but just kept glaring.

Eric took yet another step "Go ahead...give it your best shot."

As Jake charged toward Eric, the vampire was able to speed toward Katherine. She was frightened and tried to scramble away but Eric was to quick. His massive hand gripped her neck pulling her delicate body closer to him.

Jake noticed as he turned to look for Eric. He was lost of words for a split second until he heard Katherine's whimper.

"Let her go" he growled.

Katherine felt her tears release from her eyes, she wished she was home with her mother and father instead of this nightmare.

Eric's grip tightened up a bit as his chilling voice filled the room. "Drop the Vervain"

Slowly Jake placed the vervain down worried for Katherine. Eric's gaze turned to Katherine and locked with her brown eyes.

"Kiss me" his voice was smooth but instead of the pull that she usually felt it was just a tickle feeling inside her head. Katherine didnt realize Jake was trying to get her attention, instead of kissing Eric she slapped him across the face. Eric pushed Katherine onto the bed "Such a naughty Pet" he growled at her with his large fangs fully out. Jake charged once again but was stopped with Eric grabbing his neck then throwing him against the wall. Katherine had no idea her necklace was coated with vervain since Jake never got a chance to tell her.

Katherine looked at Jake as she backed up against the wall "Jake" she called out. Eric chuckled

"Dont worry Katharina he is just knocked out...giving me time to play with my Pet" he loomed over Katherine as she went to scream for help. To call for Kendra at least but Eric's hand covered her mouth as he roughly ripped her dress from her body. His free hand opened her legs as he quickly positioned himself.

"I have been wanting to do this for weeks" he growled as his fangs pressed against her soft flesh. Katherine whimpers got louder as he slowly allowed his fangs to go in her while his large member found it's way inside her sex. With every hard and firm thrust he gulped her blood as she cried within his hand.

An hour passed before Eric was finished with Katherine. She was to weak to even move as he placed blood upon her puncture marks. Katherine seemed almost lifeless as tears kept streaming down her face. But once she seen Eric picking Jake up she whimpered once more.

The monster looked at Katherine "I never wanted to rape you. But you will be broken and learn your spot...he will never be seen again." With those words the bedroom door was shut and Katherine screamed and cried.

"Mama...Papa. Help me". She whispered to herself as she cried herself to sleep.

A/N: I know it been a while. Hope you enjoyed Kat and Jake :) but if you read it all toward the end. Yes she was rapped and yes it is horrible but Eric wants to break her. So this story will show her struggle and how she acts heartless because of it. Also I have a question for yall. I want to crossover other vd characters. Like Damon and Stephan..make them related to someone in Bon Temps. let me know. and thank yall