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Chapter 12

Payson's return to the US after the World Championships had been a bit of a whirlwind. She was shocked by the interested she and the rest of the world team had attracted over the last two weeks pretty much since their plane had landed on American soil. Payson had made numerous television appearances including the today shows, given interviews to magazines and to multiple gymnastics blogs and had been on the cover of Inside Gymnastics, America's biggest gymnastics publication. Those two weeks touring the country and showing off her three, shiny, gold medals, along with her uneven bar silver had been amazing. She'd had an amazing time with her teammates but now she was just glad to be back in Boulder.

Payson opted to wait for her mom to bring her and Becca to the gym in the car. On any other day she probably would've walked or ran to the gym but it felt like forever since she'd seen her sister and her mom. Her dad had pick her up from the airport at eleven pm the previous evening and her mom had only been half awake when she'd gotten home and Payson herself had only been running on fumes. Payson looked at herself in the mirror, adjusting her purple shirt so the straps of her leo was hidden. She looked tired, which she was.

Payson tied her hair back into a half-bun-half-ponytail and grabbed her beaten-up-but-much-loved green hoodie before venturing downstairs. The November chill had hit across the country and Boulder, Colorado was no exception. Payson shivered despite her extra layer as she made her way across the landing. She padded quietly down the stairs, not yet knowing if anyone else was up. As such she was surprised to find Becca fully dressed at the kitchen table eating breakfast. Her younger sister leapt up to embrace Payson the moment she saw her.

"You were awesome Pay, like seriously unbelievable," Becca said pulling away from the older girl. Payson noticed that something was different about Becca, there was some new glint of determination in the young blonde's eye. She could also tell that Becca was bursting to tell her something.

"I'd talk about me," Payson said as she moved over to the other side of the kitchen to fill the kettle, "but I have a feeling you have something to tell me."

Becca chuckled, she knew well that before her injury Payson would've been so caught up in herself that she never would've noticed. Now Payson was probably one of the most observant people she knew. "I'm going elite," Becca spat out so quickly and with so much enthusiasm the words almost got jumbled together and Payson had to ask her to repeat herself.

"I'm testing elite this season. I talked to mom about and we talked to Sasha about it when he got back from Tokyo while you were off doing publicity stuff. And he said if I wanted to give it ago he'd be more than happy to let me train with the elite group. My first qualifier is in Janurary.

Payson frowned so intensely that it seemed to Becca as I her eyes were almost knitted together, "wait, what?" she asked.

"Yeah I know, mom had the same reaction at first. I never had that same drive you had as you were going up through the JO program and I only barely made it to JO nationals last year because I choked at regionals but as I was watching you compete in the team finals, I decided that I really wanted to be part of something like that. I mean I doubt I'll make an Olympic or World team but I love to make the national team and maybe compete at an international meet or two."

"Do you really want to do this Bex, I mean you know from watching me that it isn't always plain sailing."

"Yeah I get that, I'm ready for whatever life has to throw at me. Watching you and the team compete that day awakened something in me and now I have a goal I desperately want to fulfil."

"So long as you want it I'm happy for you," Payson said, pouring herself some tea, from the pot she'd been brewing as the conversed. "Tea?" Payson asked, brandishing the teapot and a spare mug with a bright orange cat on it.

Becca screwed up her face in disgust, "I hate herbal tea."

"Well at least something didn't change while I was gone."

"Hey I didn't change," Becca huffed, "I just had a realisation is all!"

Payson brushed her off with a hand gesture and walked over to the table to deposit her mug full of tea and her bowl of cereal. She really wasn't supposed eat cereal per se but every now and then she deviated from her stringent diet. She was well aware that a bowl of cereal wouldn't make a difference today but on an ongoing basis she shouldn't really consume that many carbs for breakfast.

Payson took her seat across from Becca and smiled at her sister, genuinely happy for her. "I don't think we ever talked about it before, because you never really took gymnastics too seriously but Becca, you have a lot of talent if you put your mind too it your definitely national team material."

"And there are plenty of college scouts at Visas."

"Yes there are."

With that their conversation was drawn to a close as Kim walked in fully dressed and began to talk to Payson about the rollercoaster ride that had been Tokyo. Payson discussed the topic only but kept her breakdown and her revelations about her relationship with Sasha to herself.

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