A drabble - in which Damon makes fun of Klaroline and banter ensues.

Damon watched Caroline and Klaus sitting together at a table at The Grill as he stood at the bar and shook his head. Was this seriously happening? Or was he dreaming - because there was no way that Barbie and Psycho were actually a thing now.

Damon couldn't decide if it bothered him more because he didn't want people giving Klaus a chance, or because they reminded him of himself and Elena. Why should they get to work out when he and Elena couldn't? He took his shot of tequila and walked over to their table, grabbing a chair and sitting down.

"Um, are you lost?" Caroline asked, watching as Damon joined them. She didn't remember inviting him to sit down. Was he stupid?

Klaus looked at Damon, his jaw clenched. "Yes, mate, are you lost? I don't remember asking you to join us."

Damon rolled his eyes and watched as they both glared at him. "Lighten up, kiddos. I just came over to say hi. Oh, and also ask Caroline what the hell she thinks she's doing?"

Caroline wanted to hit Damon. Leave it to him to stick his nose in places where it didn't belong. "I'm just talking, Damon. Leave us alone."

"You heard the lady, Damon. Why don't you bugger off and go watch Elena from her bedroom window or something?" Klaus added, sipping his drink.

Damon watched as Klaus' hand moved under the table. He saw movement from Caroline arm and figured they were holding hands. He sighed. This was so stupid. She had no idea what she was getting involved with and he wasn't going to protect her when Klaus betrayed her, even for Elena's sake.

"You two can't seriously think that this is okay with people, can you? You think Klaus is just a nice guy all of a sudden? He'll ditch you the second he gets inside those little hot pants of yours, which I've frequented in the past and I have to say, Klaus ol' buddy, it's not that great."

Klaus was out of his chair, hauling Damon out of his and pinning him against the wall. He heard a gasp come from Caroline but he didn't care. "You want to know why Elena will always choose Stefan over you? Because you're a bloody idiot. You say whatever is on your mind and you have no manners or disregard for others."

"Oh, right, you're going to talk to me about manners. You kill half the town and expect us all to be your friend now that you're shacking it up with Barbie over there? Get real, dick. You're never going to be welcome in this town."

"Klaus," Caroline said, her hand on his arm. "Please, just let him go. He's not worth it. Walk me home?"

Klaus stared at Damon for a few seconds longer and then let him go, backing away from him. He grabbed Caroline's hand and walked out of The Grill with her, shaking his head.

Damon looked around as he straightened up, seeing that all eyes were on him. "Hybrids," he said, laughing softly and walking back over to the bar for another drink.