Sabrina Grimm was annoyed; make that extremely annoyed. And that was something you never wanted her to be.

She stormed throughout the house, opening and banging doors while the rest of the Grimm family, save one, cringed.

"He really got her upset, didn't he?" Basil commented.

"Maybe, we ought to see if he's all right." Granny Relda replied worryingly.

Uncle Jake just laughed and leaned back against the couch. "Oh, I bet it's another one of his pranks, he wouldn't really leave us."

"He might. You never know." Henry said hopefully.

Oblivious to their conversation, Sabrina fumed. Why were they making her look for that loser? If they were so concerned they could find him themselves! Still, the text message she had received echoed in her head.

I can't stay here anymore, I just can't take it. I'm almost an adult now, though. So don't worry, I'll see you again…one day. :D

It made her head pound with frustration as well as rage. How dare he put a grin at the end of that sentence? How dare that dirty, smelly, good for nothing fairy leave without telling her first? Okay…he texted her, but that didn't count! She'd checked every room of the house to make sure it wasn't a hoax. Only then did she discover that he had taken her ipod, leaving behind a message that said: I didn't take it, it was someone else.

"I bet he's hiding in his room." Daphne said. "He probably got nervous again. Remember when he turned sixteen?"

The whole family nodded. Oh, yeah. They remembered.

Veronica turned to Sabrina. "Sweetie, I know that you probably want to murder that boy right now.

Sabrina smiled. Leave it to her mom to always know what she was feeling.

"But," she continued. "Whether or not this is just a joke, I'm pretty sure that he'll need someone to talk to."

"But why me?" Sabrina groaned.

The Grimm family just stared at her.

"Ugh! Fine!" And with that she stomped upstairs.

Hesitating by Puck's bedroom, she decided to take one more peek, just to make sure.

Six years had passed since she had first seen the room, but it never ceased to amaze her. There was a trampoline, a lagoon, even an ice cream truck! As Puck would have said, fit for a king. One thing seemed out of place, though, the person whom it belonged to was nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly, she felt a bit sad as she recalled all her memories related to the cursed place. There was that time Puck had dumped her in vats of goops, it had completely ruined her first Fairyport Landing school experience. Or the time she first caught him in footie pajamas and cuddling with Kraven the Deceiver, something she never stopped making fun of. Or there was that day, the one most prominent in her mind. The day before Puck had turned sixteen. That was one of the only times Puck had ever spoken his doubts to her, and the day they had made that promise….

"Oooh!Aaaah!Aaaaah!" The screaming jolted Sabrina out of her troubled thoughts.

She backed away when she found a chimpanzee glaring at her.

"Uh, I'm not going to hurt you. Good, monkey. Good-" She was cut off when the chimp angrily threw something in her face.

"Eww, what's this?" Sabrina said, holding up something soft and woolen. It was a pair of socks! "Okay, I'm sorry! You dumb chimp! Just because I got your name wrong, doesn't mean you can throw socks at me, especially not Puck's socks!"

The chimp smiled at her.

Slightly disturbed and more than slightly annoyed, she huffed and made her way to the door.

Before she could even turn the handle, something jumped on her back and she struggled to maintain her balance.

"Get off, you mangy thing!" Sabrina yelled, now officially pissed. "What did I ever do to you?"

The chimp jumped off, but blocked the exit. It pointed to Sabrina, then to the socks, then to Sabrina and the socks again.

Sighing in frustration, she picked up the socks carefully with the tips of her finger. She was not eager to touch something Puck had worn.

"Is this what you want? Can I go now?" She asked impatiently.

The chimp said nothing and walked away, if you could call it walking.

"Glad to know you care so much about me." Sabrina called after him. He screeched but didn't even bother to turn around.

Shaking her head, she made her way out of Puck's room, still holding the socks. She had a violent urge to throw them away, but that monkey would probably come after her again. And as stubborn as she was, at 11:40 in the night, she was too tired to fight back and it would probably waste valuable sleeping time anyway. At least they didn't smell bad, it was like no one had ever worn them and knowing Puck that had probably been the case. Nevertheless, she would touch with caution, who knew what he could have done to them?

As she reached the bottom of the stair, Daphne appeared before her, carrying a large container. She pushed it into her sister's hands.

"What's this?" Sabrina asked, confused.

"Puck might need a little persuasion coming back and it'll probably calm you down as well. Plus, if you're stuck outside for a while, things might happen, and I'm not letting a golden opportunity get wasted. Just take it, please?" Daphne looked at her with puppy dog eyes.

Rolling her own eyes, Sabrina accepted it and opened the door.

"If I can't find him in ten minutes, I'm coming back, ya hear?"

Daphne nodded, trying to hide her smile. "If you don't come in ten minutes, I'll assume you're trying to bring him back…"

Sabrina snorted, "More like trying to kill him."

She stepped outside, and instantly a cold blast of wind hit her. She shuddered, but wanting to get it over with, didn't go back to get a coat. As she trudged trough the woods, she couldn't help but think how strange she must have looked; an eighteen year old girl in the woods carrying socks and a container in the middle of the night. Oh, Puck was going to pay. And with that happy thought, she let her mind wander with all sorts of possibilities on how to torture the fairy…

Soon enough, she came upon a clearing in the woods. The grass seemed to dance to the wind and hundreds upon hundreds of stars could be seen above. It even smelled good. Once she got over the scenery, she noticed something that made her heart pound.

Not with fear.

Not with excitement.

But with anger. A whole lot of it.

There was Puck, lying down on the grass with his eyes shut. He looked peacefully asleep.

Too bad for him, that was going to change.

The Queen of Sneaks slowly crept up on him, careful not to make a sound. As soon as she was close enough, she lifted her foot over his face. Then, she stomped down as hard as she could.

But instead of the satisfying crunch she had expected, his eyes opened, his hand shot out, and grabbed her foot. In that split second, he pulled and Sabrina tumbled on top of him.

"You, stupid, ugh, little, blech, loser!" She spluttered, trying to get grass out of her mouth.

"Nice to see you too, Grimm." He replied casually, as if there was nothing wrong with enjoying the night while your family fretted since they thought you had run away! Then he closed his eyes again, probably going back to sleep.

But Sabrina had other plans.

"Get up, you smelly retard and explain. To. Me. Why. I. Had. To. Search. For you. In. The. Middle of the night!" She said between punches.

"Hey, geddoff!" He yelled at her, his voice muffled by the arms he had put out to protect himself.

Breathing heavily, she stopped hitting him and stepped away. "Start talking, or the last thing you'll see before you die is my fist."

Puck gulped. He knew an angry Sabrina when he saw one.

"Technically, it's still only 11: 45…Okay, I'll stop, geez!" He said, ducking another one of her punches. "How am I supposed to know? You tell me."

"Well, you see, Puck," Sabrina spoke in a slow voice, as if explaining things to a toddler. "After you sent that text message, saying you had run away, everyone got worried over you, which is one thing I can't understand. Then, they sent me to search all over the house and the woods to look for you, because for some reason people think that you listen to me! Which you don't or else you wouldn't have left and ruined an otherwise perfectly good day!"

Puck sat up. "What a second. That text message that I sent you? That's what everyone's worrying about?" Without waiting for an answer, he burst into laughter.

"I don't see anything funny about this!" Sabrina growled.

Puck wiped his eyes, still shaking. "You mean you believed me? Ha! Another success for the Trickster King!"

"How successful will you be when you're six feet deep?" She sneered at him.

Sensing danger, he replied, "Considerably less successful." When Sabrina continued to glare, he went on. "Look, that was just a joke. Why'd you make such a big deal out of it? I wasn't even lying when I wrote that. I really did needed to come out here; it was like the house was stifling me or something."

"I didn't do anything! Daphne saw that and she freaked, exaggerating everything. What do you mean; you needed to come out here?" The venom wasn't completely gone from her voice, but she seemed genuinely curious.

Puck didn't say anything right away. Instead he gazed at the stars.

"You know, sometimes, if I try hard enough, I can actually imagine that I'm twelve years old again." Turning to her, he asked, "Remember that first time I saw you?"

Sabrina snorted. How could she forget? "You tried to attack me, but I knew that you were a snot faced jerk, so I dumped you in the pool."

Puck nodded, not even bothering to correct her. He was too wrapped up in his thoughts.

"Sometimes I want to go back to being that kid again, but no matter how much I want to, I can't. You do remember what day it is tomorrow, right?"

"Uh," she pretended to think. "Family day?"

He tried to hide his smile and tried to look offended as he guessed what she was doing. "I know you know. You've been looking forward to it for years."

"How so? Oh, I remember, it's St. Peter's Day!" She exclaimed.

"What? There is no such thing as St. Peter's Day! And never should be! It's my birthday! And as soon as midnight comes, I'll be eighteen, officially an adult. Do you have any idea how pressuring that is?"

Not really, Sabrina thought, but decided against saying. The guy was obviously stressed.

"Puck?" She asked carefully, "You're not getting cold feet again are you?

"No way." He replied confidently, although it didn't match how queasy he felt inside.

Sabrina sensed that he wasn't as confident as he sounded but she couldn't think of any way to make him feel better. Then she remembered.

"Oh, I nearly forgot!" She exclaimed, searching around until she found the socks the chimp had given her. "Your chimp thought you might need these."

"Good old Sullivan." Puck chuckled. He held out his foot to her. "You may put them on for me."

Sabrina grimaced at the thought and threw them in his face. "You may put them on yourself."

"Suit yourself." He responded, pulling them on. "You don't know what kind of honour you're missing out on."

"Puck…" She said, waiting for him to continue.

"Okay, okay. So, I guess, I was nervous again. I mean, c'mon, who wouldn't be? I'm going to be eighteen! And once I am, there's no turning back, no wishing I could change things. I came out here to calm myself down. To remind myself why I grew up in the first place. That message was just a little joke I thought of while I was leaving."

"Hey, that reminds me…" Sabrina said. "Pass over my iPod! What kind of a criminal leaves a note when they steal something, saying that they didn't steal it?"

The Trickster King looked offended. "I do, because I am a genius."

"Some genius. Why'd you take it in the first place?"

"I don't know." He shrugged. "I just thought it would be funny. At first I was going to listen to it, but then I chose not to because that's a girly thing to do when you're upset."

"So you were upset?" Sabrina arched her eyebrows.

"No! Stop putting words in my mouth!"

Sabrina was about to reply when a gust of wind blew at her. She shivered. Why hadn't she brought a jacket again? Oh, yeah. She was too angry at Puck.

She looked up, only to find Puck staring at her.

"What?" She asked, suddenly self conscious.

"You know how in those movies or chick flicks, the guy always puts a jacket on the girl when it's cold and everyone awws, blah blah blah?"


"If you promise to pretend it never happened, I'll give you my jacket. Deal?"

Sabrina grinned. "Deal."

He shrugged it off and threw it at her, aiming at her face, but Sabrina was too quick.

"Ha!" She snickered. "You missed!"

"You're lucky, Piggy. The only reason I did that was because the Old Lady and Henry would kick me out of the house if you died of the cold. And I really need the food. Consider it charity to my cause." Puck replied smugly.

She was about to retort that she'd rather die than help his cause when Puck gasped.

"What? What's wrong?" She asked frantically.

He didn't answer her, just stared at the ipod he had been looking at. His face had gone pale in the moonlight and he stood there motionless.

Sabrina poked him, he didn't move.

"Puck? Stop freaking me out! What happened you idiot?"

At that, Puck snapped out of his gaze and glared at her.

"Can you not see that this is the biggest moment of my life? It's 11:58! Just two minutes until I turn eighteen! Gah, what am I supposed to do?"

"Just wait until the moment passes, I guess. Calm your butt down, it's not that big of a deal." She answered, not knowing what else to say.

Puck turned at her. "Are you nuts? This is the biggest thing that's ever happened to me! I, the Trickster King, the Ruler of Misfits and Good for Nothings, the Prince of the Wrong Side of the Tracks, a Villain of the Worst Kind, am about to do something no villain should ever dare to do. I am about to be an adult! Do you know what that means, Little Miss Prissy? It means that I can never be a kid again, never roll in the mud or throw eggs at passing cars, never laugh at the sorrows of other people! No, I have to take up reading and start a career instead! All for you, so shut up!"

Sabrina was silent for a moment. Had he just said what she thought he had said?

"For me?" She asked.

"Ah, just forget it! I don't need these distractions. You should be bowing down before me right now, assisting my amazing transformation, there's only five seconds left!"

For the second time that day, she swallowed the retort that had made its way up. She would let Puck have his moment. Then she would beat him to a pulp.






It was now, officially 12:00. This meant that Puck was now officially an adult. Just the idea seemed strange to her.

"Well? How bad is it? Do I look all stupidly mature now?" He questioned uncertainly.

Sabrina stared at him trying to find a difference and instantly wished she hadn't.

She'd never really noticed before how much Puck had changed. Stronger, leaner, to her disgust, he was even better looking! And he had done it for her, she thought. Oh, she was so going to grill him later.

Puck was still waiting for an answer.

"Uh, you have a zit on your chin, but other than that you're your same putrid self." She lied, trying to force away the feelings that had suddenly overcome her.

"What?" he exclaimed, feeling his face. When he saw Sabrina smirking, he dropped his hands and glowered. "As if. And even if there were, which there isn't, I'd still be the handsomest guy on the face of this planet. You're just jealous because you're not as beautiful as me."

She snorted. "In your dreams. That's probably the real reason you brought yourself here. To hide your horrid face so that no one could see."

To her surprise, he didn't say anything.

"What? No comeback?"

Still no answer.

"C'mon, don't tell me I hurt your feelings or something. Ugh, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm sorry if I did, Okay? Will you talk now?"

Puck smirked at her. "So you've finally learned to respect your superiors. Interesting…"

She hit him. "You jerkazoid! I don't know why I even cared. You made me say sorry, now you have to tell me the real reason you came here. I know that's why you got all moody right now." He opened his mouth to protest, but Sabrina cut him off, "Fair's fair."

"I already told you! To get away from all of you! I wanted to make my final decision at the place I'd first started off at. Because I wanted to be alone." He said angrily, emphasizing the word alone.

More than a little hurt, she stood up. "Fine, guess you don't need me around then. Heck, I don't even know why I'm still here!"

"Wait, I'm…I'm sorry." He seemed to regret what he had said.

Sabrina stared at him. Were her ears deceiving her? Had the oh so mighty Trickster King just said sorry? Judging from his sheepish expression, the answer was yes.

"It's okay." She said, not even sure of what she was saying.

"I came here because I didn't want anybody questioning me and making me more nervous than I was. An hour ago, I wasn't even sure whether I should turn eighteen. I didn't want anyone questioning me. Then you came along and I forgot all about it. It's weird. Whenever I get cold feet, you come along and it's like you've brought me socks to keep my feet warm. And I know that sounds stupid, but it's true."

Sabrina waited.

"I…I just hate feeling like a coward! I hate feeling weak." He said so quietly that Sabrina almost didn't hear him.

That was what he was worried about? He didn't want to be a coward? This coming from the guy who although he reminded everyone at every opportunity that he was a villain of the worst kind, always ended up doing something brave and courageous to save the day.

Sabrina would never understand his mind, come to think of it, she never wanted to.

"Puck, you're not a coward. Never have been, never will be."

"Grimm, I think that you've finally gotten some sense knocked into you. It's a miracle."

"You're a rude, obnoxious, smelly, pus faced, stink pot. Always have been, always will be."

"And…I take it back."

Sabrina smiled sweetly at him. "Hey, who says that's a bad thing? The smaller the brain, the more hold I've got over you. You should be listening to me, waiting for my every command."

It was Puck's turn to snort. "You wish, peasant. And, it's my birthday, you should be obeying me."

"Just for that, I'm not going to give you what Daphne gave me." She turned her nose up in the air.

That got Puck's attention.

"Is it food? No fair! You can't deprive me of my right! I'll set my minions after you!" He cried out. All the animals in the woods probably shuddered, hearing the venom ion his voice.

"Yeah? Well then you'll never taste the…uh." She forgot she didn't know what was inside. Quickly bringing out the container, she took a peek inside. It was a giant cupcake, beautifully decorated with chocolate, green and purple icing along with something she thought might be sprinkles. You never knew with Daphne and Granny's cooking.

"Hey!"She screamed. Puck had snatched the container out of her hands. "Give it back, you thief!"

He sneered at her. "This says Happy Birthday Puck on it, it's mine!" He looked at it more closely and stared at what was written below. "S times P forever, are you kidding me?"

Sabrina groaned. Why did Daphne have to write that? "It wasn't me, I swear. Daphne's got it in her head that we're some sort of couple or whatever. Weird."

"Yeah…weird." He repeated although he didn't seem to mean it. Looking at the cupcake, he cheered up. He was about to cram the whole thing in his mouth when Sabrina stopped him.

"No way. You are not eating that whole thing by yourself! I deserve some too! I had to waste an hour of my life and valuable sleeping time, looking for you."

"So? No one made you. It was your own decision. Too bad, too sad for you." He said, dodging her prying hands.

"Uh, yes they did! The whole family forced me to, so if you know what's good for you, you'll pass it over."

Puck sighed. Very, very carefully and if it caused him great pain, he broke off a crumb and gave it to her. "I hope you're happy, Grimm."

Sabrina stared at the crumb in her hand. He had to be kidding her.

"Puck? Why is that guy in green tights staring at you?" She asked innocently.

He swirled around. "Where is he?"

In that precious moment, Sabrina snatched the cupcake back, broke half of it, and stuffed it in her mouth. Who cared about manners now? She was starving.

Puck watched her with dismay. "My beautiful cupcake…How could you?"

She wiped the crumbs off her mouth. "It was easy. And shut up. I left you the bigger piece."

He glared at her the whole time he ate his cupcake. Which was fine by her since it only took him two seconds to finish. Maybe less.

"I hate you."

Sabrina smiled at him. "I hate you too, Cheesy."

Puck stopped what he was doing. "Cheesy? You dare insult me with food? That has nothing to do with anything, you potato butt!"

"First of all, cheese and potatoes aren't even the same type of food, which means that your insult is lame. Second, don't call me that!"

"Why? You look like a potato butt."

That was it. All the annoyance that had been building inside Sabrina for the past hour, burst out. He may look older, but he was still the same annoying fairy!

Some small part of her spoke out at that and surprised her with what she was feeling.

She wasn't angry about that.

She wasn't even that annoyed.

Puck wouldn't be Puck any other way, and she was glad.

She shook her head. No time for mushy thoughts now. She had a job to do. That loser would regret the day he had ever messed with her!

She must have radiated fury, because Puck unfurled his wings and took off.

"Coward!" She shouted after him.