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CHAPTER 1: Prologue

The young warrior sat in patience waiting for his turn to come. He was spinning his sword, a Viking Sword to be exact, on one finger and tapping his shield on the floor with the other hand. He had accepted the challenge of entering a beginner warriors tournament to fight, not sit on a bench.

"Kero and Daniel, please enter the arena"

"Finally..." he muttered to himself as he put on his Blue Sergeant armour and kilt. He walked into the arena, forgetting his helmet on the bench and saw his opponent. His name was Daniel Indigo. Everyone used to mock him for his whacky surname until he beat the hell out of a second-job fighter. He would bully a lot of the weaker warriors. That had happened many times to Kero when he was younger, but he had quickly grown a lot stronger but wasn't quite at his level. He wondered how bad he would feel when he woke up from unconsciousness when Daniel used a mace on his head.

"The fight shall commence in 3...2...1...NOW!"

The two warriors charged at each over and yelled a battle cry

Kero taunted his opponent as a mace was unleashed, but Kero was faster and dodged. He then took a powerful kick to the stomach. He recovered, but too late as a mace hit his face.

"Darn, one more hit and I'm history..." he thought to himself as he barely avoided a heavy blow to the face. He then jumped up high and struck down, only to be blocked. Daniel raised his foot and sent a flying kick straight into Kero's chest. He reeled back and countered with another kick. Aiming straight at Daniel's crotch.

"Owch! Darn you!" said his opponent as he ducked, avoiding another attack. Daniel somersaulted over Kero and hit him with his mace, straight into the back. Kero fell to the floor and coughed up a couple of drops of crimson. Kero dragged himself up and replied with a rapid barrage of slashes. He smiled as he landed a hit, cutting open his enemy's cheek. Kero smiled, yet the wound merely fizzled with orange bubbles and shut.

"What the hell? Hacks?" asked Kero.

"How can you hack the universe. Stop speaking nonsense and prepare to lose!"

A blue aura began covering Daniel as he breathed in heavily. He raised his mace and looked as if he could go berserk any moment.

"That's the Power Strike!" Kero muttered. "Sure is, you dumb little novice. See you next month, when you wake up from your coma!" he laughed

He looked at some of the other warriors, the ones who were paying attention looked genuinely worried for him. He realized one of the strongest first-job warriors was charging at him and his head was floating away in the clouds. He put up his shield and sword and prayed for the best.


He opened his eyes and saw the mace pushing against his shield and sword. Daniels eyes were full of fury. Kero let off a big grin and knocked his mace several meters away. Daniels eyes widened. He clenched his fists and pulled out a short sword, yet before he knew it, Kero had his sword at neck point. Kero expected him to spit out a ton of curses and slashes, but instead, he ran off in tears.

"Daniel looses by forfeit. Kero wins the match!" said the instructor. "Ten minute intermission before round two"

He walked out of the arena and some other warriors congratulated him. Some gave him a pat on the back, others a hand shake or a high five. He smiled. He felt invincible. He thought of how he had just won. He had decided. He had decided that he will become the strongest warrior ever! No one shall ever beat him! He then tripped on a rock and hit his head on the hard concrete floor. He cursed and the world began fading as he fell asleep.

A young warrior sat on a rocky ledge overlooking the town of Perion, getting some fresh air with the Warrior Sanctuary behind him. He had been crying. Daniel Indigo spat out a curse and decided he would get revenge. Not just any revenge. He had found an old Skill Book in a house called "Chaos Resurrection". He dusted off the cover just as a loud shout announced the start of round two. He wondered who would be the one to kick Kero's sorry ass.

Kero Mizrak slowly opened his eyes to see two people; one was a boy about his age, with a Viking Sword and Red Sergeant Armour. His hair was a mess. He laughed at him but then looked at his own hair. It was pretty much the same. The other was a young girl in Sky blue "Shark" armour. She had curly brown hair that was tied back.

"Where am I?" Kero asked in confusion.

"Warrior Sanctuary medical bay" said the boy, as if waiting for him to ask.

"And why exactly are you waiting for me to get up?" he asked. "Considering how you sent that asshole Daniel into a tantrum..."

"Good point. And you?" Kero asked, looking at the girl. "I...ummm..." "She's a great healer and potion maker. And a fighter." The boy finished for her. Kero frowned.

"Oh well. Round two here I come!" he shouted as he hopped out of bed. "Oh and watch out for the she-"


"...that has seriously got to hurt" the boy muttered as Kero crashed head first into the shelf above him.

"At least he wasn't KO'ed like the last time he hit his head" the girl said.

"Remind me to check the date...I think it might be Friday 13th Kero said as he walked out into the hallway...

"Maybe we should tell him he's in his underpants" the girl said. The boy doubled up in laughter as the warrior walked into the hallway half-naked.

Kero, now in full armour, walked down the hallway towards the battle arena. He saw another two warriors fighting. Considering how long he had been unconscious he knew that his fight would come up soon. A man barged past Kero and climbed up to the referee post. He whispered something into Dances with Balrog's ear. Dances with Balrog was the warrior instructor of Perion. He was incredibly strong, yet instead of going away on adventures and wars like most warriors, he trained novices to someday be the strongest warriors out there. He liked his job. Kero wondered how many warriors he had trained in his life. Kero himself had been trained in the basics by Dances. Kero looked uneasy as Dances expression went from jolly to nervous. Dances rushed out and yelled the following statement:

"The tournament is cancelled! Everyone evacuate the area immediately"

That very instant, a muscular monster sped round the corner. It had what looked like horse legs and bat wings. Its arms were muscular and it had some of the sharpest claws Kero had ever seen. Fire left its nostrils as it roared at the top of its lungs. Its name: Junior Balrog.

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