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CHAPTER 1 'Attics Have the Darnedest Things' or 'Servie's Picnic'

Angie looked at the object again and frowned. Nevertheless, it was definitely a vidstar chart even though it was several millenia older than the very earliest vidstar charts known to civilization!

Angela de Roncesvalles was staring down at the treasure map of the cosmos that men had been seeking ever since the Terran 14th Century!

The last surviving descendant of the mysterious and mystical Terran True Knights- the 'Knights Templar', Angela was standing in her late Uncle Giles's cluttered attic nowhere remotely near Terra. Angela was quite tall for her tender age of 19. Her fiery red mane, however, caused her to resemble the Terran Angelic Gaelic martyr- St Bridget 'Our Lady of Knock'.

Instead of the dark habit of a pious nun, Angie wore the dark magenta jumpsuit uniform of the 'Galactic Star Command' forces. A single gold band on either shoulder epaulet proclaimed her rank. She was a newly commissioned second class sub-ensign (jg) and damned proud of it too.

Around her slender shoulders a shining silver cloak was swirled. A matching helmet with lowered blast shield lay on the floor beside her.

Sure Uncle Giles had said that she and he had been the final surviving descendants of Francois Ponce de Leon de Roncesvalles, the ninth and the very last of the original Terran 'Knight of the Holy Temple' better known as the 'Knights Templar' but that holy Order had been hundreds of thousands of lightyears away on Terra-

Not a dusty old garret in the Zandar Zan sector of old Kara Kura City on 'Shimougou' whose closest neighbour (Mars) was still several hundred lightyears distant!

Angela was snapped out of her reverie by a very impatient voice coming from below.

"Yo! Subby! You about done rootin' around up there? I do wanna reach 'Minerva' sometime this millenium, ya know! C'mon now, Duchess and shake a leg, girl! I'll be in the kitchen. By the way, Uncle Giles is out of beer!" shouted Fleet Admiral Zachary Taylor Zero.

Even if at 5'11" Angela was quite tall for a female, she was dwarfed by her commander's 6'6" height.

"Sorry Cap but looky oro (what) I found up in the attic, sir!" she squealed excitedly. He looked up lazily from his wrist vidchromo and stared in fascination at Angie's find.

"Gott im Himmel (God in Heaven)! Ist das vas I tink it ist, Fraulein Subby?" asked an incredulous Captain Fritz von Dekker, the infamous 'Green Baron' on loan to the 'GSC' from the 'Emerald Queen' starship.

"Oro the Sam Hell! Just what is that thing, Fritzie?" demanded Zero.

"It ist der missing link from der Terrans' ancient history, mein Herr! It ist der lost map to der 'Knights Templar's missing treasure trove of vealth!" cried the direct descendant of the Terran's WWI flying ace Manfred von Richthofen, the 'Red Baron' of Germany.

Zach frowned and then shook his head.

"Nai (No), it can't be! If this vidchart's right their damned loot's beyond Corellian Space (A wasteland taboo that is off limits to all 'United Galactica' forces of which the 'GSC' was one of the largest) by some 8 million lightyears! Only there's nothing out there but unexplored space dammit!" replied Zach Zero.

Angie coughed and indicated a strange symbol on the side of the chart with a gloved forefinger.

"Uncle Giles told me this is a secret symbol of the Templars- a dot within a circle atop a pyramid surmounted by an all-seeing aizu (eye) so this IS the missing map to fabulous untold riches and knowledge, Cap!" she crowed.

Like Angela, Zach had only recently been promoted- from Captain to Fleet Admiral.

"I vill summon der 'Andrea Dorian' (a shuttlecraft) so ve can return to der 'Liberator' und change course at once, Herr Zero!" cried an eagerly excited von Dekker.

"Belay that, Fritzie. We already got a mission, remember? Returning Lady Servalan to her Federation. We can't very well stop and go off treasure hunting now, can we?" growled Zero.

"And just why the Hell not, Admiral? I 'love' treasure hunts! Let's go guys!" trilled a very hyper Servalan through his comlink.

"Madame President, my orders are quite clear-" he began.

"And I am changing them, my dear Zachary. You will immediately return here to the 'Liberator' and change course at once. I'll send the 'Andy' for you right now. I 'am' still in charge, Admiral, am I not?" demanded Servie icily.

Zach sighed.

"Of course you are, Servie. Send the 'Andy' for us, love. Let's go, Angie! Don't forget your plasma rifle." ordered Zero.

Zach hated being upstaged by any woman, however, Servalan Striker-Smythe was the president of the 'Inter Space Federation' and he had been ordered to obey her every whim no matter what.

He sighed again as he gave the liftoff command some fifteen minutes later aboard his 'Liberator' patrol starship. He consoled himself with the fact that at least 'She Who WILL Be Obeyed' was back at the Academy arigatou te Kami (thank God)!

Despite the firebrand Hellcat Amazon's objections she was back on 'Shimougou' wet nursing the new 3WA cadets along with the violet-maned vixen. He referred of course to Grand Marshall Keirran O'Halloran and Lieutenant Commandant Yuri Donovan- the 'Demon of Dublin' and the 'Rose of Tralee', the tro-con 'Lovely Angels' of the 'World Welfare Works Association' (3WA), the peace-keeping arm of the 'United Galactica Federation of Galaxies'- the infamous 'Dirty Pair' themselves!

"When do we get there, Zackie?" demanded an impatient Servie.

"We reach Corellian Space in three solar days. As far as this ancient puzzle (he pointed to the old vidstar chart map on the console in front of them) goes, Kami alone knows, Blondie. Your guess is as good as mine." he answered referring to the cryptic message at the bottom of the Templar vidchart.

"And I sure as Hell hope that we don't run into any Corellian pirate freighters either." he added to himself worriedly.

"Bison Fields dead ahead, sir. Orders?" announced Lieutenant Commander Molly Callahan, his navvie or navigator.

'Bison Fields' was a deadly asteroid belt which was damned hard to maneuver through. However, if they wanted to reach Corellian Space, the lawles corridor of brigands and pirates that marked the end of the known Universe, 'Bison' had to be traversed. Ahead lay very hostile territory and unexplored space.

Zach wished he had Gene Starwind aboard. That grizzled old space dog who commanded the 'Outlaw Star' space cruiser knew 'Bison' better than Zach knew his own 'Liberator'.

Zero prayed they'd meet up with no pirates, smugglers or-

ZANG! An ion bomb burst exploded in front of them!


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