Galactic Treasure Hunt

DISCLAIMER: OK Zachary Tayor Zero, it's all yours. First I want to thank Haruka Takachiho (Kami bless him) for graciously allowing me to use his creations w/o which there would be no tale to tell. Likewise a big domo arigatou (thank you very much indeed) to any other creators whose works, characters, creations &c. I may use now or in the future. As always please feel free to use any of my own myriads of creations in your own works. I ask only that a similar disclaimer be posted with your works giving credit where credit is due. Well you've all been on tenterhooks wondering about this big Galactic Hunt and nai (no), we are not hunting DragonBalls again well not yet anyway but who knows what the future might bring eh? Here is the fourth chapter for your perusal.

iframe width="420" height="315" src=".com/embed/ciiivY20XGs" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen/iframe Courtesy YT and vincentyeo88 here's a short history of the Knights Templar who are a centrifical part of this fanfiction and the next to follow it- 'Angelic Pyramid'. Following this is a video about Foucault's Pendulum which includes some good accounts of the Knights' lost treasure trove. Somehow I seriously doubt if it will ever be found halfway across the universes but they were into so many mysterious things well who can tell? Who can honestly say that there is no eternal dragon of the cosmos like Porunga of Namek or Shenron of Terra?

iframe width="560" height="315" src=".com/embed/cl8K5o35sk4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen/iframe Courtesy YT and SilverBuddha comes the final chapter of Umberto Eco's epic tale of 'Foucault's Pendulum'

iframe width="420" height="315" src=".com/embed/1CvDKivmI5o" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen/iframe Courtesy YT and plumstreetmusic here is the Templars' Treasure Map and here's the Yahoo for Knights Templar Treasure

.com/watch?v=1CvDKivmI5o Even the creators of Dirk Pitt and National Treasure toyed with this mysterious treasure hoard whose location is so enigmatic as to elude every searcher to date!

Last night we saw Sucker Punch .org/wiki/Sucker_Punch_%28film%29

a href=".com/photos/photo/974639-Sucker-Punch" img src="/images/members/2012/3/25/1/3/1380172331254779619_" title="Sucker Punch" /a It's a brilliantly made film about the recesses of the human mind. More importantly for anime freaks and gamers alike, it features several video games, war games mostly and also has a marvelous actor as the protagonist's ally- Scott Glenn who was superb as firefighter Ax in 'backdraft' and as the sub captain in 'Hunt For Red October' which starred Sean '007' Connery as a Russian sub commander.

One more entry before the chapter OK? I was appalled when I watched the preview trailer for the new theatre film 'Lockout'! Why? Because from start to finish it is a direct steal from Haruko Takachiho's 'Original DP's very first episode!

That was the one that had our DDD lovelies breaking up a prison riot on a penal colony in deep space. 'Lockout' is exactly that! Will they feature some idiot trying to blast down a two meter thick portal like Kei tried before Yuri used her 'laser light ring' blaster to knock it (and herself) down- who knows eh?

One thing I know that will be a dead giveaway that they stole this idea from Haruko-San will be if they enter via a storm drain riding surfboards down a slipstram gravity well and one of 'em sings out 'Cowabonga, Dude!'like Kei did making ODP not TMNT's Mikey the first one on TV to use that surfer term.

CHAPTER 4 'Piracy in the Pyramid' or 'The Last Templar'

A refresher for readers of Chapter 3 who have forgotten it or for newbies who missed it, this is how the third chapter concluded.

Closing both aizu (eyes) tightly and breathing a silent prayer than harrison Ford had not been a lunatic in that old film, He placed a foot over the edge in mid-air and stepped forward, dropping a half meter down and onto- nothing!

Nai (No)! Not nothing- he was standing on a perfectly camouflaged pathway leading across the huge chasm. Again his compadres mimiced his moves, crossing the void quickly and safely. Han picked up a few handfuls of gravel and tossed them across the 'invisible' bridge so that they could find it on the way back.

"Wait. We may need this, sir." said Angie, hefting a strange star-shaped weapon.

"Christ, princess! That's the 'Glave o' Krull', ain't it? Where'd you get it?" cried Han.

"Last time I saw that damned thing was when Lord Ivy (Ivanhoe the dark Knight) had it a few years ago." assented Molly.

Han handed it back to Angie who attached it to her belt and followed Han into an inner chamber of this mammoth mausoleum. At its far end loomed a sealed portal. When words, curses and brute force failed to open it, Han and Zach emptied their plasma rifles into it. Then Molly blasted it a trio of Mark XXXIII shells. Servalan booted it and then hopped around on one foot howling in pain.

"Dumbass." giggled Angie.

a href=".com/photos/photo/973326-Servalan-from-Blake-s-7" img src="/images/members/2012/3/21/4/4/4465032331832979619_" title="Servalan from Blakes 7" /a

"Shithead!" replied the Federation president.

"Shut the Hell up the pair of ya and that is a kami shimatta direct order!" yelled an angry and frustrated Zach Zero.

"Try the glave." suggested Callahan.

"Couldn't hurt, that it couldn't." agreed Solo.

"Use the force, princess." he added jokingly.

The glave slipped from Angela's nervous fingers but amazingly the thing remained suspended in mid-air! Moving her hand over it caused the glave to move and damned fast too! The weapon cut through the portal like a knife through hot butter! When the portal finally dissolved into the aether so did the glave!

Behind the portal was revealed to be a chamber that glowed like 'G'Targ'itself! ('G'Targ' was Corellian Heaven).

"Sir, I see no visible light source in there." breathed Angie in awe.

Does it need one, girl? Look." replied her skipper. (Wonder where that lights coming from hazu)?

The immense chamber was crammed floor to ceiling with various collections of loot! Gold, diamonds, precious stones, manuscripts (The real prize as far as the Templars were concerned), statuary, paintings, art, death masks from tombs across the galaxies &c.

"It looks like that room below the church in New York City in 'National Treasure', that it surely does." whispered an awestruck Zachary Taylor Zero.

"The mysterious Templars' 'treasure trove', I presume, kid?" asked Han and Angie nodded.

"Wowie! I can buy out all the malls on 'Shimougou' and still have loads left over, Caggie!" crowed Flaysie Allster who was sitting waist deep in a pile of gold and gems.

"We're rich, Zachie! I may just give up my day job!" yelled Servalan excitedly.

"That is oro you think eh? Hands up onegai, ladies and gentlemen." ordered a strangely sinister voice which sounded all too familiar to Solo, Zero and Callahan.

Heads turned and Solo tasted ashes in his mouth. He, Zach and Molly breathed a name they had thought they never would again ever-

"Khan!" they all cried as one.

"How the friggin' Hell did you get outta the Gallifreyans' 'matrix'? You were sealed in a Kalazkanite (a clear but indestructible alloy composed of Kelvinite and Plexeleine) cylinder to boot!" thundered the usually unruffled Han Solo.

"I will gladly explain all of that to you later, General Solo. For now you will all onegai drop your weapons. Ah! General Solo, Admiral Zero and Lt Commander Callahan I am already acquainted with but who is this kawaii damsel in white?" asked the renegade despot outlaw in dulcimer tones.

"None of your damned business, you cowardly fiend!" snarled an angry Servalan.

"The Goody Two Shoes leader of the Federation should learn to keep her kawaii mouth shut!" said Khan. He fired once, his plasma disruptor beam gouging the wall mere centimeters beside Servie's leg. Angela leaped in front of the older woman.

"Stop it, man! I'm Sub-Ensign Angela Teresa maria D'Eon de Roncesvalles of the Intergalactic Star Command, you bloody monster!" cried Angie, shielding Servie's body with her own. Khan suddenly stopped smiling, stiffened and seemed to be musing about something or other.

"de Roncesvalles eh? Now where in the nine Hells of Dante's Inferno have I heard that name before? The 'Song of Roland' to be sure but that Terran fairy tale was millennia ago. (Khan snapped his fingers) Got it! Of course. Giles Pierre Francois Renoir D'Eon de Roncesvalles! The sole survivour of the Templar's original nine founders. I heard he was deceased. A pity." said the galactic pirate.

"He was my uncle!" snapped Angie. Zach, Han and Molly said a collective 'Oh no!' when they realized that Angie had just thrown away their last chance of avoiding bloodshed.

So then you are the last descendant of that distinguished ancestral line, my dear child. Where is the star map vidchart?" demanded Khan quietly.

"You're standin' in the treasure room, Khan so why do ya want the map?" drawled Han Solo who already knew the answer.

"Because the ancient ones who stuck this stuff here way back when would have protected their hoard with booby traps. The map will tell you how to deactivate them. Right, Khan?" replied Zach Zero.

"The man wins a Kewpie doll. Exactly, my dear Admiral. Now where is the damned map?" said an impatient space bucanneer.

"We left it behind on the 'Liberator', sir." lied Molly, trying to buy them some more time. To do oro she hadn't a clue.

"Jimbo! Beam us all back up there- now!" trilled Zach quietly but urgently. Khan laughed.

"Nice try. Sorry, Admiral but this chamber seems to be shielded somehow from Gamma and Kazza rays so I am very much afraid that your transporters will not function. Shall we try this again? You and I both know that without the map you could never have located this room or even this pyramid. Hand over the map and then you can all go home. I have no grudge against any of you. My score is with another admiral- James Tiberius Kirk. You have my word on these things. I just want the map." said Khan coolly and calmly.

"Give it to him, Angie." ordered a defeated Zero and the tall redhead reluctantly surrendered the precious vidchart to Khan.

"There. That was not so very hard, was it? I will now, as promised, settle General Solo's curiosity as well as Admiral Zero's and the Lt Commander's. You may or more likely may not know that John Berringer broke out of the penal colony on 'Lazix 7' some time ago.

"He assembled a crew, 'borrowed' a prototype star cruiser from the 3WA and liberated myself, Sutek and the 'Time Master' from the 'matrix' on Gallifrey. The Time Lords' 'Master' of course we left in the 'matrix' along with the evil 'Shadow Master'. The latter is a megalomaniacla fool and the former is quite insane. He still harbours amourous feelings for Mrs Higurashi you know.

"I do admit it was a stroke of luck to happen upon the 'Liberator' when we did. Since you appeared to be oncourse for the Federation complex I was about to try our luck elsewhere when you inexplicably changed course for this Kami-forsaken sector of space.

"I merely followed in your wake by hiding in your slipstream, 'cloaked' of course. How did I know of the treasure trove and the map? Simplicity itself. Sean O'Banyon, one of my former lieutenants paid a call on Uncle Giles who was kind enough to tell Sean all about them.

"Regrettably, the shimatta baka Mick terminated the old fool before discovering the map's location. I despaired and felt his loss keenly even after I had myself dispatched Sean to the world of the Doolahans, Banshees and Lord Varin. Finding you here, my dear Angela, was a very welcome bonus." explained Khan in a very silky voice which reeked of oil.

"You heartless bastard! You killed Uncle Giles! Well, you will NOT profit from his murder!" cried Angie, drawing her blaster.

"NO! Angie! Don't do it, kid! He'll kill you! Angela!" screamed Servalan wildly.

Angie fired and the map vapourized into nothingness in Khan's grasp.

"You damned little bitch! You will pay for that!" shouted Helmut von Kleist, Khan's last surviving lieutenant. Seems that pissing off Khan is tantamount to signing one's own death warrant!

"Belay that, Helmut! One of these five must have already memorized the damned thing otherwise this foolish child would not have so cavalierly destroyed it. So- which one I wonder?" said Khan softly.

"Wouldn't you like to know, pirate! Go to Hades with my curses dammit!" retorted Molly just before Helmut belted her in the jaw with the butt end of his plasma rifle. She collapsed like a pole-axed steer.

"Khan! That's enough!" cried Servie, tears in her big aoishi (blue) aizu (eyes). She really cared for the former Angel.

"Who is it?" he demanded menacingly while pointing his disruptor machine pistol at Molly Callahan's still form lying on the chamber floor. Angie and Servie began to cry.

"Me. I'm the guy you want, Khan. I know oro you need to know." drawled a devil may care Han Solo very nonchalantly.

"Then you will lead the way, General." commanded the madman despot.

"Your word first, Khan. When you get what you want, we all go our separate ways. Deal?" asked Han.

"Agreed. The word of Khan is sacred as you well know, General Solo. Lead on." said Khan. Han faced the others. Servie and Zach had helped Molly to sit up. Servie was binding a pressure bandage around the girl's bleeding jaw.

"Folks, you can trust him. Khan has never broken his word once he has given it. Best we do like he says and get moving." said Solo grimly. Zach nodded as did the rest.

"Molly can't walk so Angie and I will stay here with her." said Servalan.

"Then carry her. Everyone is coming with us. No exceptions, Madam , Garth and LaSeur will take turns giving the kawaii Lt Commander piggy-back rides. Now let us go. We have wasted enough time, General." growled an out of patience Khan.

"Can you do it, old buddy? Deactivate the traps in here?" whispered Zero.

"I never even saw that damned map for more than a few seconds, old pal. I'll just have to wing it. (Zach stared at him) Don't worry. I've seen all the 'Indiana Jones'movies at least five times." whispered a confident Han Solo who hadn't the slightest idea how to begin.

He thought back to that one brief glance he'd had at the vidchart and recalled 'penitent', 'footsteps' and 'worth' being in the first three riddles they had already solved. Below them had been the cryptic phrase 'Remember these truths' and that was it.

"Hey! Angie! C'mere!" he called and the redhead strode over to him and Zach.

"Yeah General? You rang, sir?" she joked even though she was almost crying again.

"You memourized the damned thing, girl, didn't you?" he whispered.

""Yeah. There were three quests, I mean they were more like riddles, sir. 'Only the penitent man may-" began the Templar girl.

"Yeah, I know. We already did them. What else?" asked the ex-pirate.

"Sorry, there was nothing else, sir." replied Angie and Molly tugged at her arm.

"On the back. More words." said Molly hoarsely, trying to talk around her damaged jaw.

"Can't remember all. But this order I think. 'Perdition awaits' was first. Then 'They who have gone before' and last was 'That which is most precious shall be abundant' followed by a funny phrase 'Remember these truths for they are thy salvation', sir." gasped Molly Callahan and then she passed out again.

Servie grabbed Molly away from Angie and charged an auto hypo syringe. She pumped 40 cc's of 'Kabrilon 9-X' into Molly's arm. The girl slowly came to once more.

"I'm sorry guys. There were a Helluva lot more words but I only got a short glimpse at 'em before 'Roshii-Aizu (Dead-Eye) Angela' blasted the map." apologized the navvie.

"Perdition. That's Biblical, Zach, ain't it?" asked a puzzled Han. Zach had received many gold stars for Sunday School attendance when he was a nipper while Han had avoided chapels whenever he could. He'd even been late for his own wedding to Leia, earning him a baleful look from his new brother-in-law, Luke Skywalker.

"Yeah. It's from er Levidicus, I think." replied Angie who had a perfect Sunday School class record. Her book had gold stars on every single page.

Khan suddenly decided (for reasons known only to him) it was a good time to harangue against his arch-nemesis James Tiberius Kirk.

"All across the Heavens I smite at thee. I shall hunt ye down to the ends of the Universes if I must, Kirk. To there I say and even 'round Perdition's flame shall I purse ye." he said, badly misquoting from the ancient 19th Century Terran novel written by Herman Melville- 'Moby Dick'.

"Hey Han! Oro the Hell's this crap on the walls over here? It stinks to high heaven, man." asked Servalan, fumbling for a cheroot.

"Huh? (Han took a whiff of the air) Nitre and Troxyleine. Highly explosive and- Servie! Don't!" yelled Solo, knocking the lighter away before Servie could use it to fire up her cheroot.

"Dammit girl! That stuff's volatile!" yelled Zach Zero.

"Another trap for us, sir?" asked Angela and Han nodded abstractedly, still trying to fathom the meaning of the 'Perdition' riddle. Then it hit him.

"Remember these truths. Thy Salvation. Penitent. Perdition. The penitent man kneels before Kami to avoid Perdition's flame! That's what Remember means gusy! It's the same damned crap all over again but with three new twists! Hit the deck and stay down! You guys too if you wanna live that is!" thundered Solo, yanking down Servie, Angie, Molly and himself just nano-secons before a block of blazing 'Carbonexileine' (space granite) swung right over their heads, missing them by a millimeter or two!

So close was this call that Molly's helmet was swept from her head and atomized instantly. Han and Zach caught the block by its base and used a blocki and tackle mechanism in the wall to tie it off while Angie and Khan's men extinguished the flames.

"Hey gang, looky what I just found!" exclaimed Flaysie Allster. She was pointing at yet another enigma- a second stone-flagged hallway with the stones bearing letters in another ancient alphabet. This time it was Khan's man LaSeur who supplied the answers.

"Avestan, my friends. In Avestan which is a form of ancient Persian, the name of Kami is Ahura Mazda but it can be spelled many other ways as well. Ohrmazd, Ahuramazda, Hourmazd, Hormazd, Hurmuz, Aramazd and Azzandara are all forms of this name. My uncle was an archaeologist and specialized in Terra's ancient Persia. He never shut up about this crap." explained the good-natured henchman.

"However, didn't old Zarathustra or Zoroaster or whatever he called himself proclaim Ahura Mazda as the uncreated god?" asked Angie who had also learned a lot from her uncle.

"Ahura Mazda has a lot more letters than Iehovah (Jehovah in ancient Sumerian) does and how do we know which stone means the space between the 'A' and the 'M' folks?" drawled Han.

"Gods were haughty and would never dream of separating themselves so there would be no spaces. I believe General Solo is correct, therefore, he will lead the way once more unles we have a different volunteer?" said Khan.

Suddenly everyone in the pyramid was as pale as a yuyu (ghost)!

a href=".com/photos/photo/973326-Servalan-from-Blake-s-7" img src="/images/members/2012/3/21/4/4/4465032331832979619_" title="Servalan from Blakes 7" /a

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END of Chapter 4. Chapter 5 coming along soon.