'Galactic Treasure Hunt'

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Well you've all been on tenterhooks wondering about this big Galactic Hunt and nai (no), we are not hunting DragonBalls again well not yet anyway but who knows what the future might bring eh? Here is the fifth chapter for your perusal.

CHAPTER 6 'Nick of Time' or 'Unexpected Cargo'

A refresher for readers of Chapter 5 who have forgotten it or for newbies who missed it, this is how the fifth chapter concluded.

"If you want this loot, pirate, do what I tell ya. Give Servie one of those Mark XXXII long range ion cannons. Servie? Take aim where I am pointing. Exactly where my finger is pointing." ordered Angie.

"But you are pointing at nothing, Angie." said Servie with a confused look on her face. After all a Mark XXXII could reduce this cavern and the pyramid to dust in a split nano-second!

"Just aim and fire the damned thing!" yelled the subby.

"Do it, Servie. We gotta trust her." commanded Zach Zero.

"All of ya hug those sidewalls and for Kami's sake don't get behind Servie! That backblast will atomize ya! Ready, kiddo? (Servie nodded) Fire in the hole! Now!" shouted Han.

KA-WHOOM! The huge Mark belched fire from both ends as Servalan launched three dead head shells into a spot in mid air where Angie was pointing.

BOOM! There was a resounding explosion and a thunderclap shook the chamber like a giant shaking a pesky vending machine for his candy!

"Look!" yelled Molly making her damaged jaw burn like Hell.

Where the river of flames had been but a moment before, there was nothing! The same stentorian voice boomed forth yet again.

"Ye hath done well. One test remains to prove that ye are indeed worthy of the secrets of our most holy order. There are two switches on the wall to your left. One of them will cause this pyramid to implode thereby burying this room and ye who be in it for all eternity. The other will raise the portcullis allowing ye access to the room beyond where our most holy of secrets are housed.

"Any attempt by ye to force open yonder gateway portcullis will cause this chamber to implode and bury all within it forever. Choose the right one and live. Choose the wrong one and die. Choose well.

"To the right ye will see a two-headed idol. Ye may ask one of those heads a single question. The green head always speaks to ye the truth while the golden head will always speak to ye lies. I wish ye good fortune. Farewell."

Suddenly Molly snapped her fingers. "By Jove! I think I've got it!" she shouted, causing her to wince in pain when she opened her damaged jaw too far.

Molly Callahan thinks she has the answer to the voice's cryptic queries. Do you?

"I remember that Doctor Timelord 4 told us all about some 'Eye of Horus' thing he had to retrieve from Mars and he was faced with the same problem as we have here. Han, Pull that yellow switch on the right. (Han hesitated and bit his lip) Don't ask me to explain it dammit! Just do it!" yelled Molly Callahan.

Again han hesitated and Khan leaped towards Solo.

"The brat's lying, General! They mean to maroon me here the same way Admiral Kirk marooned me om Seti Alpha 4'! Out of my way, General Solo!" shrieked the madman and he yanked down on the red switch instead of the yellow one.

"Ye hath chosen poorly. May the Almighty Father have mercy on thy souls. Ye hath fourteen minutes before annihilation doth commence. Farewell." boomed out the voice as the floor of the chamber opened to reveal a river of white hot lava far below.

Something tells me that's neither an illusion nor a force field, folks. Get back and hurry!" shouted Han Solo. The gap which was already several hundreds of metres wide began widening even further,

Five of Khan's goons tried to leap across the gap and fell screaming into the fiery pit. Huge blocks of stone began falling from above as the ceiling collapsed in on them. The survivours took to their heels and began running back the way they'd just come.

"The treasure!" howled Khan.

"Gone! All gone!" sobbed Helmut von Kleist.

"You will be too if ya don't get yer fat ass moving!" cried Zach Zero who was waiting atop the cliff of the floating rocks. He checked his wristchromo.

"Eight minutes left. Let's hustle, people! It's no good dammit! We'll never make it back in time! It's been nice knowing all of ya, even you, Khan." said a despondent Fleet Admiral.

Suddenly Angie remembered oro her Uncle Giles had given to her when she was still a little girl and she quickly unzipped her jumpsuit. Her hand yanked the green stone amulet off her neck. It was glowing like an emerald flame. Holding it aloft, she closed both aizu (eyes) and cried out to the darkness.

"By fire and by flame we came, not to seek fame. Show us the way through Perdition's flame to Him and our Salvation. Hear my plea, old ones. I, Angela Teresa marie Francoise D'Eon deRoncesvalles, the very last of our long line of Knights of the Most Holy of Temples implore ye. Show us the path to Righteousness. Please help us, my ancestours. I ask ye this in the name of Kami, our one true God." intoned Angie and the voice again boomed out.

"Use ye floating pathway and trust in the Almighty, my child. All will be well. Ye must have faith." it thundered.

"Han, Servie, Flaysie, Molly, Angie, Khan, LeSeur, Helmut! Hurry up dammit! Only seven minutes left! Grab a big flat rock and shove it over the cliff! Follow the updraft's current!" cried Zach.

Finally, with less than five minutes until oblivion, the little band was speeding above the flaming river and heading for kami alone knew where. Anyplace was better than being buried alive.

Without warning, the updraft abruptly threw them onto a small ledge high up on the side of the pyramid. They were marooned just a few feet to the left of the entryway. Their rocks hit the side of the structure and disintegrated.

They all leaped the few feet necessary to reach the entrance except Flaysie. The little crybaby bawled and whined that she could not make it across until finally Helmut and Khan tossed her across to safety and then leaped across themselves. Han was the last one to reach the safety of the portals.

Looming in the distance was a welcome sight- the 'Andrea Dorian' but Zach knew they could never reach it in time. The same held true for Khan's 'borrowed' prototype starcraft. Han knew it too.

"Jimbo! Get a fix on us and beam up everything within a two kilo radius! Get a move on yer ass! Han out!" trilled the wily ex-smuggler.

Suddenly the moon split in twain! Allo f them and the shuttlecraft as well as Khan's ship had just materialized inside the 'Libertor's cargo bays in the proverbial nick of time.

"Quick! Back the way we came and don't spare the Kami shimatta hyperdrives! Go dammit!" trilled Zero anxiously.

"Brace yerselves as best ya can and hold on tight, folks." drawled Han.

"Flat on the deck!" cried Khan, throwing himself prone to the floor.

The mighty engines hummed and the warp core roared as Hawking hit 60 Warp and left an exploding moon in their wake.

"OK Flaysie, where's the loot?" demanded Cagalli Yula Athna when she brought them some hastily replicated provisions.

"Such a senseless waste! All of that knowledge is gone forever!" wailed a sobbing Angie.

"No loot!" wailed an angry Servalan.

"No shopping spree at Higurashi after all!" lamented a crying Flaysie Allster.

"I need a cold compress for my jaw." observed Molly Callahan.

"Be grateful that we're all still in one piece!" growled Zachary Taylor Zero.

"By the way Khan- I'm placing your ass under arrest for grand theft starship, breaking out of prison and that's just for starters. I pity you when you get turned over to her, my friend." chortled Zero.

"Oh bitter day! You have not seen the last of Khan, that you most certainly have not!" promised the warlord pirate with a maniacal laugh.

"Yo Khan! Oro the oni (devil) happened to those other three looney tunes who escaped with you? The 'Time Master', Sutek and Berringer?" asked Solo while he was busily disarming Khan, Helmut and LeSeur.

"The 'Time Master' simply vanished when Johnny destroyed his cylinder so Kami knows where he is now. Sutek, although freed from his cylinder is still trapped within a 'time corridor' which is within a 'time loop' so he is still in Gallifrey's 'Matrix'." explained Khan.

"That's only two. Where's Johnny Boy (Berringer)?" demanded Zach.

Khan pointed down towards the other end of the cargo bay where both the 'Andrea Dorian' and the 'Midori the Second' (Khan's pilfered 3WA ship) were docked.

"On my cruiser and locked in my brig, Admiral. I didn't trust the little shit as far as I could throw a 'Bison Fields' asteroid. Where are we headed, Admiral?" replied Khan.

"Back to gallifrey for you I'm afraid. I've been ordered to return Johnny Boy to 'Intergalactic Space Command' HQ on 'Serutan 5' first. Suddenly the 'Liberator' slowed without warning.

"Hey Jimbo! Why'd ya slow down? Oro's wrong, old pal?" trilled Zach.

"I didn't slow down, Zach. We're still at 60 Warp. When I extracted you guys and the two ships, Han told me to beam everything up within a two kilo radius. The transporters couldn't handle that task alone so was forced to use the tractor beams as well." trilled hawking.

"So?" trilled Han.

"So check your lower vidscreens." trilled Jimbo with a chuckle.

"What the Sam Hell! That's the Templar pyramid we just escaped from, Zach!" yelled Solo.

"It's way too big for our bays so let's make a detour to Shimougou and drop it off at the Academy. Flaysie really found it first and unexplored territory clearly falls under 3WA control. Unless ya want the 'Deadly Dynamic Duo' mad at us again that is." trilled Zach but nobody laughed.

"We're rich again!" crowed an exuberant Flaysie Allster.

"Unh unh kiddo. The 3WA and the 'UG' will divvy up that loot equally betwixt all the members of the Federation. Most it will wind up in museums anyway. We sure as Hell can't return it from whence it came, can we? Terra's (Earth) now a barren wasteland." replied Molly.

After all, at one time she had been one half of the very first 'Lovely Angels' team and she was giving some serious thought to someday rejoining the 3WA tro-cons (trouble consultants)- someday that is but not today, that's for damned sure.

"OK. Molly, set course for Furool (Foo-Lon) City on Shimougou. The Takachiho Academy. We are going home.

"Hey cap! Oro's the speed limit in 3WA space? We must be doing 50 Warp at least!" asked Integra.

"Sixty actually love but who's countin'?" drawled Solo.

"Twenty-five Warp i think but since when did we ever worry about speeding vidtickets? Keep the pedal to the metal and don't spare the hyperdrives, Number One. . Home James." trilled a grinning Zachary Taylor Zero.

Khan was scowling at him from the brig.

"Next time, Admiral. Next time." he mumbled half to himself.

"The weed of crime bears bitter fruit. Crime does not pay, Khan. That it most certainly not!" chortled the sole surviving descendant of the 'Knights Templar'.

END of Chapter 6.


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