A/N: This story will contain as many Kuroshitsuji characters as I can write in it with it still making sense. This includes the second season and the Musicals. Pairings are partly OOC out of nessesity. Everyone's technically human but a few (namely Sebby, Claude, Hannah, and the Reapers) can do slightly supernatural things and no one bothers to question it because really, why would they?

As for the Glee related section of the story, I'd like to make a note: I love Glee, but I love Black Butler more so what happens happens, sorry! I'll try to be nice to the little Lima Losers! Oh, and it takes place along the lines of the beginning of season 3... ish.

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"Oh. My. God. Could this bus go any slower? I'm so bored!" Alois groaned, slumped so far down in his seat that only his eyes could peek out of the window next to him and both his feet rested up on the seat in front of him so he could glare at the dangling rainbow laces on his ankle boots. "I swear if it weren't for the fact that I get to escape our crazy-ass Stats exam, I wouldn't even be here."

"Shut up Trancy." Ciel chuckled, making the blonde boy jump up to kneel on his cushioned chair and lean over the top to stick his tongue out at his friend who was smirking back. "You know there isn't anywhere else you'd rather be. You wouldn't miss out on 5th Avenue's shopping even with a gun to your head."

"Oh how well you know me." Alois smiled sweetly before snatching Ciel's book away and chucking it towards the back of the bus.

"I knew you were going to do that." Ceil sighed as Sebastian handed him another book. "That was the decoy." Alois huffed, turned back, and slumped over, snuggling into Hannah's chest for a good nap and ignoring the screech from behind him.

"That brat hit me!" Grell snapped, nursing the new bump on his head.

"Sit down, Grell." William sighed, pulling the redhead back down before turning back to his clipboard and the other members of the Queen's Academy Overseers. "We still have the rest of this month's articles to review for the paper and no one's come up with a good plan of how to keep Pluto from digging up the gardens." From across the bus the white haired teen poked his head out in the aisle at the sound of his name, looking back and forth to see who was calling him.

"They were just talking, Plu-plu. Come back." Pluto eagerly returned at his boyfriend's command, resuming his previous activity of eating the other boy's face.

"Jeeze, Finny! Can't you keep your hands off that dog for five minutes?" Lizzie scolded the passionate couple because the noises they were making were quite distracting to Mey-rin who the blonde was trying to teach a card game to.

William cleared his throat loudly to gather his group's attention once again. "I know this is a theatre troupe field trip but that doesn't mean all other duties can be shirked–"

"This isn't just any field trip, William!" Grell gasped dramatically, practically throwing himself in William's lap. "This is our chance to perform on Broadway! Only the finest talent scouts will be at the Future of Theatre competition that we all were so graciously invited to and where the most ravishing, rapturous, and ravenous actress will grace the stage!" Grell finally took a breath, and then smiled toothily. "Me!"

William blinked, adjusted his glasses, and promptly shoved Grell onto the floor. "Now that that's out of the way," he started, resting his feet on the prone redhead's back. "Does anyone have anything else to bring to the table?"

"I vote we change our performance of Phantom of the Opera to something more upbeat." Ronald Knox chimed in, sliding his finger over his touch tablet to browse through his folder of dance videos. "How about Hairspray?" he lifted up the tablet to show off a sequence of lively swing dancing.

"How do plan on casting that exactly?" Eric laughed, taking the touch pad and looking over the cast list. "We seem to be a little short on optimistic warm bodies and funky black guys."

"I can't breathe hairspray." Alan added meekly as he fidgeted with his inhaler.

"See, that settles it." Eric nodded affirmatively.

Ronald huffed and snatched back his tablet. "You'd agree with anything Alan says!" He glared at Eric who just smirked and reached over to hold Alan's hand.

"Eric has a point." William shrugged, looking through his papers before glancing up at the rest of the bus with a pointed glare at the backs of Sebastian's and Claude's heads. "Phantom has many more… suitable roles for the prominent players in this troupe."

"Ugh, fine." Ronald grumbled.

"I'm still down here…" Grell whined, not receiving much pity.

"What the hell?" Bard shouted as the bus suddenly swerved, tossing half the troupe to the floor. The vehicle kept leaning farther and farther until, with a chorus of screaming, it tipped all the way over to its side and slid down to the side of the road.

"Is everyone alright?" Lizzie asked as she held tightly to the foreign exchange student Drossel Keinz who had caught her from his place hanging by an open window. After getting a chorus of mumbles and grunts, she accepted Drossel's offer to help her out the window, leading the less tousled of the students with her.

"Dammit Claude! Couldn't you have stopped the bus from falling on us?" Alois snarled at his ex-boyfriend who looked away from the raging blonde with a touch of anger and shame before quickly climbing out. "Fucking bastard, can't do anything." The boy scowled before crouching over his best friend. "Are you alright, Hannah?"

"I'm fine." The white haired girl answered quietly despite the swelling bruise on her cheekbone from pulling Alois into herself too quickly to take most of the force from the crash.

"Ciel! Ciel! Did you die?" Alois snickered only to put on a practiced pout of disappointment when he found the youngest actor already halfway out of the bus in the safety of Sebastian's arms. But he was enjoying the tiny boy's furious rant.

"I can't believe I trusted you to drive the bus! What do you have to say for yourself Bardroy? You could've killed us all!"

"There was a cow! Right in the road!" The man defended himself, half hiding behind Mey-rin in a futile attempt to protect himself. This was going to prove quite difficult as the entire road was in fact completely devoid of wandering bovine.

"Everyone seems to have survived…" Sebastian noted, scanning over the rest of the group before making a face at Claude. "Most unfortunately in some cases."

Meanwhile, Eric was freaking out rather loudly. "Alan? Alan! Are you alright?"

"Calm down, man. He's fine." Ronald said, holding his friend back so Alan could get some oxygen into his constricted airways. "He won't get any better with you on top of him."

"I know that would improve my spirit~" Grell winked, receiving a clipboard smacking into the back of his head. Alan waved down his worried boyfriend as he sat against the side of the bus, inhaler pressed tight to his lips.

"What" he finally gasped "are we going" another wheezing gasp "to do now?"

"The only thing we can do." Sebastian smiled charmingly as he gestured to the highway sign they had crashed in front of.



"We walk on."

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