Sophia´s Choice-Severus Snape's world revolves around two things, potion ingredients and his daughter Sofia-Cristina. Guess no one expected Snape to be a father. This takes please during the Golden trios´ 4th year at Hogwarts. This is my first fanfic so all reviews are welcome, good or bad.

Chpt 1:

As the nurse left the room, Sophia noticed her dad staring out the window in his black teaching robes. Everyday after class Sophia's dad would come & eat dinner with her. Her dad was a strong & feared man at Hogwarts yet right now, he fears something out of his control, her health. Sophia-Cristina Snape daughter of Severus Snape, Potions Master & Head of Slytherin

"Dad?" Sophia asked

"Yes princess?" Snape said looking at Sophia.

"What did the doctor say?" Sophia asked

"He said that the prognosis is dire." Snape said while trying to maintain composure

"How long do I have?" Sophia asked

"6 months to a year." Snape said looking back out the window.

"Oh & is there anything they can do?" Sophia asked knowing too well that the answer would be more pain.

Snape did not answer but shock his head. Sophia got up from her bed & walked towards him.

"Daddy? What do we do now?" Sophia asked but got no response, which caused her to become impatient. "Dad!" Sophia yelled still he said nothing but turned to look at Sophia with his obsidian eyes, which held the answer. Slowly he sat on a nearby chair & motioned for Sophia to do the same.

"We go along with the treatment Doctor Henson has planned for you." Snape said putting his head on Sophia's.

"Oh and that would be more radiation & chemo right?" Sophia asked playing with a button on his robe.

"Yes, love" Snape said

"Dad?" Sophia said & turned to face him. "I don't want to do the treatments anymore."

"If you do not do the treatment death will come sooner." Snape said in a poetic form.

"I know, but dad it hurts each time. Why prolong my death if it's enviable dad?" Sophia asked

"But you never know this could be it." Snape said trying to put some sense into Sophia's head.

"No, dad, no more." Sophia said looking into his eyes

"Fine we go back to Hogwarts tomorrow." Snape said leaving the room & slamming the door.

Sophia shock her head knowing he would not take the new well. For 1 year, Sophia has been fighting this disease. For 1 year Snape has been searching the earth for any plant, charm or spell to cure her, but has yet been successful. The closest thing was the radiation and chemo, but that was not enough. Sophia´s refusal comes after seeing the pained look on Snape´s face after the last treatment. Sophia too was in pain and could not handle it anymore.

¨ Oh daddy: yawn: it is best for both of us.¨ Snape said & decided to go to sleep.

¨Severus, if she has refused treatment there must be a reason.¨ Minerva McGonagall said as Snape paced around his classroom.

¨ But if this treatment can help her, why must she refuse, she is being stubborn.¨ Snape said running his hands through his hair

¨ I wonder whom she gets that from.¨ McGonagall said in a teasing manner

¨ Minerva this is not the time for jokes, my daughter has sentence herself to death.¨ Snape said gripping his desk with both hands

¨I am merely making an observation and stating a fact. Severus have you asked her why she refused treatment?" McGonagall asked

"Yes, she said it was too painful." Snape said

"The treatment or the disease?" McGonagall asked

"The treatment, which is why she refused it." Snape said

"Severus, have you seen her during & after the treatment. She is weak and tired, and you become the same way." McGonagall said putting a gentle hand on Snape's shoulder. "Perhaps, knowing Sophia, she is tired of the treatment's pain and your own pain." McGonagall said

"Minerva I cannot let her go." Snape said

"This is a case where you think of Sophia's welfare both physically & emotionally. It will take a toll on both of you, but you'll both be at peace." McGonagall said leaving Snape's classroom.

Snape turned to see the door shutting as Minerva McGonagall left the room. To occupy his mind he began getting ready for next week's class. As he began heating a cauldron, his foot hit something hard underneath the table.

"Damn it, what the hell is this?" Snape said crouching down to find a small black step stool. He smiled as he realizes that it was Sophia's step stool that she used to look into the cauldrons. Sophia is not very tall; in fact, she was only 5'0. Snape carefully caressed the step stool & soon put it back in its proper place. "No sense in dwindling in the past, focus on the future." Snape said to no one in particular.

As he began, putting ingredients into the cauldron a knock came to the portrait. Already in a bad mood, Snape ignored the knocking hoping that the person would go away. However, this was not the case. Another knock came to the portrait but this time non-stop. Snape slammed the knife into the table & went to open the door.

"What the-"Snape stopped and realized no one was there. He looked to his left & right but saw no one. "WHICH EVER HOUSE YOU ARE IN DRASTIC POINTS WILL BE DEDUCTED!" Snape yelled as he rounded the corner, but found no one. Shaking his head in annoyance, he returned to the potion.

A somber figure stood in front of the potion classroom door with a hand tracing each line of the door.

"My dear boy do not give up. Help will come from the least likely source." The somber figure said while leaving the dungeons & heading towards the Great Hall

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