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Chp 4-Interrogations

McGonagall sat in her quiet classroom as her studebts were taking their chapter 5 test. Glancing around she noticed the empty seat that was in front of her. She sighed as remembering the previous occupant of the seat.

Suddenly the door open & High Inquistor Umbridge walked into the classroom.

"Is there is something I can help you with today?" McGonagall asked not forgetting the recent quarrel they had.

"No I came to ask the students about something?" Umbridge said

"I am sorry, but they are in the middle of a test." McGonagall said as the students felt the tension between the two witches.

"Oh this won't take long." Umbridge said turning towards the students. "Your attention please! I wish to inquirer about a form classmate of yours, Sophia-Cristina Rose. I do not know her last name but she was sorted into Gryffindor. Who was she?"

Students sat in silence as McGonagall mentally silenced them with her stern look. She was thankful that it was a Gryffindor & Ravenclaw class & not Slytherins.

Finally Hermione raised her hand & Umbridge acknowledge her.

"Yes Ms Granger."

"Sophia-Cristina Rose never had a last name. In fact she refused to tell us." Hermione explained receiving a small smile from McGonagall.

Another Ravenclaw by the name of Victoria Pierson raised her hand.


"I knew who she was, but she never told me her last name either. But regardless Professor she was a wonderful person." Pierson said as the class nodded in agreement.

"I hope this suffices your investigation." McGonagall said

"For now." Umbridge said writing down the info & leaving.

"Continue with your exam & 20 pts to both houses." McGonagall said heart swelling with pride & sadness about the love everyone showed for her little dancer.

Umbridge continued her investigation & about the mysterious girl with no last name. The next source, Herbology Professor, Pomona Sprout.

As soon as class was over McGonagall instantly flooed Dumbledore explaining of Umbridge's investigation of Sophia. He assured her that he had taken all the appropriate measures to hide Sophia's relation to the Hogwarts Professor.