January 7 1536

Anne Boleyn

Anne was in her chambers when she heard the news of Katherine's passing. She had waiting for this day for so long, she had once wished she had died many year ago to free her love the King to marry her so much sooner. Anne thought she would be elated a the news but all she felt was a deep sense of sadness. As she felt a tear roll down her cheek she suddenly realized she was ashamed of how she treated the King's daughter Lady Mary all those years. She decided she would try to make amends not just for her own sake but for the Princess Elizabeth and her still growing child. Anne quickly dismissed her ladies except for her cousin the Lady Madge Shelton. Anne told Madge all about how wrong she had been to treat Mary so poorly and decided the best thing to do was to write Lady Mary.

Dear Lady Mary,

I can not begin to tell you how sad I feel for you loss of your mother. I know you will most likely never forgive me for how awful I have treated you, but I wanted to tell you that I am a sorry and was wrong. I hope one day you and I will be able to have a relationship as friends.

Queen Anne Boelyn

Anne thought about her brief note, it wasn't much but she honestly didn't know what else to include. She had Madge take her letter to a messenger and send to the Lady Mary.

King Henry VIII

Henry entered Anne's apartments to find her pregnant wife crying softly in front of the fire. Before he could even ask her what was wrong she ran to him hugging him tightly. Through her sniffles and tears Anne spoke softly.

"Henry, ...I think... " sniffle "We should have the Lady Mary..." sniffle "come to visit..."

Henry looked at her puzzled. He slowly walked her to her bed and sat with her stroking her hair as all of her emotions poured out. She told him how she felt in regards to Lady Mary and that she wants so much to start anew. Henry was shocked that his wife who so often spoke out against his daughter that she would be wanting this kind of closure. Henry only thought mere minutes before agreeing to send for Lady Mary.

He called for Madge to return to care for his wife, barring all others to see her. During her outpouring of emotions Anne told Henry about things other then his daughter. Things that had him seething in anger.

Thomas Boleyn and Thomas Howard, the Duke of Norfolk

The two men gloated in triumph over Katherine's death. They had help supplant her with Anne, and now with her surely carrying the much needed son they would be raised even higher. Soon they were interupted by the King's guards.

"By order of King Henry VIII, Thomas Boleyn, Lord Rochford and Thomas Howard, the Duke of Norfolk henceforth are ordered to the tower for treason against His Majesty and his wife Queen Anne Boleyn."