Henry and Anne were together until his death on May 15, 1552. The following day their son Prince Arthur was declared king and his a joint coronation was held with his young bride, Joan of Austria, the Princess of Portugal. Arthur and Joan reigned for 40 years together and their son Henry became King Henry the IX in 1592. They named their two daughters Princess Anne, after his mother, and Princess Mary after his elderest sister the Queen of France.

At the age of 17 Elizabeth was married to Maximillian the son of the Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand I. They had two sons together, Francis and Henry. Along with daughters Anne, Catherine and Margaret.

Arthur's twin Katherine married Prince Frederick of Denmark in 1555, and died in 1563 of puerperal fever. They had a son Arthur and a daughter Caroline before her death. Her brother mourned his sister's passing for a year, and had a grand celebration of her life on the day of their birth until his death in 1592.

Prince Charles and Princess Bridget were married to siblings Princess Eleanor and Prince Frances, the children of Anne of Cleves and her husband Charles II of Orleans. They lived in France and were close to their half-sister Mary, the Queen of France.

Queen Anne died in 1571 and got to see her many grandchildren be born. She was buried in Westminster Abbey alongside her husband.

The End.

I may come back to this story and add more to it.

Currently the plot bunnies have stopped talking to me since I accomplished what I wanted with it. Anne lives, her children are happy. Mary is happy, and as much as I dislike Jane Seymour she got to be happy as well. I may get some cool inspiration after my trip to the UK where I will go to Hever, Hampton Court and back to the Tower :)