I'll give you a little info for each chapter. It'll make it easy to skip to the ones with romance if that's what you're here for. Aren't I considerate?

Theme: Outpourings
Rating: K
Pairings: None


Raven lost her powers for exactly sixty seven hours.

This was not due to a spell she found, or some villain, but a war in the underworld. She felt it in her bones, in every fiber of her being, that calling her to come to her father, protect him in his time of need, to protect the land she was conceived in. There were often underworld wars, but every so often, even Trigon's forces were threatened, either by other evil powers or other benevolent beings, who hoped to rid the world of evil. They never succeeded, and her father never lost.

But her powers were stolen and borrowed and drained. For weeks she fought it and panting, sweating and vomiting and screaming like she was possessed (which, every so often, she was) as her demon half responded to her kin, and he human half fought the idea of giving her powers to help the evil forces, regardless of who they were fighting. Until, finally, with a horrifying shout that shook the tower, she told the demons to take the power they so desperately clamored for. so she was left empty, her powers gone, and her a weak, stumbling body through the Titans Tower.

Unable to fight, she laid quietly on the couch, watching horror movie after sad movie after sick films of sickness and hate, despite the urging of her friends to try something happy, especially considering cheerful emotions could be felt without a problem, a least for a short while. She usually screamed at them to leave her alone, acting so un-Raven-like, and more like a cranky teen girl after a break up. All she did was cry and scream.

And then her father won the war, and Raven was back to normal, asking no one to speak of it again.

They agreed, if only she would tell them why.

"It's a relief to repress my feelings after all this suffering. I would only miss the happiness."

And, with a surprised look, Beast Boy declared, "If you didn't have those powers, you'd be soooo emo."