Completely crazy idea, but what if a 16 year old Percy taught Harry's sixth year instead of Snape? Total awesomeness!

Harry walked into the great hall feeling very self conscious about being late. He looked up at the staff table to see all the teachers and the customary new professor. The new guy looked no older than himself and had unruly black hair and green eyes. But he was taller than Harry and his shoulders were wider. Harry could plainly see the shirt underneath his robes was pulled tight.

His face was tan with a strong jaw and an aristocratic nose. However, the set of his mouth and the look in his eyes seemed to say 'I am brooding and rebellious and moody.' All in all every girl in the school was staring at him with big eyes.

Harry quickly sat down and began to eat.

Too soon, all the food disappeared. With a sigh, Harry slumped back and thought wishingly of the warm, soft bed waiting for him.

Then Dumbledore stood up and said "I'd like to introduce you all to the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher: Professor Percy Jackson."

Beside him Ron groaned. "I pity him for his name."

Harry snorted and listened while Dumbeldore did his customary speech. Then he waved his hand and the cacophonous sound of scraping benches filled the air. As Ron and Harry walked up to their dorm, they discussed the new DADA teacher with Hermione.

"He looks so young though. I mean, he looks like he's my age! How can he teach us!" Hermione exclaimed.

"I don't know, Hermione, but he had the same look Dumbledore does," Harry said.

"What, old and crazy?" Ron whispered the last part like someone might hear him.

"No, he looked powerful," Harry whispered back before they separated to their dorms.

That night, Harry had a strange dream. The new teacher was in it and he was facing Lord Voldemort. There was absolutely no fear on his face. He yelled a word and the lake behind him exploded.

Harry bolted awake gasping, feeling as though he was drowning. He looked out the window after hastily shoving the curtains away. It was light enough for him to be up. He strolled down into the common room and sat in the big armchair with Quidditch Through the Ages. He saw Ron stumble down 10 minutes later and laughed Harry went to breakfast.

Down at breakfast, their schedules were handed out and Harry saw that the Gryffindor had the new DADA teacher first. He quickly showed this to Ron and Hermione, who had just arrived. The three were skeptical about this new teacher, mostly because of his age.

Soon, breakfast was over, and they all climbed a flight of stairs to reach the DADA classroom. When they walked in, they saw Professor Jackson asleep and snoring at his desk! Exchanging amused looks with Ron and Hermione, who seemed insulted, they watched as Dean smirked and walked up and quickly poked him in the stomach. Nothing happened. Suddenly, the door slammed shut and the Professor woke with a start.

"Sorry about that," he said with a impish grin as he stood and stretched. "Didn't get much sleep last night. So, as you all know, I'm Professor Jackson. But please, call me Percy! Professor Jackson makes me feel like one of the teachers at one of the schools I got kicked out of!" He grinned widely at us. A few people tittered nervously, and then there was a awkward silence.

"Well, everyone get to your seats, I guess," Percy told us hesitantly. We took our seats looking at the professor expectantly. He looked a little nervous up there.

Then he spoke, and I was sure to listen. "Fighting the Dark Arts is a hard thing to do. There is never just one spell you can use. You never know how the mind of the enemy is going to work. You have to be smarter, faster and more creative. Just because there's no way to block the killing curse does't mean you can't." He looked at us seriously.

"Can anyone tell me how they think you can do this?" No one raised their hand. They all looked on in confusion. Harry was completely bewildered. There was a block to the killing curse? Why hadn't he know?

Jackson sighed like he was disappointed, and Hermione squirmed in her chair.

"Did anyone think of a mirror charm to reflect the curse, or using something solid as a shield? What about levitating yourself over it or ducking and shooting a spell under it? Did anyone think of using physical fighting?" When everyone gave him a stunned look, he sighed.

"I have my work cut out for me," he said.

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