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Ron woke to a giant splash of water and snickers. Sitting up straight and blustering, he noticed Percy rolling on the ground in laughter. Glaring at the hysterical man, Ron heaved himself off his chair. He promptly sat back down as his brain replayed the words Percy had spoken. Greek gods were real. Bloody Hell! How was that even possible? Years spent with Harry and his crazy schemes had prepared Ron well. He knew just how to ask the questions, and how to get answers.

Once Percy stopped laughing and settled down in a chair, he said. "I guess you want an explanation, huh?" At Ron's curt nod, he sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

"Alright. Here I go. The Gods exist in what we call the West. That was, to put it simply, the spirit of Greece. But when Greece fell to Rome, the West didn't die out. As you now know, the same Gods were used, just with different names and slightly different personalities. So the Greek Gods became Roman. The west didn't die after that either. It moved to wherever the center of civilization was. For a very long time, it was here in England. That is when all this happened. Hecate, upset with the few numbers of her children, blessed some mortals: your ancestors. All the wizards and witches were of the same blood. That is, until all the Gods got jealous. They were jealous of the fact that Hecate got her own race of people. To balance the scales, they blessed 14 families. The names of the 14 have been lost to time, but we know that Weasley was not one of them."

Here, Ron looked confused. Hadn't Percy said earlier that he was blessed? Or was that all a dream?

" Ahh. I see you look confused. Let me clarify. The Wealsey family was not blessed, but is now. Let me explain. The 14 families were causing a giant mess of things, what with their whole 'Pureblood' stuff. It was the Weasley's who really straightened the whole mess out, and the incredible thing was that they were not blessed. The Gods were so impressed that they swore on the river Styx that every Weasley would be blessed now. I think I have a list of your immediate family." Here, Percy dug around in his pocket.

"Here we go. Let's see, your mother was blesses by Hestia. Your father, Hephaestus and your brother Bill by Hades. Your brother Charlie is the same as your father: Hephaestus. Your brother Percy…" here he grinned at the name, "Athena. Your twin brothers were blessed by Hermes. You have the blessing of Mars. I'll explain in a minute. And your sister: Artemis." He finished off the list and grinned at Ron.

"And now, I will explain the whole Mars thing. See, when the Greeks went Roman, their personalities changed and part of that is still there. They were there or long enough that the Roman influence is still a large part of who they are. An alternate personality, you might say. So when we say Mars, we mean a Roman god, not Ares like in Greece. Mars is a little different because he more strategic, but he is still war and likes power. Soooo, any questions?" Ron nodded, surprising both Percy and himself.

"Does the blessing affect our personalities?"

Here Percy looked thoughtful, then his face lit up. "Well, kind of. For example: the Malfoys. They have lived with their blessing for so long that it has become ingrained. For you and your siblings, no. Just because you were blessed by Mars doesn't mean you are war hungry. The core of your personality stays the same, but you acquire skills such as smarts, or like your brother Bill, the affinity for entering tombs. This does not change who you are."

'So Percy's still a backstabbing, ambitious rat. And he can't blame it on some 1000 year old Goddess messing with him,' Ron thought.

Ron didn't know quite what to think about this. He felt slightly invaded, like some creep named Mars had just hit him with a giant beater's bat. He had gone straight through the post too.

Then a thought occurred to him. "What about Hermione?" he asked. Hadn't Percy said something about Hermione?

Percy chuckled. "She is one of the people here who are blessed by two goddesses. When the Fates decree that a person will change history, sometimes two gods bless that person. Sometimes a god will randomly bless a person, as we can see with your friends Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom. It is a random pattern; one that seems very common in this generation. Perhaps it's because of the war with Voldemort." Percy fell silent, letting Ron absorb everything he had just told him.

Abruptly, Ron stood up and walked over to the door and yanked it open. "Do you mind if I sit on this for a while? It's a little too much to take in at one time."

Percy gave him a knowing look. "Sure. Take all the time you need."

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