Hello, my lovelies! Let me say, it's been a thrill to finally have a way to act upon my mission! I'm afraid that Fyora did not make the wisest choice when she selected me for the task of tracking down all of these artifacts; a capable mage I may be, but I'm getting a bit ill in my old age! I can't leave the company of Vasha and Valma, my two lovely Aisha consorts, for they are the only two ladies who still know how to treat all my ailments! And were I to take them on a mission such as this, and were my most faithful servants since my young adulthood to suffer serious harm, my heart would break.

Oh, where have my manners gone? I am Quincy Tapfer, an expatriate of the Darigan Citadel, for a mission given to me by the Faerie Queen! For a time, only I, my consorts, and at a later time, Graszorg were made aware of this situation: that dangerous artifacts from Altador were lost in the rest of Neopia, and had to be recovered. Unfortunately, I was already 48 by the time I made my acquaintance with Graszorg, and by the time we'd prepared for the tasks that laid ahead, I was at 50 years old. When I was a teenager, few people had lived to that age; I was in fit condition, still, but I still caught an illness that pursues me these years later. Now at 54 years old, still with the vim and vigor that either inspired or befuddled my fellow Darigan countrymen, I've been unable to make significant progress on my mission. For the most part, the only break in my tedium has been Graszorg periodically missing his medicine, and causing a ruckus on the third floor!

Then, I learned of a spy whose skills were unsurpassed in Meridell, Brightvale, or Darigan. It may have been Fate nudging me in the right direction, it could just as likely have been a stray whimsy that turned out to be right, but whichever was my driving force, it led me to send for Dariganian maps in the Meridell Castle, which the Zafara Double Agent would bring to me. However, the maps I sent for held no more than a coded detail of the Citadel's lower levels; it was all information I knew like the back of my hand. As I would tell Agent herself later, her mission to deliver the maps was little more than a formality: what I wanted was for her to pick up on things all around my house, things that would clue her into my mission.

As for why I couldn't outright tell her, it's because of a rule Fyora gave me: she forbade me from outright divulging any information regarding the mission, or at least, to anyone who she did not expressly permit to know. However, I truly believe it was all a part of her plan for me to nudge an outside party in the right direction, and thus to make my mission possible. Yes, the Zafara Double Agent dug up the information perfectly, and has been quite successful thus far. She's even gathered an impressive little group to accompany her! Kayla, a hero of the Second War of Darigan and Meridell; Brynn and Hanso, heroes who saved the Faeries and all of Neopia; and odd as it may be, Vira, the Acara tainted by a truly Dark Faerie, as well as her good friend Balthazar, a normally loathesome brute of a Lupe who may yet prove capable of a valorous spirit. I have the utmost faith in this ragtag group's abilities.

Yet, I can't help but fear for how they'll deal with the fiends who seek the artifacts of Altador. That dreadful Ogrin that Agent and Kayla dealt with in Meridell was fearsome, but he was far and away one of the very weakest of the monstrosities they'll have to face. They'll need each and every last bit of help they can get, else they fall to the darkness. Should just one of these artifacts fall into such a demon's hands, the chain of events that would be set off could bring ruin to Neopia.

Thus, I've decided to no longer sit idly by, twiddling my thumbs. I know of a powerful evil that this group shall soon face, and I've sent help. It was the only assistance I could afford to give them on short notice, and I'll pray this doesn't turn into a complete disaster.

Now, I must rest. I look forward to speaking with you again!