It was yet again another normal day for one certain Kurosaki Ichigo. Well, almost normal, save for the fact that today is White Day.

(Ichigo's POV)

I can't believe that today is White Day. It's a holiday that is meant to be the reverse of Valentines.

And yet, I still can't think of anything to give back to Haruko. Haruko…

*Flashback 1 month ago*

I was just walking around Soul Society. Not that you can blame me, but hey, my girlfriend lives here. And so does her ex-boyfriend. And her scary mother. Haruko…

"Oi! Ichigo!" Startled out of my trance, I turn around to see none other than freeloader-san, Renji.

"Nn? Renji? How ya bee- OI! Put me down dammit!"

By then, Renji had grabbed me and was holding me by my wrists, and was shunpo'ing the heck out of where ever I was, and dragged me to Haruko's place.

"Eh? Renji? Why did you drag me he- Oh! Haruko…"

"Thank you for bringing him here Renji."

"Anytime Haruko…"

"Ichi? He-here… Your… Umm… Valentine's day pre-present…"

Taking the box that was in her outstretched hands, I opened it to see a single perfect red candy heart.

"Go ahead Ichi. Eat it."

"Haruko? Where are you? We have a lieutenant's meeting right now!"

"Coming Rangiku! I'll be right there!" Shouted Haruko. "Sorry about that? See you next week?"

"Actually, you won't. I have school starting tomorrow."

"Oh, okay. Tell me what you think of this brownie when I visit you next month."

"Okay, I will."

*Fast Forward to Current Time.*

*sigh…* Time never does cease to stop huh? Even when I lost my powers defeating Aizen. And even when my mother died.

"I-chi!" Startled out of my stupor, I turn my head to the window to see none other than… Haruko?

"Haru! Get in here before you fall!"

"Hai hai, Mr. Berry-kun!" Climbing in my window, she moved to sit down next to my seated form on the bed.

"Haruko, wha-what are you doing here?

"Always, Haru. Always." Trailing off, I leaned in to kiss her on the lips again, only to have her force me on my small bed, and for her to straddle my tightening hips, and have her start taking my shirt off, all the while kissing up my oh so sensitive body, until the soft white cotton tank erased her beautiful form from my line of site.

Sitting up slightly to remove my tank top, I saw that she started to stand up as well.

"Since you are so happy to see me, I might have to give you a little show…"

Let me just say, I didn't demand for her to put her clothes back on, like I usually do.

I was slightly sitting up, and when she came back on the bed, I decided that I would give her a little show to watch as well.

First, I turned on some pop music that Orihime gave me last week. Then, I turned around and started slowly taking off my tight as hell pants, then my tight boxers, and made my way towards her waiting, and expectant form.

"Haru… Are you sure about this? Once I take you, I'm never gonna let you go."

"Good. Because I wasn't going to leave you alone either." Then, showing the grace of a shinigami, she flipped me over, and put her hand on my aching cock, and positioned it just slightly out of her core. Then, leaning down to snatch my lips up in a trembling kiss, she sat down. Moaning into each other's mouths, she started slowly rocking her hips against my aching cock.

"Nnnngh… Haru…"

"Nnnn… Come on Ichi… Cum for me…"

It didn't take long for us to find our climaxes, and when they came, I felt stars burst, while our breath sped up.

"Nnn… Suki desu Ichigo."

(Haruko's POV)

completely sated, and happy that this was my first time with Ichigo, I turned over, having Ichigo immediately pull me into his embrace. I was so sleepy, that I almost missed him saying something.

I believe that he said, "Suki desu yo, Haruko. Happy White Day." Yes, what a happy White Day indeed.