"She's always been like this, stupid Brenda," Bruce Carlton said. "She's always been an attention hog, ever since we were little kids."

"Really?" George asked. "What do you mean?"

River Heights

Fall 1986

Two ten-year-old siblings, a boy and a girl, walked around their backyard. The boy held a clunky old home video camera, filming his sister. The two of them were making their own nature show.

"Are you getting this?" Brenda asked, turning to face her brother.

"Of course I am," Bruce said.

Brenda turned back around and continued walking, blabbing about the trees in the backyard. While she wasn't looking, Bruce quickly turned the camera to himself, rolling his eyes and whispering, "She doesn't know what she's talking about!"

"I heard that!" Brenda shrieked. "Put that camera back on me!"

Bruce did, but zoomed in on his sister's rear end.

"Hey! What are you doing? Are you filming my butt?"

"Uh… No!" Bruce started laughing and zoomed back out.

"This isn't funny! Aren't you even concerned about helping your only sister be a world-famous reporter?"