Rosario + Vampire: A Date and A Vampire ( Chapter 6 )


This is chapter 6 of my Rosario+Vampire fan-fic:
'A Confession and A Vampire', with characters created by Akihisa Ikeda.

Original fan-fic written by Gamera68.

This chapter is Rated M for a Lemon, towards the end.

Moka and Tsukune are 18 years old now.

Please read chapters 1 through 5 and a Half, first.

Alternate Reality, set after the events of the manga series.
But, I am pretty much borrowing already-established canon from the manga series.

Comedy / Drama / Romance

All characters are OCC.

Now the much-anticipated first date! ^_^
This is going to most likely be the longest chapter so far!

It was now Monday morning; the big day.
Tsukune and Moka were heading to Tokyo Disney for their real first date as an official couple.

He glanced over at the clock sitting on his desk, and read the time.

[ 8:05 AM ]

'Disney opens in two hours; guess I should get up, and see where Moka ran off to,' he mused to himself, seeing that she wasn't still in bed with him.

He rose out of bed, then tumbled to the floor.

'Gravity, thou art a heartless bitch!', he shouted out to nobody in particular. He dusted himself off; then got off the carpet, and shuffled his way to the closet; searching for something comfortable to wear to the amusement park.

After ransacking his wardrobe for roughly five minutes, he found his clothes for the day-long excursion: a turquoise polo shirt, and khaki cargo pants. After nearly falling over while putting his britches on, he haphazardly got his head stuck in the neck of the shirt, and struggled to get his melon properly situated through it.

After spending the last ten minutes finally getting himself dressed, he ambled out of his room, and eventually made his way to the restroom at the end of the hallway, without any further unavoidable mishaps.

Upon arrival in the restroom, Tsukune spotted a small glass jar on the sink, with a note attached to it.

Dear Tsukune,

Please use these specially blended herbs while brushing your teeth,
or when shaving. See you downstairs when you're done.

Love, Moka

After brushing his teeth, combing his hair, and shaving, ( thankfully without slicing his neck open with the razor ), he made his way downstairs to meet up with Moka, and was greeted with the scent of food wafting up the stairwell.

Which in turn, resulted in his stomach rumbling rather rambunctiously, echoing all the way down the stairwell.

Upon entering the kitchen, he saw the vision of a heavenly angel of absolute radiant beauty: Moka in an apron, cooking breakfast. She was standing over the stove, as his mother Kasumi stood to her left side, and seemed to be giving her instructions of some sort.

"Good morning," he called out, in an attempt to gain their attention.

Upon hearing her son's arrival, his mother divided her overly-sunny disposition in his general direction, as Moka continued preparing breakfast.

"Good morning, sweety. How did you sleep?", she asked.
"Um, fine, thanks. By the way, what's going on?", he inquired out of sheer nosiness, while sitting down at the small round kitchen table in the corner.

"Oh, Moka wants to learn how to cook a wide variety of foods for breakfast. So she asked for me to give her some pointers. She also told me that since you two are now dating, she wants to practice on how to be a great bride," she told him.

Upon hearing his mother say "bride", Tsukune slammed his head into the table.

"I did not!", Moka spouted out, her cheeks now bright pink from hearing such an assumption.
His mother laughed boisterously.

"Sorry, I couldn't resist! I just wanted to see both of your expressions. How cute!," she answered, as her eyes sparkled brightly.

"Ha ha. Very funny," Tsukune retorted, as he rubbed his forehead with his hands.

After Moka was finished cooking, she prepared three plates of food, as Tsukune's father had already left for work earlier.

His mother assisted her in carrying them to table.

"Good, morning, Tsukune. I hope that you're hungry," Moka said, trying to get him to perk up, after his mother's teasing.

Upon hearing his fiance's greeting, he finally saw what she was wearing under her apron: a cerulean blue sundress; cut just above her knees, with a scoop neck. It fit her perfectly, hugging her curvacious body in all the proper places.

Her Rapunzel-like; bubble-gum-hued hair was tied back into a ponytail, which was held in place with a color-coordinated ribbon.

"", he eventually spat out, upon seeing her look more adorable than usual.

"What's wrong, Tsukune? Your face is all red. Are you feeling well?," she asked, as she sat the plate down in front of him. She then bent over, and placed her forehead against his own; checking for any signs of a possible fever.

Catching an eye-full of her bountiful cleavage, nearly gave the poor young man-turned-vampire another massive nosebleed.

After Moka stood back up, he finally had an opportunity to reply.
"Ah! Good morning, Moka! I slept well too, thank you very much!", he babbled out.

"Um, okay then. I hope you're hungry. Part of what your mom said was true, though. I wanted to learn how to cook different types of food. I just wanted to show her my appreciation for allowing me to stay here with you," she said, after she sat down to his right.

"Oh, that's good. hahaha. yeah, I'm famished," he answered, once his complexion returned to normal. He was also quite surprised at the amount of food she had prepared.

Pancakes, ham and cheese omelets, bacon, sausage patties, and French Toast. She also brought along two tall glasses of tomato juice for themselves. His mother had a cup of coffee, with cream and sugar.

"Thanks for the food!," they called out in unison.

"Moka! OHMYGOD! This is amazing! So good!," he complimented her, in-between mouthfuls. She blushed yet again, but this time from his heartfelt gratitude and forthright sincerity.

"Thank you, Tsukune. I'm so happy to hear that," she adorably answered.

"Moka will make such a wonderful wife someday for you son," his mother added. Which in turn, caused the couple's features to glow bright crimson yet again.

After everyone finished eating, Tsukune helped Moka remove all the dishes from the table, and placed them in the sink to soak.

"So, I take it you're both ready for your date at Disneyland?", Kasumi asked.

"Yes; ready as we'll ever be...I have the tickets in my pocket, as well as the map of the park I printed out last night. We should be home sometime this evening. I have my cellphone and my wallet, so I guess we'll be off now, then," he told his mother, as he and Moka were ready to depart to the train station, just down the street.

"You two have a lot of fun, okay? Be sure to take some pictures as well," his mother kindly informed him.

"Thanks, Mom, we will," Tsukune replied, as they stood in the entrance-way, ready to put their sneakers on.

"Thank you, Mrs. Aono. This will be my first time," Moka honestly added; as she blushed, while holding her hands over her cheeks.

Tsukune's face fell flat, hearing her bluntly say 'first time'.

"No! Not like that! You misunderstood, Mom! She means going to Disney!", he rapidly replied.

"I didn't say anything," Kasumi remarked, wide-eyed.

After waving goodbye, the young couple started walking towards the train station, which was down the road a few blocks.

"Hey Moka, thanks for the jar of herbs in the restroom; they came in very handy," he told her, as she admired the early morning scenery, in her new neighborhood.

"You're welcome. I just remembered that you'd have to shave often, as well as brush our teeth daily," she replied, now lightly grasping his left hand.

While walking down the street to their first stop, they were greeted with strange looks, mostly aimed directly at Moka.

"Um, Tsukune?"
"Yes, Moka?"
"People are staring at me," she nervously announced, suddenly feeling like the center of unwarranted attention.

"Well, you are a very attractive lady, plus you are dressed very beautiful today. Besides, if anyone bothers you, I will take care of them personally," he told her; as he held her hand tighter in a protective gesture.

"Thank you, Tsukune. I feel much better now," she happily replied, as she pulled him closer; then pressed his arm in-between her huge, soft bosom.

"You're welcome, Moka. Look, there's the train station," he pointed out, as they made their way across the intersection.

After riding the escalator up to the top platform, they meandered over to the ticket vending machine.

Tsukune inserted some cash, and purchased two round-trip tickets.
They then stood off to the side, as the waiting area was still busy due to late-morning rush hour; even though it was around nine-thirty AM.

"So Moka? Have you ever ridden the train before?", he asked his pink-haired fiance'.

"Actually, no, This is my first time. I mean, first time riding a train. I always walked to junior high school, but I always wanted to ride one, just to experience it first hand," she explained, as the train was quickly approaching.

"I see. Well, this is the fastest way around for the majority of people here in Japan; but most times, the trains are quite full. Especially during the early mornings, and late afternoons. Like sardine cans. Just stick close to me, so we don't get separated, okay?," he told her, as the train arrived.

"Okay. Thank you, Tsukune, I will," she promised him; as she smiled, upon hearing his reassuring concern for her safety, and overall well-being.

She held his hand tighter as they made their way into the train car, and were pushed backwards by the mass of bodies, suddenly crammed inside.

Much like the proverbial sardine can.

Moka was pinned with her back against the inside wall, as Tsukune kept anybody from getting too close to her. He had both of his arms stretched out on either side of her, keeping any perverts at bay.

As the train left the station a minute later, Moka then wrapped her arms affectionately around his waist, as she leaned her head on his right shoulder.

Unable to make any small talk due to the murmuring inside from the other passengers, they just stood close to each other for roughly thirty minutes.

Upon arriving at their transfer station, they awaited for the next train that would take them east to Maihama Station. That would be their destination, directly across the main entrance of Tokyo Disney.

When they finally pulled out of the transfer station, they were able to sit down for the remainder of the trip, since this particular train wasn't as packed as the previous one.

"So Moka, what do you think so far?", he asked, in an effort to peel her away from the window as they headed towards Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture; located in the far western corner of northern Chiba Prefecture, which happens to be just a bit west of Tokyo.

"Oh, the scenery is quite different than back home, lots of big buildings," she commented; still glued to the glass pane, as the train barreled down the track.

"Well, just wait to you actually see the park. I think you'll be quite surprised when we get there," he answered.

Now curious, she turned her attention to him.
"So, you've been to Disney before?", she inquired; now intrigued.

"Yeah, once when I was in primary school. I had to go on the rides all by myself though, as my parents were too old to go on them with me. And I was too young at the time, to go on the bigger rides," he replied, with a hint of utter sadness in his voice, as he hung his head low.

Sensing she had unintentionally upset him; she reached out, and held his hands in her own.

"I'm sorry, Tsukune. I just...forgot...I apologize..."

"It's okay. It was a long'," he said, as a few tears trickled down his cheeks. Moka pulled him into her arms, in an attempt to ease his agonizing heartache.

"I'm so, so sorry. I shouldn't have asked. I was just wondering about Disneyland," Moka replied, as her heart went out to him. She held him tighter in her tender embrace.

She continued, as she hugged him more.

"You don't have to be alone anymore. I love you so much, my wonderful fiance'. I can relate to that isolation you experienced in your past. I was always alienated, as well...I will always be with you...I just want to make all that pain go away...I promise...I will always love you, and be here for you," Moka affectionately told him, as she too shared his anguish.

Once his mood lifted, he returned her gesture of adoration.

"Thanks, Moka. I feel better now. I will always love and be here for you too. No matter what happens, you will always be the most important part of my life," he said, as he weakly smiled.

"You're welcome, Tsukune. And thank you, too. If you ever need someone to talk to, or need a shoulder to lean on; you can always count on me, you know that, right?", she answered in turn, as she winked adorably.

"Yeah, same here," he simply replied. They sat in mutual silence for the rest of the ride, holding hands, and just enjoying the outside view pass by.

Nearly an hour afterward, while still admiring the rapidly passing scenery, an overhead mechanical voice brought them to attention.


Moka's face lit up, when she heard the announcement.

A minute later, the train eventually slowed to a complete halt.

As the doors whooshed open, dozens of passengers poured out like oil onto the platform, and went their separate ways.

Tsukune held Moka's hand, as the path was now clear for their turn to disembark the train.

"Moka, this way," he gently instructed, as he pointed to the escalator leading to the ground level.

"Wow! Amazing!", she suddenly blurted out of nowhere, as she spotted Cinderella's Castle, which is a world-famous Disney landmark.

Moka made a mad sprint for the escalator, dragging Tsukune behind her like a kite.

"Ack! MOKA! Slow down, Moka!", he yelled out-loud, mostly due to sheer panic.

His pleas of help fell on deaf ears, as they were promptly on the bottom floor of the train station, in three seconds flat.

She stopped suddenly on the street corner, wondering what all that commotion was, loudly emanating from her fiance'.
He was hunched over, free hand on knee; trying to catch his breath, which was knocked out of him.

Mostly due to Moka's breakneck burst of exceptional enthusiasm.

"Are you okay?", she turned and asked, as she saw he was somewhat befuddled.

And still fighting for air.

" *wheeeez* I'm *wheeez* fine. No *wheeeez* problem...*wheeez*...Moka...," as he gave her a feeble thumbs up.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! I just got too excited. Are you gonna be okay, Tsukune?", she answered apologetically, as she gave him a moment to regain his breath.

And sanity.

After apologizing for the last five minutes, Tsukune told her he was going to be fine, and asked her politely to slow down; as there was a copious amount of traffic to traverse, while crossing the rather busy intersection.

Once they bisected the street,( hand-in-hand, mind you ); they finally saw the sign perched above the gate.


Moka's eyes glittered brilliantly as she spotted a few rides just beyond the border of the wall. They walked up to the line, that was moving along rather quickly and orderly.
Tsukune fished out their tickets, which were tucked safely in his cargo pants pocket, zippered tight.

Once they arrive at the actual entrance, they had their tickets collected, and in exchange, received neon green wristbands, with Mickey Mouse emblazoned around the perimeter. Along with the park's name and day of the week: Monday, April 29. It was around eleven AM, Tsukune noted.

The first part Moka observed was called "World Bazaar" ; the main entry-way, and primary shopping area of Tokyo Disneyland.

Despite the use of the word "World" in its name, the general look and theme of World Bazaar is that of early 20th-century America, matching the "Main Street, U.S.A." areas of other Magic Kingdom-style parks.

World Bazaar consists of two "streets": Main Street (the primary corridor running from the main entrance toward Cinderella Castle), and Center Street, which forms a perpendicular line with Main Street and leads to Adventure Land in one direction and Tomorrow Land in the other.

A unique feature of World Bazaar is a permanent canopy covering the Main Street and Center Street areas; designed primarily to protect guests from the elements, especially the blazing Springtime Sun, and unexpected rain storms that the Tokyo area was very well known for.

"Wow! This is amazing! Thank you for bringing me her, Tsukune," Moka said, once all the sights and sounds caused her to feel more adoration towards her more-than-generous fiance'.

She also took note that there were several dozen shops, and boutiques which she just had to see, later on today.

Moka then turned and kissed him lightly on his cheek, which in effect, drew a somewhat unwanted amount of attention to the happy couple.

"Ah! It's my pleasure, Moka. Here, let's head this way," he gently offered, in order to leave that somewhat embarrassing moment behind.

Their first stop was "Adventure Land", which consists of two distinct yet complimentary areas: A New Orleans-themed area, and a "jungle"-themed area.

They first rode the "Jungle River Cruise", a boat ride that simulates a riverboat cruise down several major rivers of Asia, Africa and South America.

They both laughed at the narrator's story, and pointed at the humorous 'animals' that were throughout the ride. Moka had never seen anything like this in her entire life.

"Tsukune! Look look look! Elephants! Oh! And monkeys too! How cute! Ooh! A zebra too! Wow!," she happily shouted out, pointing whenever something 'cute' or 'adorable' caught her eye.

Luckily, Tsukune knew beforehand that it was a 'safe' ride for the two vampires. He marked out on the map he printed last night, which rides and attractions had a water theme, therefore would result in them actually getting wet.

Moka was naturally very apprehensive at first, but he lovingly reassured her that they wouldn't get a drop of water on them.
Which was absolutely true.

They left the ride bone dry.

After their riverboat adventure, they walked about, and marveled at the intricate details to the 'town' they were in. It seemed to them that they were actually in the middle of a Louisiana Bayou.

It was quite a view.

Of course Tsukune had brought along a small digital camera to take snapshots of the park, and of his gorgeous pink-haired girlfriend, who was suddenly camera shy.

But she cutely posed, and beautifully smiled for her fiance', who made this wonderful day possible. She posed for him near a large savannah (field), surrounded by beautiful multicolor flowers and weeping willow trees. She awed at the beautiful atmosphere.

Their next stop after a brief rest on a park bench, would be Frontier Land's "Big Thunder Mountain" roller-coaster. It includes inside and outside views of amazing rock formations, a Glowing Cavern Pool and several sharp u-turns and sudden drops.

They were both a little dizzy from their coaster expedition.

They stopped for a breather and light lunch, which consisted of pepperoni pizza and a chocolate-malted milkshake, which they happily shared.

"So yummy! This is my first time, ever!", Moka happily proclaimed, as she gulped down her pizza.
Which in turn, drew some odd looks from passer-byes, hearing her yell out "first time ever," aloud.


"Oh, yeah? Is that so?", her embarrassed boyfriend reacted, as he nervously rubbed the back of his head, with his free hand.

They also wanted discuss their next 'plan of attack', deciding what part of the park to explore next. After much deliberation, and checking the park map he had; they decided as a little 'in-joke' to check out The Haunted Mansion, which was just a short walk from their current location.

After walking in the direction of Fantasy Land, Moka spots the run down house, that eerily looks like it belongs in her 'world'.

"Tsukune? Do we have to go in there? It looks kind of scary," Moka asks, somewhat unsure of the so-called 'haunted' attraction.

"Come on, it'll be fun. I promise," he assured her, as he grinned.

"Okay, if it's not fun, I'm gonna kick your butt, then," she answered, as she held his hand firmly, and headed towards the entrance to the spooky looking abode.

Upon entering the Haunted Mansion, the young couple noticed an old large window, that hung on its hinges. Two ominous griffin statues rest at the entryway, and the gardens are overgrown, and messy. Several crypts and fountains appear to be broken; the crypts emptied of their previous living-impaired occupants.

When they walked into the main foyer, Moka and Tsukune spied the portrait of the master of the house; which rests above the fireplace, and slowly transforms into a portrait of a rotting corpse.

Moka grabs her fiance's hand, and lets out an ear-splitting scream.

"Tsukune, I'm a little scared," she whispers a moment later, as he holds her closer in a protective gesture.

"It's okay, Moka. We're not even in the mansion, yet," he informs her.

"What? You mean there's more?", she inquires, her voice full of worry.

"I'm afraid so," he replies teasingly.

"That's NOT funny," she answers, getting a little upset at his unfunny prank.

"Sorry, I couldn't resist," he replied, as he hugs her from behind.

"Don't let it happen again," she admonished him sharply.

In the entrance-way there are also cobweb-covered chandeliers, dangling precariously from the ceiling by rusty chains. Small spiders scurry about.

A moment later, they walk into an octagonal-shaped room; a smaller chamber in which the floor is stationary while the ceiling itself rises, as do the portraits on the wall itself. Moka holds him tighter, feeling a bit woozy from the unusual event.

"Well, that was weird," she quips; as they continue walking once the bizarre effect eventually wears off.

After leaving the 'stretching room', the wall opens directly them to the Doom Buggy loading area. Each buggy seats two guests.

Moka and Tsukune wait in line, as a car approaches. Tsukune holds Moka's hand, and helps her into the seat of the buggy, while once they're seated, takes them down a long portrait corridor; whose ghostly eyes seem to follow them as they pass by.

"Look, Moka. They're stalking us," he jokingly says, as she grips his hand tighter along their trek through the spooky old house.

"I thought you said you were done teasing me?", she asks, getting more upset by the second.

"Sorry, Moka. I'm done. I promise I won't tease you anymore... for now," he answers apologetically, not wanting to get her mad, further than she already is.

She lets out a displeasing "Hmm-mph!", and crosses her arms. The doom buggy enters a minute later, through a pitch-dark room filled with giant spiders in webs. Moka closes her eyes, and grabs Tsukune in a crushing hug.

"Let me know when it's over!", she yells out of hysteria. Tsukune holds her closer, as her death-grip lessens. He then gently kisses her neck, which seems to calm her down somewhat...

For only a brief moment.

As they ascend a narrow staircase, Moka and Tsukune's buggy comes across a living suit of armor, a chair which is embroidered with a hidden abstract face, and a long, narrow corridor down the center of a parlor. Partway down the corridor is a candelabra, floating eerily down the hallway.

"Look Moka, a ghost," he says, as she then jabs him hard in his ribs.
"Sorry," he replies.

After leaving the conservatory, they then travel through a dimly lit corridor; flickering lights barely leading the way.

Ancient tapestries of family members, all of which resemble zombies and skeletons, hang upon the walls, while monstrous voices echo shrilly through the halls.

"OOOooooOOohhhh OOOOOOhaaaaah!", the scary voices taunt. Moka covers her ears to block out the frightening voices, seemingly coming out from nowhere.

Many doors are seen here; their handles are jiggling and door-knockers are knocking with no one in sight. A cross-stitched sign reading "Tomb Sweet Tomb" hangs crookedly on the wall.

"I don't like this ride," Moka firmly states, as she now has her eyes covered.
"I'll make it up to when the ride is over. Anything you want," he whispers into her left ear.

"Really? Really? Anything?," she answers back; feeling a little better now, she slowly uncovers her eyes.

"Anything you want, I promise," he happily replies, realizing her fear has subsided dramatically.

She then leans closer to him, and places her left hand on his inner right thigh, and starts to massage it.

( NO, not THAT. His thigh, pervert. )

"Uh! Yeah! of course, Moka!," he half shouts, realizing where her hand, is and what it's doing to him.

A portrait of the Ghost Host wearing a hangman's noose, and holding a hatchet is seen to the left of the corridor. Next to that, a door seems to be breathing as if it were human. Two reliefs resembling a smiling and a snarling demon are found here as well. At the end of the corridor is a door with a pair of skeletal hands trying to open the door with an eerie green glow from inside.

Tsukune turns to face Moka and plants a warm kiss on her lips, trying to calm her down. Powerful vampire or not, she's still a young woman.

Breaking their kiss, Moka replies, "Thank you. I'm sorry for sounding like a scaredy-cat."

"I'm sorry, too. I never thought that it would frighten you, and I apologize for teasing you so much" he replied, feeling bad for getting her frightened so.

After the scary ride finally ends, they wander around looking for something Moka would enjoy.

"So, Moka, have you decided what you want to do now? There's a lot more rides. Not scary. I promise," he asks, as they amble around aimlessly, with no particular destination in mind.

It's now around four PM.

She then leads him to a bench, and lays her head on his left shoulder.
"Mmmm...maybe a slow ride. You pick. But nothing scary," she points out dramatically.

"Okay, follow me. I think you'll like it," he says, as he leads her towards Toon Town.

After walking for about ten minutes, Moka's eyes light up at all the 'cartoon' character-inspired rides.

"Wow! What's all this?!" she happily exclaims.

Like its counterparts in other Disney theme parks, Toon Town is heavily inspired by the movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"

There are several smaller attractions, including the immensely popular Mickey's House and Meet Mickey, which often boast some of the longest wait times in the park.

Moka joyously pushes Tsukune in the direction of the most popular ride in Toon Town: "Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin". Her face brightens considerably, once she sees the whimsical 'cartoon' characters plastered on the outer facade of the attraction.

The queue of the ride winds through a dark narrow alley in Toon Town, where various names of characters from 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' featured on signs in the alley. The queue eventually enters a garage which is the boarding area.

"Oh! Tsukune! This is too cute! Let's go, let's go!," Moka happily exclaims, dragging him by his right hand, as a bright yellow 'cartoon' cab pulls up along side them, on a long track.

Each "cab" seats two people, and the cabs are dispatched in groups of two at a time.

Moka and Tsukune board the yellow toon cab named Lenny, who is the twin cousin of Benny. Guests enter Lenny the Cab because Roger is out driving Benny, which can be seen in the first scene of the attraction.

"This is so fun, Tsukune!", Moka quipped, as they barrel down the track.

Once they reach a scene of Roger Rabbit and his taxi cab friend, Benny the Cab, spinning out in a puddle of "DIP" spilled by Judge Doom's weasel gang, the Toon Patrol, the steering wheel of the cab becomes active, which Tsukune spins quickly, the car can then spins around and around in circles, causing Moka and himself to laugh vicariously.

They see other characters from the film, who Moka for some odd reason or another, waves to rather enthusiastically.

As the ride comes to it's conclusion, they climb out of the cab.
Moka is bent over, laughing heartily. Tsukune quickly catches her, before she tips over head first.

"Haaaaaahaahaaaaa! Heeeeheeeeheeeeeeeee!," she continued, as he picked her up princess-style, and carried her through the exit.

Sitting her down on a park bench outside the ride, Moka began to calm down somewhat.
"Was that fun enough for you?," Tsukune asks, once her laughing fit comes to a halt.

"Oh my! Yes! That was so FUN! Hahahaha!", she happily replies, as she hugs him from the left, and holds him close.

"Thank you, Tsukune," Moka said, once her laughter died off.
"What for?", he inquired.

The pink-haired vampire fidgeted a little, twiddling with her fingers while looking away with a slight blush.

"Well, this is the first time anybody's ever gone this far to actually make me this happy. Ever. It really means a lot to me, especially since it's you, Tsukune", she answered.

"Moka...Of course! You're very welcome. But, I should thank you, too," he replied, bringing her thoughts back to the present.

"Why? I haven't done anything. This was your graduation present from your parents," Moka softly answered, placing her right hand on his.

"That may be true, but...but just the though of you being here with me, really meant so much, you know? The last time I was here, I didn't have this much fun. I rode all those rides...completely by myself; my parents standing off the side, just waving. I mean I wasn't totally alone, but...I guess...I guess that I always wanted, is someone to be with me, as a friend. To do things together. And I want you to know, Moka...that you're my very best friend. And I love you more than I ever thought could be possible," he said, as the sad memories began to surface again.

"'re my best friend too, and so much more. I love you very much," Moka said, as then she turned to him; and hungrily kissed him passionately on his lips.

Then she moaned.

Out loud.

In front of everyone.

They mutually ended their public display of affection, as Tsukune's yokai powers peaked momentarily.

"My stalker sense is tingling!," he loudly exclaimed, somewhat startling his pink-haired girlfriend.

"Huh? Stalker sense? What do you mean by that?", she asked; not quite getting the 'Spider-Man' reference.

"We're being watched," he whispered to her.
"Just like old times?" she questioned him
"Yep, just like old times," he whispered in return.

Walking back in the direction of Main Street, Tsukune whispers an idea to Moka, which she happily agrees upon. Spotting where she agreed to 'hide out' at momentarily. Tsukune walked behind the building, and quickly jumped up on the roof, into a low-hanging tree behind there; walked swiftly along the branches, and came down unseen, behind a pile of shrubs, in the opposite direction.

"What do you think you're doing, Mizore?"
"AH! Tsukune! What are you doing here?", she replied, scared out of her stalking wits. She nearly dropped the lollipop out of her mouth, which was now agape.

"I just asked you the same thing. I thought you agreed to stop following me? I thought as a friend, you would actually uphold your promise for once?", he questioned her, as she finally stood up.

"Well, I uh, heard from...somebody...that you were a vampire now, and I just had to come see for myself. It's not true, is it? Did Moka turn you? You can tell me. It's not really true, is it?", she nervously replied, seeing now that his Holy Lock was missing, and he looked 'normal' to her.

"What if it was true? Would it be so bad? I told you last Friday after Graduation, that I wanted to be with Moka. I thought you were our friends, and would support my decision? How many times have I protected you from the 'other' Moka? I thought that you out of everyone would be on my side for once, instead of like some people, can't seem to comprehend that," he said, as he gently placed his hand on her right shoulder.

"But why? Why would you give up your last bit of a somewhat-normal life? I never understood the 'connection' between you and her. I always believed that she was only after you for a 'snack' ...But, I just had to come see for myself, that's why. I'm sorry. I do wish you the best with Moka. Just treat her well, and don't hurt her. Okay? After all, we're friends, right?", Mizore answered, trying her best to force a smile.

"Thank you, Mizore," Moka said, who was now standing behind her.

"Ah! Moka. I didn't see you. Uh, no problem. Like I was saying to Tsukune, I just had to see for myself if it was true, or not. I didn't mean to show up and ruin your date. I do wish you two the best. Honestly. Okay?," Mizore told the green-eyed vampire, who was now holding Tsukune's free left hand.

"Mizore, it's true. He's a full vampire, now. Whatever 'she' told you, that's true as well. My 'other' self just had to show her that we're together now, for good. You other girls will have to know that your efforts are futile. No hard feelings, okay?," Moka said, as she suddenly hugged the purple-haired snow woman.

"Thanks, Moka. Ahhh! I guess I kind of always knew somehow that you two would end up together. Weird, huh? I just never realized that up until now. I do wish you the best. I'll pass that bit of information along to Kurumu, who is still a little sore from the 'incident' at your party. She was very surprised to hear everything you told her...well, I'll be going now. Just treat him well, okay. If you don't, I will find out, and take VERY good care of him. Ah! Just kidding, Moka. I really do wish you two the best. Take care of yourselves!", Mizore told the vampire couple who were still holding hands; as she excused herself, and waved farewell.

"Well, that was strange," Moka said, as they made their way back to Main Street.
"I'll say. I was surprised to feel her yokai so close by. But I'm glad she didn't try to freeze me this time," he dryly quipped.
"Yeah, me too. But this really isn't the place for that. I guess Mizore's finally grown up a lot," Moka said, as she lead him down the avenue, past The Penny Arcade.

"Moka, would you like to try out a few games? And maybe have our picture taken together at a photo booth?", Tsukune inquired, as Moka admired the multitude of flashing lights, and electronic sounds buzzing throughout the arcade.

"Oh, Tsukune. Yes! Let's go, let's go! It sounds like so much fun!," Moka happily squealed with delight.

It was another of her 'first times'; playing games in an arcade with her fiance'.
She was quite elated to say the very least.

Moka then spotted a "UFO" crane machine, with numerous stuffed animals of many sizes, shapes, and colors.

"Tsukune! cute! Could we try this game, please?", Moka begged, as she planted her hands and face against the glass enclosure, with great interest and wonder.

She had spotted a smiling Neon pink 'vampire' Bat with black wings, with eyes that matched her own.

"Sure thing...I'll go get some change, and be right back," Tsukune told her, as he dashed across the arcade, searching for a change machine.

After returning to her side, Tsukune dropped a 100 Yen coin into the claw machine and steadily moved the claw to where the stuffed pink Bat was.

After his three failed attempts, Moka tried her luck, and grabbed it on her first try.

Tsukune was shocked at her sudden luck.

"Yay! I got it Tsukune! Look! I got it!", she happily bounced up and down, as she tightly hugged her new toy against her ample bosom. Moka then kissed him, and lovingly thanked him for his less-than-enthusiastic endeavors.

After playing a few video games for the past hour or so, the couple found a photo booth in the front corner of the gaming center.

"Moka, look... let's have our picture taken to remember this day, okay?"
"Yes, let's. It sounds like a lot of fun," she joyously replied.

After inserting the money, the photo booth instructed them to pose, then the first of five photos were taken, each with a different pose. One of them cheek to cheek, another of them hugging, another of Moka showing off her captured pink and black stuffed 'vampire' Bat, and the final two of them kissing, ever so passionately.

Moka was very surprised when she saw the final photos. "Wow, they came out so nice. Thank you so much, Tsukune. I had a lot of fun here," she told him, as they wandered back to the Main Street shopping district, hand in hand.

"You're very welcome, Moka. I had a great time, too," he told her, as they admired the changing scenery, as it was now early evening.

"What would you like to do now, Moka?", Tsukune inquired, bringing her back to reality, somewhat.
She was grinning from ear-to-ear, as she went over the events of today in her mind.

"Um, somewhere a little less crowded, if that's okay. Maybe to one of these shops? I'd like to see what they offer, if that's alright with you, Tsukune," she quietly suggested, as she suddenly hugged him. "Thank you, my dear fiance' once again, for such a wonderful day. I love you very much," she continued.

He kissed her on her dainty neck, as he replied: "Sure thing, Moka. That sounds like a great idea. Let's go then, beautiful," he agreed happily to her suggestion.

Moka's heart skipped a beat, from his heart-felt gesture.

Since it was now almost dark, the promenade was just about empty, except for a few stray families, and some other couples on dates.

They then drifted into the first shop they spotted.

"Oh Tsukune! Look at this! It's soooo cute!", she excitedly exclaimed.
Moka was holding up a baby blue cotton v-necked Tee-shirt with "Lilo and Stitch" emblazoned on the front; multicolored glitter on the design.

"It is cute, isn't it?', he agreed, seeing how happy she was at this moment.
"Oh's very adorable. I really do like it," Moka quietly replied, with a soft smile, as she lovingly held it across her heart.

"Are you sure? Is there anything else that you'd like?", he asked her, just making sure her decision was indeed final.
"Oh yes, I really do like it," she replied, smiling wider yet.

"Okay, I'll buy it for you then. My treat. As a way of remembering our time here, together," he told her as she handed him the Tee-shirt, so he could purchase it for her.

"Yes. Thank you my dear Tsukune, for everything today," Moka said, as she hugged him once again, in front of everyone in the shop.

"Uh, don't thank me yet. We're not quite done. We have one more ride," he replied, as he paid the clerk, and gently placed the bag into her hand.

"Okay, but thank you for the Tee-shirt, my love.", Moka tenderly replied, as he held her hand again, leading her in the direction of their final stop.

They wandered back into Toon Town, where Tsukune had spotted the last ride for the day. It was now dark, and the poly-chromatic lights throughout the entire park started to illuminate one by one.

"Wow! Look at the lights. So pretty!", Moka joyously declared, as her eyes glimmered at the sight before her. "Yes. I agree," Tsukune replied, as he lead her to the Ferris Wheel.

It rose roughly 100 feet in the air, and each carriage was big enough for a couple.

They waited in line for only a few minutes, then entered the car. Tsukune held Moka's hand, as she sat down on the seat across from him; the door was then locked behind them, with a gentle 'click'.

The Wheel started it's round-about trip.

"So Moka, what did you think about the park? Pretty amazing huh?", Tsukune inquired, as she was awestruck at the view below. The entire park was illuminated in every color light imaginable.

All Moka could reply was "Wow, it's so beautiful."

"Not as beautiful as you, Moka," he said, as he squeezed her hand, hoping to bring her out of her trance. Her face suddenly turned five shades of crimson.

"Oh Tsukune, thank you *sniff* so...much...I had so much fun with you today. have made me the happiest woman in the world...," Moka tearily responded, after a few moments.

She then closed the short distance between themselves, and kissed him feverishly. Moka quickly got aroused just from their close approximation, and the warm feelings she experienced at this moment, which she didn't want to end abruptly.

As the Ferris Wheel made a few more round trips; it quietly stopped for a minute to allow passengers to disembark on the bottom, while Moka and Tsukune were at the very peak of the ride - over 30 meters above the ground.

Tsukune hugged her tight, and kissed her tears away.
"You're very welcome, Moka. I had a great time with you as well. Our real first date. Together. Alone...without any unwanted interruptions. I love you too, Moka. You really are everything to me," he told her, still holding hands.

Then they heard a low rumbling sound coming in from the south, heading towards Tokyo Bay, and their current location.

A massive thunderstorm was brewing, and heading in their direction.

After the Wheel began to move again, they were quickly back on the ground.
Just as the ride attendant released them from their carriage, Tsukune tightly grabbed her hand, and made a mad dash towards the front entrance.
Which was roughly a fifteen minute walk. For a human.

They made it in less than five.

The imminent storm grew closer; they could hear the thunder claps practically on top of them; a few lightning bolts angrily arced against the now menacing cloudy sky.

They stopped for a brief moment, just as the train station came into view across the street.

A few stray droplets of rain began to trickle from the atmosphere above.

"Moka, now!", he told her; running even faster across the empty avenue, as not get wet from any stray sprinkles of water.

They were quite lucky this time.
As soon as they reached shelter, the torrential downpour appeared like an assault from the very heavens itself. The wind speed increased violently, too.
And the streets were completely void of life.

An announcement quickly flashed on the illuminated electronic amber bulletin board underneath the train station, where they took refuge from the flash flood that quickly engulfed the entire Chiba prefecture.

Any and all trains for the remainder of the night were suspended until further notice, due to the sudden monsoon. They were trapped in Tokyo; all due to an impromptu change in the weather

"What do we do now, Tsukune? We're stuck here for who knows how long!", Moka told him, as she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Suddenly hugging her, she nearly dropped her souvenir bag from the theme park.

"Hey, it'll be fine. I'm here with you, Moka. Don't worry. I'll figure something out, so please relax, okay?', he lovingly requested, in an effort to ease her throbbing heart.

Reaching into one of his many pants pockets, he fished out his cellphone and flipped it open, then punched a series of numbers.

Waiting for the phone on the other end to answer, Moka remains firmly glued to Tsukune; her last hope of sanity.

"Hello, Aono residence," answered a familiar female voice.
"Hi Mom, it's me," her son replied.

"Is everything okay? And what's that awful background noise? You sound like you're in a washing machine," she inquired out of motherly concern.

"Actually, no Mom. Moka and I are stuck here in Tokyo," he said, doing his best to remain calm for his girlfriend's sake.

"What do mean? I don't understand. Has something happened? Neither one of you are hurt, are you?", she replied, clearly about to break down.

"Mom, please calm down. We're safe and sound. It's just a monsoon, and all the trains are shut down until further notice. We can't get home until they start up again, most likely whenever this storm passes.", he explained as calmly as possible.

"So, what are you going to do? Take lodging overnight?", she wondered.

"Actually, we might have to do that until morning, or whenever," he said, picking up on her equivocal suggestion.

"If you do get a place for the night, please be safe, and keep an eye on that lovely girlfriend of yours. I'm sure she's quite frightened right now. I'll tell your father that you won't be home until tomorrow, so you don't have to worry so much. You're both old enough to make your own decisions, but I'm happy you told me right away. I'm proud of you, sweety. You've really grown up to be a son who I'm happy to call my own. Get some rest, and we'll see you tomorrow. Good night, and take care of each other," she said, now out of breath.

"Thanks, mom. For everything. And I won't let Moka out of my site. Good night."

He then closed his cellphone, and stuffed back into his pocket.

Tsukune held her by the hand, and ambled down the covered area below the train station, desperately searching for a hotel, motel or Holiday Inn.

Seeing something out of the corner of her eye, Moka grabs his attention.
"Tsukune! Look! I see a sign for lodging," she informs him, and begins to drag him in the direction of the indication she spotted, about a hundred feet away.

When they finally reach the non-nondescript looking building called "Couple's Inn", a few minutes later, Moka tries to decipher what the sign has written on it.

"Tsukune, look. It has different prices for what I'm guessing to be an apartment, or room of some sorts. What does 'stay' mean? It also says 'sleep'. Isn't that the same thing?", she asked, while she scratched her head trying to make any sense of the unusual cryptic meanings.

"Let's see here. It says 'Sleep 6000 yen, weekdays.'
There's no option for 'stay', though. It also says 'on weekends', or 'weekday, early', for that option. Well, what do you think? We can get out of this weather before it gets really bad. I hope it's comfortable, at least," he comments.

"I don't mind. And the monsoon seems to be getting much worse. Sure, why not? Wherever you go, I'm with you, Tsukune" she happily replies, as she smiles a little.

'Well, at least she seems to be doing better now', he mentions to himself.

Walking through the single door, they enter into a small lobby.
All they see is a large "ATM" type machine; a huge glass panel marked with numerous buttons, and pictures describing the size of the rooms themselves.

After decoding the 'machine', Tsukune presses one of the buttons, and a small window automatically opens underneath it. A sign lights up green lights, indicating 'pay here', as a tiny slot opens inside the window. Once he finds his wallet, he places 6, 1000 yen bills into the opening.*

The entire window / slot combination then shuts closed.

Afterwards, his money is counted and processed; a pneumatic tube comes out from the ceiling; shoots down a small cylinder inside, which holds the key to the room inside itself. After removing the key, he places the cylinder back into the tube, then the whole unit vanishes into the ceiling, where it popped out a moment ago, with a loud 'thooomp'.

"Neat!", Moka remarks wide-eyed, after the 'show' is finished.

A moment later, a door opens automatically to the right, with a sign that says "rooms this way".

They walk down the lighted corridor, searching for the corresponding room number, dangling off the key fob. At the end of the hallway, they finally spot it. Room Seven.

After inserting the key into the lock, he turns it, and it unlocks with a loud 'clunk'.
Tsukune walks in first, looking for a light-switch. Moka follows right behind him, and locates it on the wall immediately; flips it up, illuminating the room.

"Not too bad," Tsukune comments. It's a decent sized room, with a king-sized bed on the left-hand side in the middle, against the wall. Several pillows with a matching rich crimson bedspread covers it. Across from the bed, is a decent sized dresser with a big- screen TV, and a digital alarm clock. There is also a small restroom in the back.

"Yes, I agree, Tsukune," Moka adds; then walks over to the fluffy bed; flops down onto it, face first. Folding her arms, she rests her head in them.
"Tired!", she adds, rather exhaustively.

Tsukune walks over to the bed, then gently straddles her, resting on her ample posterior.

"Tsukune, what are you doing?", she inquires, questioning his motives.
"I'm gonna rub your back for you, as you seem to be somewhat stressed," he replies.

"Thanks, Tsukune," she lazily responds, as he begins massaging her shoulders.
"Oohhh, ahhhh...sooooo...goooood," Moka said, now feeling mellow-mellow.

Working his way down, he massages her middle back, then the sides of her waist, which elicits a moan under her breath. "Ahhhh...ohhhhhhh...Tsukune..."

Continuing with her shoulders again; adding a little more pressure, she moans yet again, drowning out the sounds of the storm.


A thunderbolt suddenly strikes nearby, sending Moka into pure panic mode.

"Make it stop!," Moka yells out; covering her ears, now frightened out of her wits.

Feeling her tense up, Tsukune quickly leans down on her back, in a protective manner.

"It's okay, Moka. I'm here with you. There's no need to be afraid," he whispers in her left ear, doing his best to calm her down, while hugging her from behind.

Once she relaxes a bit; still facing the bed, she places her right hand on top of his.

"I'm okay now, Tsukune. Thank you. You can get up now. I'll be fine," she tells him, and does as requested.

He then sits up on his knees, still on top of the soft bed with Moka. She then mimics his stance, and faces him.

"You don't like storms do you?", he asks; stating the obvious.
"No, not since I was young. I've never liked the thunder and lightning. I'm sorry for being such a burden," she tells him; head hung low, and looking down.

"Moka, look at me. You're not a burden; never have been. I love you for who you are. Like I told you earlier, I'll always be here for you, and will continue to love you forever. And nothing will ever change that, okay?," he reassures her, now holding her lovingly; alleviating her anxiety.

"Thank you Tsukune. I feel better, now. Kiss me," she simply replies.

Holding her face close, he starts to french kiss his beautiful pink-haired girlfriend.
Feeling more relaxed now, she returns his love, and starts to moan inside his mouth, as their tongues wrestle each other madly. Which in turn arouses him immediately.

Feeling his throbbing manhood up against her firm abdomen, Moka begins to rub it with her free hand. Tsukune then slowly moves his hands behind her back, and gingerly unzips her sun dress.

Moka then quickly removes it; allowing it fall to the bed below, while still on her knees.
Still kissing her beloved, she unbuckles his belt; then unzips his cargo pants, which then follow suit.

Panting heavier, and getting moist; Moka releases their embrace, and moves momentarily so they can continue undressing. A moment later all their clothes and undergarments are hastily displaced, scattered across the carpeted floor.

Tsukune excuses himself off the bed; turns the light off by the door, and crawls back into the bed with Moka, who is now under the soft velvety sheets and blankets.

"Tsukune, make love to me, please. I want to make you happy, my wonderful fiance'," she seductively suggests. Laying on top of her, he places his steel-hard rod against her womanhood; rubs her clitoris a few times, which causes her to moan even louder.

He then rubs her huge breasts, which cause her to pant heavier. He then suckles her pink nipples, which are solid from his touch.
She moans much louder than ever.

She then grips his manhood, and inches it inside her sweet honey pot; soaked from their foreplay.

"AHHHH! TSUKUNE! SOOO HUUUUGGE! OH MY GOOOOOD! AHHHHH! UHHHH! AHHHHHH! FASTER! FASTER!", Moka bellowed out, as his rhythm increased to match her breathing.

"AH! feel so warm...ahhhh..."

"Faster...harder...faster...ahhhhh...grrrrr...NOW!...Tsukune! FASTER! MORE! OH GOD! MOOOOOORE! AHHH!"
Hearing her lusty voice begging, he increases his movements, resulting in the bed to bang to and fro with great force.

"AHHHH! AHHHHH! AHHHHHHHH! HNNNNG...AHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHH! UHHH! AHH!", Moka screams full of pleasure, rattling the small windows.

Out of pure animalistic instinct, she wraps her sexy legs around Tsukune's lower waist, deepening his thrusts closer to herself.

This causes the bed to bounce up and down violently off the floor. This prolongs for several minutes, as their voices reverberate of the walls of their hotel room.

"AHHH! Moka!!", Tsukune yelled, on the edge of climaxing.

Releasing him from her legs, Moka feels the pleasurable pressure building up inside of her; the head of his pipe expands, ready to explode forth any second.

His pounding barrage continued vigorously, causing Moka to shriek even louder.



The sexually gratified couple convulse exactly in unison.

Moka's juices soak the bed. Holding her exhausted finace' close, she starts to happily hum.

Tsukune and Moka both just close their eyes, basking in the afterglow of their intense lovemaking.

Once they come down from their natural high, Tsukune lays down on the pillow to her right.

"That was...amazing. You wore me out, Moka; but in a good way,", he gladly compliments his wonderful girl; who is now snuggled up to him, her legs intertwined with his own.

"Mmmm...yes it was. You were quite amazing yourself, Tsukune," she replies, smiling from ear to ear. He pulls her much closer, feeling her heat radiate forth from her voluptuous body.

'She feels so nice next to me, nude like this," he tells himself.

"Sleepy now?," she asks between yawns, as she is herself.
"Yes. Sleep, good," he replies, with a small chuckle.

"Goodnight, Tsukune."
"Good night, Moka."

After their last kiss of the night, the young couple drifted off to sleep.

Tomorrow they would be heading back home, as long as the weather improved.


* 6000 yen is roughly $62.00, U.S., the price for their 'couple's hotel' room ;)
The same as a single-day Adult admission to Tokyo Disney.

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