To the reader,

This paper really took a lot out of me so you better enjoy it! This is a multi-genre paper written for "Memoirs of a Geisha" by Arthur Golden. The novel is about a girl who learns of a life's hardship while studying to be geisha. The girl, Chiyo, despises most of the changes that occur in her life because they cause much pain. This resounding hatred was what inspired me to write all the pieces. To connect with the novel, I did things a little differently from my classmates. I want-no need- to explain why Chiyo felt this way. So this is our story: Chiyo, Kairi's, and mine.

The theme about changes in life really stuck with me. So I wrote this paper from my own character's point of view. Kairi is forced into a situation eerily similar to Chiyo. She is what fanfiction writers would call a "Mary-Sue," meaning that she represents my thoughts, emotions, and actions when placed in her situation. Ironically, Golden does something similar in this novel but that wasn't what caused me to write this way. I chose Kairi Cadres as a persona because using her seemed to be the easiest way to get across Golden's, Kairi's, Chiyo's, and my similar feelings. Please do not over analyze my paper because that is not the purpose of it. I wrote this paper because it was required. Honestly though, it was a fun process. It isn't very often an English class spends five weeks doing research, reading, watching movies, and writing all for the sake of one paper. Please enjoy!


The Writer