Stream of Consciousness

I decided to write a stream of consciousness right off the back for a few reasons. First, it seemed to be a great way to introduce Kairi (the persona) and show how desperate she is. Another reason I made this particularly long stream of consciousness was because I kind of forgot to add a genre for a point of view analysis in my outline so I thought I'd add it here. Finally, I wrote this stream of conscious because it was fun. Yeah, it was frustrating to come up with Kairi's story, but it was a great way to set up the feel of my whole paper. This was the piece that started it all, my first page in this seemingly endless paper. Kairi's last name, Cadres, is an anagram for scared because at this point, she's desperate for any help and she's all alone. I hope I showed through this page how strong willed and smart Kairi is.

Traits of a Geisha Notes

The main reason I wrote this genre was to analyze the main characteristics of Sayuri, sort of like Ms. Moore's famous double-entry notes. I wanted to give reasons and proof of how I came up with these main traits. It also demonstrates how much work Kairi is putting into all her research. The name meanings came from a website made by Mike Campbell. It was on the list of "Japanese Names and Meanings" on the site "Behind the Name."

Two-Voice Poem

This genre was by far, the hardest piece I did. It's not that there wasn't anything to write about, oh no. It's the fact that there was so much to write about! But with this piece I compelled myself to keep it short and simple. I wrote just about the two men's emotional feelings toward Sayuri. I also felt the need to explain Nobu-san, the Chairman, and Sayuri's complicated love triangle in raw, true terms. Golden never really explains much of Nobu's reaction and feelings toward Sayuri so this is my interpretation.

Newspaper Article

I felt the need to add this piece to my paper because I sought after a way to show off all the information I dug up about Geisha. I really wanted to explain the traditional geisha and also geisha today with hard facts. The biggest complication I faced toward this piece was where to place it throughout the paper. It was such a tough decision that I actually just closed my eyes and shuffled the papers. It ended up behind the letter from Golden so that's where it stayed. I'm still not sure if I like where I placed it and I probably never will. On a more comical note, the name of the author came to me when my mom called my little sister a "nosy Nancy" for butting in on her conversation. And so was born Nancy Syno. Another anagram for this piece just adds some more interesting touches, right?

Omegle Chat

This piece is probably one of my least favorites. I tried to make it as interesting as possible, but this movie/book comparison bores me. I don't regret doing the piece this way though. Omegle is a real site where you chat with strangers and sometimes get discussion questions to talk to your partner about. When I went back and tweaked this genre some, I realized I could use it to further insert Kairi in my story. I thought putting it in "text talk" was interesting, but Microsoft Word kept correcting it so it took awhile. In the end I'm satisfied with it and it served its purpose.


I thought this piece was a great way to wrap up my paper. I wanted to conclude Kairi's final story from an outside source. It was a kind of epilogue that explained how Kairi fared in Japan. I added one of her hobbies as reading western fiction literature because she read Arthur Golden so I figured she'd continue reading. The obituary also mentions "The Golden Foundation" in honor of the author. Of course, I couldn't resist adding myself as future President of the United States as well. Finally, I added an original quote that furthered the theme about change and gave the paper a final uplifting feeling.