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Chapter 1- The Beginning

"Aido! Make sure Maria is safe." Zero said as Aido nodded.

Aido ran to where Maria had collapsed. He picked her up. She weakly opened her eyes and she began to look around.

"No, Aido let me go. Zero. I must help Zero."

"Shh, Kiryu ordered me to keep you somewhere safe. You'll see him soon enough."

Maria looked at Zero. His purple eyes were steady as he said, "I promise we'll meet again."

She smiled and closed her eyes. Aido looked at Zero. "Try not to get yourself killed and make sure to get Yuki Cross back safely. I don't agree with what Kaname-Sama is doing. He will use Yuki if he has to, to use her to complete his mission. He even has Ruka and Akatsuki doing things for him."

Zero nodded. "I'll stop Kaname and I will get Yuki. And if I don't make it, will you kill Kaname for me?"

Aido looked away; his eyes were dark. "I don't know."

"Even though he killed your father, you are still loyal to him."

"I am loyal to Yuki Cross. I no longer follow orders from Kaname Kuran-Sama."

Zero nodded, "Take Maria away then and do not come back to get me for whatever reason."

Aido ran off, carrying Maria. Zero ran to where he had last seen Yuki. He had to take her away. Kuran would only use her and she would be happy to be of use, but he didn't want that for her. He had hoped that she would have been happy with Kaname and that Kaname would have stopped planning. He had been wrong and he felt horrible. He saw her. Her back was turned to him. Her hair was loose and she was looking at something. Bats flew around, flapping and screeching. He could see Kuran standing. Kuran looked at Yuki, holding up his hand to her.

Zero screamed to Yuki. "Yuki!"

She turned around and faced him. She looked confused at first and then she smiled. "Ze-" The black bats attacked her. She flew upwards and she flipped. Artemis transformed and she landed on her feet. "Wha-"

"Yuki! Look out!" He yelled to her. He ran with the Bloody Rose in hand.

Kaname took Yuki by the waist and he looked at Zero cruelly. "You are no longer needed."

"Kuran!" He screamed. "Let Yuki Go!"

"Kiryu, you are no longer needed to act as Yuki's shield. I have come to take her away."

"Yuki!" Zero shot at one of the bats. The bat turned to blood and it fell to the ground like rain.

Kaname placed his hand on Yuki's forehead.

"Kaname, what are you doing? Brother! Let go." Yuki squirmed and then she became limp.

"Yuki." Kaname's face softened and he placed her on the ground gently. "I'm so sorry. I didn't want you to see what would happen next."

Zero aimed at Kaname. Kaname chuckled softly. "Kiryu, you can't kill me."

Zero stayed silent. Kaname smiled and continued, "If you kill me, Yuki will go sad with grief."

"What's the difference if you are going to kill me?" Zero responded, his eyes narrowing.

Kaname smiled gracefully. "Yuki has already chosen to be with me. The night when you two killed Rido, she left with me. She loves me. I will make her forget you, Hunter."

Kaname raised his hand. The rocks on the ground floated and with speed, they flew towards Zero. Zero dodged them. He winced when one struck him in the stomach. Blood ran and fell in droplets on the ground.

"This is the end of the distinguished Kiryu line. Goodbye, Zero Kiryu."

"No," was all Zero could say as a sword ran through his stomach. It was a Hunter's weapon. Kaname's hand was already melting. Zero stared at the sword surprised. More blood fell on the ground. He coughed. Kaname let go of the sword, his expression the same.

"You will not harm Yuki." Zero said, softly. Blood dripped down from his mouth. It streaked his chin and his hands were covered with his own blood.

"I do not intend to. My plan is to create a place where she will be safe and for that Purebloods must die." Kaname said walking away. He picked Yuki up. She was limp in his arms. A tear ran down her cheek. Kaname left and the bats disappeared with him.

Zero took the sword from his stomach. He coughed and fell to the ground. He looked up in the sky. It was blue. Not a single cloud in the sky. His vision became foggy and black spots covered it. A girl appeared above him.

Her skin was brown and her hair was black. It was short and curly. She looked at him. "You are who my Master spoke of. You are Zero Kiryu?"

He weakly said, "Yes".

She kneeled down. She was expressionless when she said, "You are my new Master. I shall save you if you wish it."

"What do you mean?"

"Do you want to be saved?"

"If you mean do I want to live then the answer is," Yuki's face flashed through his mind, "yes."

She nodded and disappeared from his line of sight. Zero painfully gasped. He sat up and leaned against the wall. He raised his hand to cover his eyes and saw that it was starting to turn to dust. He closed his eyes and tried to breathe. He heard her come and he opened his eyes.

"Kiryu-Sama. Take this." She showed him a bottle that held something blue.

"What is it?"

"It shall heal you except while you heal you will have no memories of this life." She looked at him, her black eyes full of wonder. "Is that okay with you?"

"It's okay. I want to forget." He took the contents of the bottle. His vision seemed to clear and everything was sharp.

"What's your name?" He asked and watched her expression change. It was cautious. "It's okay. You can make up a name."

"It's Emiko."

Zero nodded and then the pain hit him. He screamed in pain. His vision became black and her face was the only thing on his mind. Yuki. He screamed again. The pain became unbearable. He closed his eyes and winced. He could hear Yuki's soft tinkling laughter. He tried to breathe; his breaths came out in short puffs in the cold air. He could hear Emiko speaking and so he opened his eyes.

"Kiryu-Sama, are you okay?"

"I'm fine." He choked out the words with difficulty.

His vision began to blur. He closed his eyes again. Her face appeared. He opened his eyes unable to believe that she was really there. Her soft brown eyes looked at him kindly. She was smiling at him. He smiled back and as he did, everything became black and still.

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