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Chaos is Always Fair

Chapter One

He was everything a teenage girl could want. He was charming and sweet, not to mention rich. And she had him. Yes, Lacey Wright was Boy-Billionaire Bruce Wayne's girlfriend. And she was so happy- well…she seemed happy.

She'd been dating him only two weeks, when March 19th, 1997 came. It was a normal day as always…

Lacey laughed and walked into school with her friend, Audrey.

"Look, look, look!" Lisa pointed in front of them. "Here he comes!"

Lacey looked ahead and saw Bruce coming. She smiled and walked faster to meet him half-way.

Bruce smiled as well and gave her a light kiss on the cheek after he reached her. He brushed hair out of her face. "Can I talk to you after school?"

She just stared up at his face, managing a small smile. "Sure. What about?"

He seemed nervous as he licked his lips and exhaled. "I'll, uh… I'll tell you after school."

Lacey knitted her eyebrows in confusion. "Bruce? Is something wrong?"

"No," he answered quickly. A little too quickly for Lacey's taste; he seemed to be hiding something.


"Honest. Would I lie to you?"

Lacey bit her bottom lip lightly. She had heard about his previous girlfriends. But she decided on the following answer: "No, I guess not."

Bruce smiled, running a hand through her hair. "See you later, Lacey," he said softly. He kissed her on the lips gently and then turned, walking to his first class.

Audrey stood behind Lacey with a stupid, girlish grin plastered on her face.

Lacey looked at her, a bit worried for her friend. "Audrey? Earth to Audrey…"

"Awww! That was so cute!" Audrey said, running up and hugging her friend.

"Okay… Can't…breathe," she choked.

Audrey let go. "Sorry," she said awkwardly. "You two are just so cute together!"

"Thanks, but we'd better get to algebra," Lacey said.

Audrey nodded. "Oh, right!"

The two friends rushed off to their lockers, then to the dreaded class of algebra. It was Lacey's least favorite class. She enjoyed biology, to be honest.

Audrey and Lacey rushed into algebra, just beating the bell, but bumping into one of their classmates.

Lacey looked up to see a familiar face. His skin was pale, his hair black and his bright blue eyes were piercing. "Oh…sorry…" she apologized. "Jonathan, right?"

"I… Uh…" He just turned and sat down in a seat without replying.

Lacey looked at her friend, a confused glint in her hazel eyes.

Audrey shrugged and they took the last two desks right in front of the teacher.

Lacey glanced over at Jonathan and he made sure he didn't look at her.

She frowned a bit. She'd seen him around school and knew he didn't have many friends, but she was curious as to why he didn't.


Lacey and Audrey sat down at an empty lunch table.

"Have you figured out what Bruce wants to talk to you about?" Audrey asked, poking at the food on her tray with a fork. She studied it with a look on her face that said 'is this even food?'

Lacey frowned a bit and shook her head. "No… I'm kinda worried. What do you think he needs to tell me?" She looked up at Audrey.

Audrey exhaled. "Well, either he's taking you to a movie, or someplace nice…or he's dumping you."

"Well the second part makes me feel so much better." Sarcasm dripped off of Lacey's words. "Thank you, Audrey."

Audrey rolled her eyes at her friend's response. "Do you want the truth or what you want to hear?"

Lacey sighed. "The truth but-"

"No buts!" Audrey ordered. She put a hand over Lacey's mouth to silence her. "If he's dumping you then he's a jerk, okay? You are a great girl and any guy would be happy to have you as his girlfriend." She took her hand away and smiled at Lacey.
Lacey smiled and nodded, poking at her food as well. "Thanks, Audrey."

"Anytime, hon." Audrey nodded and continued to poke the substance that the school called 'food'.

"So, what's up with you and Jeff?"

Jeff was Audrey's boyfriend and a true class clown. But Lacey didn't really like him. He was just strange… His grades weren't the best and his sarcasm got on Lacey's nerves every time she talked to him.

"Well, I'm going to the movies with tomorrow," she answered. "If that's the answer you're looking for."

Lacey giggled. "That was exactly what I was looking for. And I forgot it was Friday."

"Can you believe it? Jeff and I have been dating since sophomore year and now we're seniors," Audrey said. She then stared past Lacey with a dream-like look on her face. "He's definitely the one."

"I'm sure he is, Addie," Lacey said. "I'm sure he is." She raised her eyebrows in amusement.

Audrey's far-off gaze turned to Lacey. She was snapped out of her dream-land and she frowned, humorously. "I'm serious! He's sweet and really funny…" She trailed off again.

Lacey got out her cell phone.

"What are you doing?" Audrey asked her.

Lacey pretended to dial a number. "Calling 911; you need an ambulance."


"You're love-sick."

Audrey gave a mock laugh. "Ha ha; very funny."

Lacey put her phone away with a smile. "It was funny!"

Before Audrey could reply a hand was playfully pulling on her ponytail. Then a second hand covered her eyes.

Audrey smiled with a giggle.

"Guess who?" the figure said, giving a wide smile himself.

"George Washington!" Audrey laughed.

Jeff sat down beside her. "Close enough!" He wrapped an arm around her shoulder and kissed her cheek. "How's my girl?" Jeff's shaggy, stringy golden brown hair fell into his eyes a bit but he didn't mind.

"Your dog or me?" Audrey asked.

God, he rubbed off on her… Lacey thought.

"My dog," Jeff answered, sarcastically. "But I guess that means you're doing great; especially now that I'm here."

Audrey smiled and kissed him quickly. She brushed her side-bangs out of her face, as they were falling in her eyes.

"Oh, hey, Lacey," Jeff said, just now realizing she was sitting there.

Lacey nodded and gave an almost meaningless smile. "Hi, Jeff." Don't get her wrong, she was happy that Audrey was happy; she just wondered why Audrey chose Jeff of all the guys in school.

"How're you and Bruce doing?"

He and his nosy habits. "Great. We're great."

Jeff nodded and looked at his girlfriend. "We're still going to the movies tomorrow, right, "Aud"-ball?" Aud-ball was Jeff's nickname for Audrey. Together, they were both one big giant odd-ball.

"Yeah," Audrey answered enthusiastically. "I can't wait."

Jeff nodded with a smile. "'Kay. Don't miss me too much while I'm gone." He gave another playful tug on Audrey's ponytail and planted another kiss on her lips, then got up and walked away.

She sighed, dreamily. "I love him so much!" She smiled.

"I'm glad you're happy," Lacey said with a small smile on her lips.

"Is something wrong?" Audrey studied her best friend's face.

"Why would something be wrong?" Lacey began to poke at her food on the tray again.

Audrey frowned. Something's wrong… I know it! she thought. Why won't she tell me?

About…five seconds passed by before Audrey had to ask again. "Are you sure nothing's wrong?"

"I'm fine, Audrey," Lacey said. She sounded a bit irritated and this kind of surprised Audrey.

"Is something happening between you and Bruce?"

"Why would you think that?" Lacey gave a nervous laugh.

"Well you seemed…jealous."

"I'm not jealous," Lacey sighed. "Bruce has just been quieter lately. I'm worried."

"Maybe that's why he needs to talk to you. He'll tell you why he's not himself."

She shrugged. "Maybe."

The bell rang.

Audrey groaned. "Come on. We'd better get to biology."

They both threw away the food on their trays and rushed to their lockers to grab their biology books.

Lacey opened her locker and searched it. Algebra, history, English, French… No biology. "Audrey, I can't find my biology book."

Audrey knitted her eyebrows in confusion. She looked inside Lacey's locker. "Maybe Ms. Gates will have a spare?" It was more of a question than a fact.

"It was here yesterday!" Lacey said, looking once more. "It didn't just grow legs and run away."

Someone tapped her shoulder. Lacey turned around to see Bruce standing there, holding her biology book with a smile on his face.

"Bruce!" Lacey said. She was angry, but she still smiled and laughed a bit. She reached for it, but he pulled it out of her reach. "Bruce, I'm gonna be late. Give me the book."

He raised his eyebrows and chuckled.

"I don't want to play games," Lacey said. She was becoming genuinely annoyed now. "Come on, Bruce."

"You can't live without this book, can you?" he asked.

"Not really," Lacey said. It was a joke, but she had a serious tone in her voice. "Now hand it over."



"Keep trying, Lace."


The bell rang.

"I'm late!" Lacey jumped and grabbed the book out of his grasp and Audrey grabbed her wrist.

The two of them ran down the hall as fast as they could. They reached the biology room and stopped, catching their breath.

Audrey leaned against the wall, taking deep, long breaths.

Lacey took a few deep breaths and tried to open the door. It was locked. "Oh no…"

Audrey looked up. "I didn't like the sound of that 'oh no'…"

"The door's locked," Lacey announced quietly.

Audrey pushed her aside and jiggled the doorknob and nothing happened. "Perfect!"

Lacey saw that her classmates were dissecting frogs. "Well, we're not really missing much."

"Gross…" Audrey said, peeking in the window of the door.

She saw Jeff sitting there with one of his buddies. Jeff let his friend do all the work.

Audrey smiled and tried to get his attention without letting the teacher know they were there.

Jeff looked around the classroom in boredom and his eyes fell across Audrey standing at the door and waving through the window. His eyes widened at his girlfriend. She'd never been late to class before. Neither had Lacey.

"I'm gonna kill Bruce after school…" Lacey grumbled.

"Don't kill him," Audrey scoffed. "We'll probably just get detention."

"I have never had detention before…" Lacey whimpered. "My parents are gonna kill me!"

"Stop mentioning death and murder," Audrey demanded. "That's morbid."

Lacey rolled her eyes.

They watched as Jeff said something to Ms. Gates and she nodded. He headed to the door, and then opened it, making sure he didn't close it after getting out of the classroom.

"Why are you guys late?" he asked.

"Bruce wouldn't give Lacey her textbook," Audrey said quickly.

"Okay, well, she's reading a book. You two can sneak in without her knowing," he suggested. "I hope."

"'You hope.'" Lacey echoed. "I feel so much better."

"Bruce isn't the only one with a problem…" Audrey noted.

Lacey scowled at her friend and Audrey gave a playful smile.

"Just go," Jeff said, opening the door and almost shoving them into the classroom.

They stopped, almost tripping over one another. Audrey shared a nervous glance with Lacey and they began to tip-toe to some desks at the back of the room.

"Ms. Wright and Ms. Bernier, you're late," the teacher said without looking up from her book. "Why?"

They stopped in their tracks, turning around.

"Um…" Audrey bit her lip.

"I- We…" Lacey couldn't think of an excuse.

"Never mind," Ms. Gates sighed. "Detention after school, you two."

Lacey's jaw fell open. She sat down, dazed a bit. "No, no, no, no…" she said quietly. I can't have detention!

Audrey sighed and sat down next to Lacey. "I'm gonna kill Bruce."

Lacey looked over at her friend and snorted out a bit of laughter.

Audrey smiled.

"He's my boyfriend, I'm killing him first," Lacey declared through a whisper.

Audrey giggled and gave an exasperated sigh, "Fine…"

"No talking!" Ms. Gates snapped.

Lacey jumped a bit and Audrey fell out of her seat.

"Are you okay?" Lacey asked, staring down at Audrey on the floor in an uncomfortable heap.

"Yes, because I fell out of my chair for fun," she replied sarcastically.

Lacey rolled her eyes and got up, offering her hand to Audrey.

Audrey took it and got up, sighing through her nose.

Lacey sat back down and quietly hummed some random song (she was making it up as she went along). She rapped her fingers on the desktop to the rhythm of the song. She rested her elbow on the desk and her head in her hand.

Audrey looked over at Lacey and began to poke her shoulder.

Lacey was brought out of her dreamy state. Her eyes widened at Audrey who hadn't stopped poking her. "What are you doing?" she whispered.

Audrey stopped and shrugged. "I'm bored…"

"Just read a book or something," Lacey suggested.

"Why don't you read a book and stop humming random songs," Audrey said.

"Touché," Lacey chuckled. She grabbed her bag off the back of her chair and went through it until she found her copy of Jane Eyre.

"Can't you read normal books?" Audrey whispered to her.

Lacey looked over the cover of the book then at Audrey. "Nope!" She opened her book and began to read, her eyes reading from left to right, quickly scanning the pages.

Audrey blew up her cheeks with air and looked around, slowly blowing the air out. She laid her head down on the desk, still looking around. Eventually, around the time class ended, she had fallen asleep.

When the bell rang again, Lacey closed her book and soon realized she'd get an F on the dissection assignment. She tried to reason with Ms. Gates, but she said, "No exceptions! Now scoot!"

Lacey groaned and walked to the back of the classroom, shaking Audrey. "Wake up."

Audrey's head shot up. "Wha-What?"

"You fell asleep," Lacey said. "Come on. We don't want to be late for English-Lit."

"Oh, right, right," Audrey yawned.

They both rushed after the rest of their classmates and to their lockers.

To Lacey's surprise, her English textbook was actually there. She looked around to make sure Bruce wouldn't sneak up behind her and take it.


"C'mon," Audrey sighed. "Let's get to detention."

"I have to talk to Bruce," Lacey said. She quickly ran off, looking for Bruce. She walked out of the doors of the school, leaving Audrey to go to detention alone.

"Bruce?" she called over the roar of teenagers talking to one another.

"Lace?" Lacey jumped and turned around, staring at Bruce's sweetly familiar face. She gave a sigh of relief.

"You said you wanted to talk to me?" It was definitely a question.

"Yeah," Bruce said. "Do you want to go to dinner tonight? At my house; seven 'o' clock?"

Lacey grinned. "Yeah, of course." She didn't sound as happy as she should be.

Bruce looked at her, his brown eyes very warm. "You don't sound real happy."

"Sorry…" Lacey chuckled. "I just thought that you were going to break up with me or something…"

"Break up with you?" Bruce asked. "Where'd you get that idea?" He gave a nervous smile.

What're you hiding? His voice sounded edgy and cautious and that wasn't normal. "Well, you've been almost avoiding me the past couple days," she said, fiddling with her hair.

Without another word, Bruce's back was turned towards her and she was watching him walk away. She sighed and began walked back into the school for detention.

She opened the door and saw Audrey talking quietly with Jeff who sat in the desk next to her.

Yes, of course he got detention! She thought. It was true, he always was. She just wondered what he did this time.

Sliding into the desk on the left side of Audrey, Lacey leaned over and whispered, "Why's Jeff here?"

"According to him, he was doing the dissection assignment," Audrey began.

'According to him' is what made Lacey know it must have been either pretty bad or just plain stupid.

"But according to Ms. Gates, he took out his pocket knife and stabbed the frog in the 'incorrect way' because he 'wasn't following directions." Audrey used air quotes around a few words with an educated voice, as if she was mocking Ms. Gates.

Lacey nodded. "Thought so." She leaned back over and took out her algebra homework. She was about to work on it when the teacher overseeing detention snapped at her saying, "No homework!"

Lacey's jaw dropped for a moment and her eyebrows furrowed in a bit of anger. "Yeah…" she shut her book and stuffed it back in her bag, opening her Jane Eyre book instead.

Lacey's gaze drifted over to Audrey when she heard her gasp.

Audrey spun around in the seat at her desk and put her elbows on her knees, leaning over and resting her head in her hands. "What'd Bruce say to you?" she whispered. Her blue eyes were wide and her red ponytail hung over her shoulder.

"He asked me to dinner at his house," Lacey said. She tried to sound as happy as she could, but it just didn't seem right lying about something like that.

"His house?" Audrey's jaw fell open.

"Yeah, why?"

"Ask for a map when you get there."

Lacey just stared at her best friend like she was delusional.

"Lacey, he lives in a mansion."

"I think I'll manage. Besides, he'll be with me all night."

"What're you gonna wear?" Audrey asked quickly and enthusiastically.

"Clothes?" Lacey could see where she was going with this and she didn't like it. Not one bit.

"Come on, Lace!" Audrey said, gripping Lacey's shoulders and shaking her a bit. "You're going on a date with Bruce "Boy-Billionaire" Wayne! You have to look good!" Her voice was still a whisper, but a rather loud whisper at that.

"No talking!" Lacey and Audrey turned their heads to see the teacher with his nose in a book. They ignored the command and turned back to each other.

Audrey let go of Lacey's shoulders. "So, have I put some sense into your head?"

"No, not really…" Lacey smiled playfully.

Audrey sighed and rolled her eyes. "Okay. Invite me over to your house before you have to go and I'll help you choose what you're going to wear. 'Kay?"

"Audrey, I really don't think that-"

Once again, Audrey's hand was slapped over Lacey's mouth. "Ah-ah-ah! No," she said in a disciplined voice. Her hand was removed from Lacey's mouth and Lacey sighed.

"Fine, fine, fine…" she grumbled.


It was six-thirty and Lacey sat on her bed, all jittery. She was unbelievably nervous for her date with Bruce. He bit her lip and checked her clock. It still read, 6:30 P.M. She stood up and began to pace around the room, waiting for time to pass. God, she was so nervous!

The doorbell rang!

Lacey dashed down the stairs in her white skirt. She opened the door and Bruce stood in the doorway, wearing dark jeans and a nice shirt.

"You're early!" Lacey said.

Bruce smiled with a small, nervous chuckle. "Yeah… Is that alright?"

"It's more than alright, Bruce," Lacey said.

He smiled again and linked his arm with hers. The couple walked across Lacey's lawn and to Bruce's car. He opened the door for her and she climbed inside, Bruce shutting the door behind her.

He quickly got around to the driver's seat and got in, slamming his door shut and putting the key in the ignition.

Part of the car ride was just awkward and silent. Lacey sat there, constantly pushing her brown hair out of her face.

Well, it was awkward until Bruce said, "So you wanna be a doctor, huh?"

Lacey was a bit surprised by his question. She nodded a bit. "Yeah," she said quietly. "I'm interested in how the brain works."

"That's a very interesting thing to be interested about," Bruce pointed out with a chuckle. He stole a glance at Lacey before turning his eyes back to the road.

Lacey smiled slightly. "I think neurosurgery would be interesting to study."

"Neurosurgery?" Bruce repeated. "Isn't that surgery of the brain?"

"Yeah," Lacey said with a small giggle. "What else would it be?"

Bruce laughed and shrugged. "I don't know. But, cutting open peoples' heads?" He gave a mock shudder.

"It's for the good!" Lacey stated. "People with brain tumors could die if they don't get surgery, and one more neurosurgeon in Gotham wouldn't hurt."

"Alright, you beat me," Bruce said with a charming smile. "I can't argue with that."

"That's what I thought," Lacey said in victory.

"Okey-dokey; we're here!" Bruce announced happily. He grabbed the key and got out of the car, shoving the key in his pocket, and then walking around to the passenger's seat. He opened the door and offered Lacy his hand.

Lacey smiled and took his hand gingerly and he helped her out.

They walked up to the large manor and Bruce opened the door.

Lacey's jaw fell a bit when she looked around the big house. "Wow…" she said, her voice echoing a bit.

"Overwhelming?" Bruce mused.

"A bit," Lacey said, wrinkling her nose and smiling. She held up her hand holding her index finger and thumb less than an inch a part.

Bruce chuckled. "I understand."

"Really? You've been living in this house your whole life."

"Okay, you're right. I don' t understand, but I will admit it is a big house."

"Castle is more like it."

"You hungry?" He decided to change the subject.

"Actually… Not really," Lacey said with a small shake of her head.

"Okay, dinner's off," Bruce muttered. "How about just talking?"

"Just talking?" Lacey echoed.

"Yeah," Bruce said. "Talking."

Lacey thought, mockingly and then said, "Sounds alright with me. But I might get hungry later."

"Fair enough," Bruce said. He smiled a bit and led her to the living room which was probably as big as her whole house.

"Is this a separate house?" Lacey asked as she entered the room.

Bruce rolled his eyes and sat down, Lacey sitting next to him. She smoothed her skirt. "So…"

"Well, we already discussed what I want to do when I get to college…" Lacey said. She tried to think of things they could talk about. "Um…"


"Bruce?" Lacey said, quietly. It had been about fifteen minutes. They had talked about a few things: school, classmates, and some other subjects.

"What is it?" He looked at her, still leaning back on the couch.

"Um, when you asked me here earlier, you didn't seem…sure you wanted me here," she admitted. It was hard for her to say, because she really liked him, but she needed to get facts straight. She looked away from him.

Bruce sighed and straightened up. "Lacey, if your saying that I-"

"Is it Rachel?" She didn't even look at him when she accused him.


Lacey finally looked at him, a few tears rolling down her now rosy cheeks. "Rachel Dawes," she said. "I know you like her; the whole school does. You've been friends since you were kids but…"

"Please don't-"

Lacey got up and brushed her hair back. "You know what? Forget we had this conversation. It might be better break up." She sniffed and wiped tears away with the back of her hand, then rushed out of the room.

"Lacey!" Bruce called after her. "Lacey, come back!"

She could hear his footsteps behind her as she walked towards the door.

Bruce reached out and put a hand on her shoulder, stopping her. "Just listen-"

"Bruce, it's okay," Lacey said in an oddly calm voice. "I understand. It just won't work. You can date who you want now."

"I-" Bruce tried to tell her something, but she was out the door before he could finish.

Lacey stood outside until she realized that she didn't drive herself. She didn't care and just started to walk home.


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