Hi again, I'm back with the band

As I read a fic in another section, I through to do something similar but with the characters of I'm in the band, the girl who appears in the story tells you anithing with her point of view. And I translate the same story "Abby en la Banda" to english.

Anyway, as always I hope you like it and please let me reviews. To enjoy it!

Chapter 1: Truth or Dream

I do not own I'm in the Band or the characters.

I don't know where to start, one day I'm in my house ready to sleep after watching a series and the next day I wake up in the middle of a street that I don't even know.

When I started to wake up, I could see only a strange figure but when my vision improve... I saw Tripp Campbell who was standing in the street very close to me. I could not believe it but it is true.

"Finally you woke up" he said as I tried to get out of the floor "I help you" he said then and extended me his hand. I take it and I realized that I wasn't dreaming, it felt so real and I lift off the ground.

"And how did I get here?" I asked "I don't know, I was on my way to school and I saw you on the ground" he told me, this is really strange and even makes sense.

"Oh... then thanks for..." I stopped there Damn, why am I said that thought. "Get you up?" he said something confused "Sure, yeah" I said and walk away a little So uncomfortable and embarrassing! I thought.

"Wait..." he yells and follows me "Where do you go?" he asked "I don't know" was my simple answer and I stopped. Then he began to smile "What's so funny?" I ask, "I forget to introduce myself... I'm Tripp Campbell" he said and extended his hand It's funny I thought.

"A pleasure Tripp" received his greeting Of course I knew that I thought and then he stayed quiet "And?... what is your name?" he wonder. "Oh... right, is..." I said somehing nervous, I didn't know what to do, until "Abby Martin" said at the end.

"Oh, then Abby, was a pleasure to meet you... I have to go to school" said Tripp before running. "Hey, wait... I'll go with you" I said while I go after him "Maybe it isn't a good idea" he said something nervous.

"Why?" ask "For a start, you put a pajamas..." said Tripp pointing my clothes, I look at myself and was true... I still have the sleep clothes "You're right" told him something discouraged.

"But that doesn't matter, we will go through the Mall and I buy you some new clothes" he said as he watched the hour "We have free time to at least reach the second period" said later.

"Thanks Tripp, I owe you one" I told him and we were walking down the street to the Mall. It is incredible that now Tripp and I are friends now, yet I don't know how am I arrive here.

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