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Chapter 8: A Sign From Home

I do not own I'm in the Band or the characters. Only Abby is a character out of my imagination.

The next day, I begin to wake up and notice that my arms are around someone. But when I could see better I saw Tripp asleep on my shoulder, I was about to let go and move my arms, but then I remembered what happened last night.

The nightmare he had, the sadness in his face, sleeping through the night with him... so I looked at my friend. I really didn't think this would come to happen, I hadn't seen it coming.

I kept my arm around him for a while, rubbing his back with one hand and stroking his hair with the other. It's amazing that Tripp has been through all this, the truth was not what I was expecting and I didn't want to cause such problems.

Until I decided to look at the clock that was in one side of the bed and saw that it said 10:58 am. It was a Saturday so I didn't have to worry about school, but even so I began to wake him up "Tripp... wake up," I whispered in his ear, clearly Tripp didn't move at once, I had to move his shoulder and managed to wake him.

"Abby... hi" Tripp said as he rubbed his eyes from sleep, then realized the position he was sleeping and pulled away from me immediately, "Oh... if I did something that bothered you..." he said embarrassed and he was already by getting out of bed.

There I stopped him "Tripp, calm down... the truth... what you slept on my shoulder last night I didn't care," I said, he looked at me and put my hand on his shoulder "I really like being with you" I said now embarrassed.

After that, we both got up from the bed and Tripp takes me from my arm "What?" I asked "No one has to know about last night," I said and I laughed "Done" I said and we left the room.


When we left the room, I went to my room to change clothes and I remembered the note Beth left on her desk last night. So when I finished putting me clothes, I take the note of where it was and ran out of there to tell Tripp.

When I get to the kitchen, I saw Tripp with the Weasels sitting having breakfast "Hey Abby" said Derek who got up from the table, "Hey guys, I have some news to say" I said, "Really? What is it?" asked Burger.

"Well, last night I found a note in the room saying that Beth had an emergency in Albuquerque and she won't return until today... I have no idea what time" I said and when I see Tripp, I notice a disappointment face "Tripp, are you okay?" Ash asks who noticed the same as me.

Until Tripp realizes that we talked to him and shakes his head a little, "Yeah, it's nothing" said the guitarist, but Derek comes towards him and wrapped an arm around his shoulders. Then I realized the nightmare that Tripp had last night and I left the kitchen for tissues.

When I came back I noticed that Derek lowered his arm from his shoulders to his waist and wrapped his other arm also rubbing his back as Tripp this time had his face hidden in his friend's chest... that's right, my best friend returned to cry.

"What's wrong with the kid?" Derek asked me, there I didn't know how to answer but in the end I had to tell the truth "Well, last night... I couldn't sleep and when I came here, I saw Tripp sitting half asleep, we talked a bit and he said he had a nightmare," I said to the three.

"That explains when we heard a few sobs from the little man's room" Burger said "What? Do you heard him, and didn't you go to see him?" I asked something angry, but then I saw that my friend was sobbing harder, so I decided to calm down for Tripp's sake.

"Anyway, after he told me his nightmare... it involved Beth, you and me... even his father" said and the three gasped "And what was about the nightmare?" Derek asked, I was about to answer but Tripp was separated from the embrace of his friend, I guess he take care of that.

"My father used to say things like my mom didn't love me, that you didn't need me in the band, that Abby didn't appreciate me as a friend..." Tripp manages to say, but he couldn't continue with and burst into tears.

The three rockers realized the situation and Derek pulled his band mate into a hug, it really surprised me this behavior towards my friend. But what struck me most was that he sits Tripp on his lap and starts to coo him.

"You know everything your father said is a lie..." he said and I cut him "That's what I said," I said, and Derek looked at me for a while "Yes, I was comforting him last night," I said at the end and they looked at me with a surprised face, I think none expected that from me.

Derek kept doing that action, while Ash and Burger rubbed his back. Then I realized that they are really important to Tripp, they are his family... four days have passed since I live here and I really start to miss my parents, my home... I was about to cry but I didn't do it.

Soon after, I see Tripp leave the singer's lap "Thanks guys, really I don't know what I'd do without you," said Tripp calmer now and the boys hugged him "You're welcome brother" Ash said in his embrace. When they let him go, Tripp looked at me and came over to give me a hug too.

I don't know how but it seems he noticed my expression when he did, and really to Tripp and I didn't mind that the guys see us doing it. All I heard was an "Aw" from the band and we parted.


In the end we finished breakfast and went to the chairs "So what are you going to do today?" I asked to sit on the couch swivel. "I think we will... Hey look!" Derek said after turning on the TV. I continued to watch television something shocked for what it said:

"Abby Margaret Martin of Mexican nationality has been missing since Wednesday, still do not know her whereabouts and her family is very concerned... any indication of the loss of this 16 year old teenager, please contact us at our email."

The boys looked at me horrified "Abby, they are looking for you" Ash said or at least that's what I heard by keep still, I wasn't able get my voice at that time until Tripp comes to me "Abby, are you okay?" he asked me and this time I didn't answered, I left the couch towards Beth's room.

When I entered, I just pulled down in bed and I kept thinking how I disappeared from my home, I was so involved in my thoughts when I hear the door open "Abby" said guitarist and I lift my body out of bed "Tripp, sorry if I left like that" I said.

"Don't worry... I think we discovered how you came to California," he said and I nodded "Yes, I was kidnapped... I still don't understand how happened" I said "I know, it sounds even more weird" I added.

We both sat in bed for a while, really I don't know what to think now and I need support, "I think I should leave to California," I said and he nodded a little sad "It'll be very difficult for us if you leave" Tripp said. That's true, maybe the band hasn't introduced me to the public yet, but we have formed a great bond to forget it.

There I noticed a tear running down Tripp's face, I dried it with my hand and took his "Tripp, I know I said I wasn't going to leave you alone, but I miss my family... painful though that is for everyone, I have to return" I said and just see my best friend.

Something that was I'd never done before touch his face and that calmed him down "You're right," was all he said and get out of bed, that really hurt me. He was about to leave until "Tripp, wait..." I yelled and he turned around "What?" asked me "I don't wanna go away and... I don't know what to do" I said, without realizing that I had begun to cry.

Tripp came back and wrapped his arms around me, with my head buried in his neck. While I continued releasing sadness, I felt his hands rubbing my back and then one of them stroked my hair, keeping it there.

Slowly I start to calm down and when I did, Tripp let me stay on his shoulder with his arms still around me. This time I was there for half an hour and really I needed that comfort.

Within minutes after I separated from his embrace already calmer "Thanks Tripp" I said "You're welcome friend," he said. Tripp continued rubbing my back and I pulled me on the bed "Sorry about that" I said.

"Needless to say it Abby, you were there for me when I needed you, I had to do something," he said, and this time I laughed at that. Admittedly, I've been there for him lately and he was there for me before.

There I began to think of what to do and I can think of something "Tripp... I just had an idea," I said and then he is interested "What thing?" he asked "Since we have no idea what happened before I got here, I'm going to go back to Mexico to investigate," I said.

"You're right, until you know what has happened, you can't go back to your country... unless you could go with someone" he said something thoughtful "Exactly, you could go with me" I said and he began to smile "It's a good idea," he said.

"Then, start packing some suitcases... because we are going to Mexico," I said "Okay" he said and left the room. I stood there and I began packing my bags, I took about thirty minutes and when I finished I stared at the place.

It's amazing, I'm going to come home and I don't really know what to say to everything that has happened to me these days. I met my idol Tripp Campbell, I'm part of Iron Weasel and now I discovered that reaches the United States for kidnapping... the latest it hurts me a lot.

Even I can't believe someone kidnapped me and I don't understand why, what was his or her intention to do so and as he or she did in one night. With that thought and quite confused, I left Beth's room.


Tripp and I were ready to go to Mexico; I just needed to buy tickets online. I sat at the kitchen table with Tripp's computer on, when Derek comes "Hey Abby, what are you doing?" he asked as he sat beside me.

"Buying the tickets to return to my country," I said, "So are you coming back?" he asked me sad "Yes, but just to clarify things because I have too many doubts... Tripp will go with me as a witness," I said and there he stood up "I think we all go with you," he said.

There I looked at Derek surprised "Really?" I asked "Sure, why not?" he said, I looked at him "Besides, you couldn't travel alone to a foreign country without adult supervision" he said this time in a serious tone.

"I can't believe I say it, but you're right," I said and he just laughed "Although... you have to promise me that everyone carry at least a suitcase" I said "We promise and I know that others will too" he said "Okay" I said and he gets up from where he was.

Really I don't trust in his word so much, but well... even they are my friends and Tripp's legal guardians for now. They can be pretty crazy, but I love them anyway. When Derek left, I had bought five tickets for travel to Mexico.

Two hours later...

When we arrived in Mexico, we all went straight to the Monterrey's police department "Good afternoon," said a receptionist "Good afternoon, we came from Los Angeles, California to give you information about the 16-year-old teenager Abby Martin" I said.

Actually, I got some sunglasses and a hat to they couldn't recognize me right away. "Really?" she asked "What kind of information?" she asked again "About where is the girl and under what conditions she is" I said.

There the receptionist nodded and called the police and detective in charge of the investigation, "Good evening, I'm Detective Gonzalez and she is my partner Lieutenant Martinez... we just heard from our colleague that you have information about the disappearance of Abby Margaret Martin" the detective said.

"Yes," Tripp said "So we will start with some questions for the teenagers and then we will continue with you," said the lieutenant and ushered Tripp first.

Tripp's Point of View

I didn't expect the cops let me go first, I was actually nervous about the questions that might make me. I went to a really big office and sat close to the people.

"Okay, tell us who are you" I asked the detective "I'm Tripp Ryan Campbell and I'm the guitarist of the band Iron Weasel" I said. The adults were surprised when I told them that, "Since when you're a member of that band?" asked the lieutenant.

"For over two years," I replied, the detective continued asking me questions about my integrity with the band until the lieutenant stopped him "One last question, do you know Abby Martin? Have you seen her lately?" she asked.

"Yes I know her, she's my best friend... and if you don't believe me let pass the girl" I said and the lieutenant went looking for Abby. When she came "Take off the glasses and hat" she told her.

"Okay, I will," she said and did, that adults saw the picture and realized the truth "So you are Abby Martin..." said the detective "That's right gentlemen, I was living in Los Angeles, California with Tripp along with his mother and the band Iron Weasel" she said.

"Thanks for the information guys, now we know who catch" said the lieutenant, though watching her a little, I noticed that something wasn't right. And I think Abby also noticed that and stepped forward "Hey, don't arrest the adults who came with us... they have nothing to do with the case," she said.

"These are only suspicions and we should ask them questions yet... don't worry about that," said the detective, then we both relaxed a bit "You are dismissed" said the lieutenant and both left the office.


Abby and I were waiting impatiently for the guys out, I don't want they go to prison again. Minutes later, the three left the office quite convinced.

I got up from where he was, "What happened in there?" I asked "Don't worry kid, we told the truth about Abby... they're not going to put us go into jail," said Derek.

"Okay," I said and came out the two policemen "Given the information that you raised, no charges will be filed against the band or the adult responsible for you," said the detective "But I think Miss Martin must return to her parents" he added.

I feared that statement... I really didn't want Abby to stay here and I think the others either... ugh what am I saying? Not even she wants to stay. Sometimes justice can be your enemy.

We were only for a few minutes until we decided to go to our hotel, but when we go out we dealt with the press. Usually we go to them and tell them what to say, but this time we avoid and entered the taxi that was parked.

The next day...

Abby's Point of View

We were in our hotel room when we received a call from the lieutenant, telling us we had good and bad news, so the five of us went back to the police department.

When we got there, the lieutenant was waiting for us outside and showed us into the office "As I told you on the phone, we have good news and bad news," she said "Tell us the good," said Derek and I look at him somewhat angry, because I wanted to hear the bad news.

"The good news is we call to Los Angeles' department and they said they caught the person who kidnapped you," said the lieutenant, that surprised me, "So fast?" I asked.

"This case has been open since the night you disappeared, your parents were very concerned during the search in the country," she replied, "We still don't know how the kidnapping happened and they haven't told us the name of the person yet" she added.

There I began to think about my parents, "What about my parents, where are they?" and then asked the lieutenant's face changed from pride to sadness "That's the bad news, your parents had a car accident and both lost the memory..." there I missed a bit and I had to sit in a chair.

My parents don't remember me? How can it be possible! I'm their only daughter, they can't forget me! "We're really sorry Ms. Martin, but that memory loss in both is incurable" she said, placing her hand on my shoulder.

I tried to hold back the tears at that time "I guess now I have no parents," I said in a voice something broken, until Tripp sat next to me and wrapped an arm around me.

I leaned over his shoulder and let my emotions win me, tears streamed down my face and I didn't think to stop them. There Tripp wrapped his other arm and began to hug me.

This time I didn't want to get away from him, I cried for everything that has happened and for my parents... or I should say the people who raised me. I stayed in that position for... I don't know, it felt so long.

Until there was a time when Tripp was separated from me and began to wipe my tears with his hand. I was about to say something, but Derek was ahead "Let's go home, we have nothing to do here," he said and I nodded.

Both forgot the lieutenant currently and we left the office. In all this time Tripp kept his arm around me, I did the same with him with my arms around his waist, head on his shoulder.


While, Derek, Burger and Ash were talking to the lieutenant to see if I could return with them until there is a solution. Eventually the lieutenant signed a permission to leave the country... well, that was the best thing that happened to me in all day.

We returned to our hotel room and Tripp took his computer to buy tickets, the guys were watching TV and me... I stared at the window. Even I can't believe that they couldn't remember me, for a start was good at not going to visit them because I didn't want to suffer more than I already was.

Hopefully Tripp could buy tickets for now and decided to pack our things. As I did I couldn't stop thinking about my parents and really hurts to them after that accident.

We finished our bags and went to the airport. When we got there, the plane was waiting for us. After going through the machines both at the airport, we jump on the plane and we went from Monterrey.

End of chapter... Stay tuned for the final chapter.

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