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Warnings: AU, SLASH (Lindsey/?, Lindsey/Angel somewhere along the way)


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Summary: Angel and the gang rescue some children from the clutches of Wolfram and Heart and all seems well. But why does one blonde boy with pale blue eyes look so awfully familiar? And when the truth suddenly comes out, Angel has to face some interesting truths about one irritating, sexy lawyer...


The Eyes of a Child

Chapter 1


"Angel, we should hurry, the guards are coming our way."

Charles Gunn, only Gunn to most of his friends, twirled the silver dagger in his hand and gripped it tighter, before casting a look over his shoulder down the thankfully still empty hallway, even though they could hear footsteps coming closer.

Angel turned his head and glared at Gunn. The other had been a little annoying the whole time they had been here in the lone house where Cordelia's vision had let them. Obviously Wolfram & Hart kept some children captive here to blackmail their parents. And Angel of course couldn't let that happen, so Gunn, Wesley and he had come here to get the children out. Wesley had, with the help of a few well placed spells, hidden them from view. But obviously that didn't work anymore for some reason and Angel just hoped that Wesley was okay.

"If you want to kick in the door, then be my guest," he hissed, finally giving up trying to pick the lock and taking a few steps back, running at the door and then kicking it down. The vampire hadn't wanted to do that, because he hadn't wanted to alert the guards. But obviously the guards Wolfram & Hart had positioned here had noticed them anyway, so caution wasn't necessary anymore.

The wood of the door splintered and then the door gave away under the vampire's powerful kick and Gunn and Angel quickly entered the room, both not sure what they would find and so they were prepared for the worst.


"Well, at least they didn't hurt them," Angel murmured in relief and looked around the surprisingly spacious room filled with children toys, books and three comfortable looking beds. Sitting in those beds were three children, two girls and one boy. They were looking at the vampire and Gunn with wide eyes and the two girls were out of their bed and huddled close to the boy with the light brown, almost blonde hair, about six years old. And the boy quickly put his arms around the girls, who seemed younger than him. Then he finally looked at Angel, blinking his eyes and Angel was a little startled how blue the boy's eyes were.

"Who are you?" the kid questioned, trying to sound threatening, but Angel detected the boy's rapid heartbeat and could even smell the boy's fear. He tried to look as friendly as possible.

"We're here to free you and bring you back to your parents," he explained, keeping his voice as soft as possible, before he took a cautious step closer to the kids. It made the girls whimper in fear and cuddle even closer to the little boy, who was barely older than them, but he seemed to be their protector.

Angel couldn't help but smile at that little display and crouched down to be on eye-level with the kids. Again it was the boy, who spoke up, the blue eyes studying the vampire carefully.

"You're not from Wolfram & Hart?" he asked and Angel shook his head, ignoring Gunn's growls to hurry up. He knew he needed to get the kids to trust him, or they would not come with him.

"No, my name is Angel, and as I said, I'm here to get you back to your parents. But you need to come with me..."


Angel didn't need to say more, because the little boy's shoulder's straightened as soon as he had heard Angel say his name and he nudged both girls.

"Sarah, Lynn, we can trust him. He's Angel, the guy my dad told us about," he said and the girls nodded, finally looking at Angel, smiling tiny smiles and Angel was a little relieved. This was going better than he had hoped.

A loud screech from the doorway and Gunn's battle cry, if you wanted to call it that, made Angel sigh.

/Maybe not as well as I had hoped./ he mused, whirling around and blocking the man that had been about to attack him, throwing the man, surprisingly a human, against the opposite wall. He looked at Gunn and saw that he needed his help.

So the master vampire just turned his head and yelled at the children: "Keep staying out of the way and try to get out the door as soon as you can."

He could smell that the three were scared, but once again it was the little boy, who nodded and who grabbed the girls' hands, gently pulling them out of the bed, only seconds before Angel threw one of the guards that had charged him, down on it, shattering the frame.

"Go!" he called, relieved when the children obeyed and tried to get to the door. He followed the children, especially the little boy, who looked so awfully familiar, just a few seconds too long and another guard took his chance, tackling the vampire to the ground. Angel growled and grabbed the man's arm, trying to twist it, before a well placed punch to the head knocked the man out. It was just in time to hear the girls scream in fear and then he had heard a deep male voice, but definitely not human: "Don't let them escape, especially the boy! I don't care about the girls, but don't let the boy go."

Angel frowned a little, wondering what was so special about that little boy with the startling blue eyes, they were a blue that Angel had only seen once before... eyes that hunted him in the few dreams he had... and not all of them were nightmares.

But the vampire quickly pushed those thoughts aside and whirled around to see what was going on. He found Gunn fighting three men at once. A huge, green being stood in the doorway, looking at the three children, who were huddled together, pressed against the wall, shrinking away from two other men, who were trying to grab them.


Angel roared and his vampire face was out in a second, before he charged the men, keeping them away from the children. It didn't really take him and Gunn long to take out the guards and Angel finally faced the green-skinned demon, who had been leaning in the doorway almost casually, preventing from anyone exiting the room.

"So, the master vampire with a soul is going to kidnap three children?" the demon asked, a chuckle heard in his voice. Angel only growled and stepped between the children and the demon. Gunn came to stand beside him, the dagger in his arm, bleeding from a small wound in his shoulder, but it wasn't anything too serious, so Angel decided not to worry about it for now.

"Kidnap them? You're holding them hostage here to blackmail their parents into working for you," Angel stated, his hands clenched into fists, ready to attack the last barrier between here and the children's freedom. The demon, however, only laughed, a loud rumbling laugh, which made the girls sob in fear and even the boy whimpered. And Angel guessed that the demon had visited the children occasionally, frightening them.

"You can have the girls, their parents are useless for the firm now anyway, but the boy... no... the Senior Partners won't like it if I let the boy go. This would be my death sentence, so why don't we make a deal? I let you and your friend go with the girls and the boy stays here?" the demon asked and Angel growled in anger.

"I'm leaving with all the children and you're either let us go and try your luck with the Senior Partners, or I can kill you right here and now," he explained, motioning to Gunn, who understood and walked to the children, trying to calm them down a little, even though he wasn't too good with kids. But the boy looked so lost and frightened, maybe he feared that Angel might take the deal and leave him here...


Again, the demon only laughed, taking a step closer to Angel, who tensed even more, ready to attack as soon as the demon came to close.
"Don't underestimate me, vampire. If you kill me, you'll wake something far more dangerous that is guarding the house and nobody of you will leave here alive. It will kill you, your friend and those sweet children over there. And maybe we can negotiate again, when you have one last piece of information... I mean, if I were you, I might want to know who the father of the boy actually is," he said, his voice going even deeper, more than a growl now and Angel recognized it as a sing of danger. But the vampire had stared down many other opponents, much more threatening than that guard-demon, so he only shook his head, but somehow his interest was piqued and he really wanted to find out who the father is. The boy looked so familiar and even though a part of his brain had a pretty good idea why, the rest of said brain refused to believe it. But Angel sure as hell didn't want the demon to know that he was indeed curious.

"I don't care who the boy's father is. I'm going to take these children back to their families," he snarled and then, as fast as he possibly could, he tried to punch the demon, but to Angel's surprise the demon managed to get out of the way quite easily. The souled vampire realized that this opponent was stronger than he had thought

"Nice try, vampire," he said, still calm and even a little amused. Angel hissed, his game face back in play and he was about to charge the demon again, when the monster's next words made him stop in his tracks, because they stunned him beyond belief...

"And no matter if you want to hear it or not, I'm going to tell you anyway. This little boy over there is so valuable for Wolfram & Hart, because he is Lindsey McDonald's son."


to be continued, if you're interested...

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