So, I should be working on my other stuff. But I had to write this. This is just a little Hein!Ultimo angst at Lady Gekko and Yamato. I really feel like they had a very intimate relationship and that Lady Gekko really hurt that. But hey, what do I know?

How could you master? Why would you take that evil woman onto our horse? You said the nobles were evil, but the way you look at her is different. All the others…you stared with them with such disgust. You hate them. Why then is there a blush dusting your cheeks when you look at her?

I remember a time before her. When all you looked at like the way you look at her…was me. You never snapped at me for helping. Or…trying to. I didn't mean to make you mad. But I don't know what I did. Master…I don't understand. You would hold me so close…but ever since she came in…you've shoved me so far away. I miss you. You'd kiss me on the cheek after we'd been so far apart…you had tears in your eyes when I had a harrowing fight against Jealous or Vice. Against evil.

Now it's a miracle if you even look my way. It's been a while since we've gotten into ICON mode. I think you've tried to do that with her. I heard her moaning your name. There was blood in your bed. Did it hurt? But what confuses me most is that you want to marry someone as evil as her. Is this the theory you once presented to your group of bandit-friends? Where you keep your friends close and your enemies closer? I can still hear the voice of the old you, saying how if we become one with the nobles, we'd topple them. I'm glad it didn't work. You would've gotten hurt.

I think that witch has you under a spell. She's probably lying to you about giving you what you want. But…that night…master you told me that I couldn't go into your tent. Why? I just wanted to keep you warm during the night. What secrets are you hiding from me? Did she hurt you? You didn't sit on the horse right for a few days after that. And bending hurt, too. What pain are you trying to endure because of the lies she's told you? Will this really help us? Or…at least…you?

Well, I guess she really is different if you say so. But I think you're being deceived. Master…do you want help? …I guess not. You keep telling me to go do something else. The little children want to know what you two are becoming. I tried to ask. You were snippy. I didn't want to make you mad. Does she have some horrible past? Because I can handle that. I'm here to learn. If that's how friends support each-other, than…I can let this weird feeling go.

Why master? Why do we feel weird around her? I know we both feel weird around her. I do not like the feeling I'm now feeling. Do you like yours? Why? I think about some things…I want to know…just…why? Why for you and why for me. Why? Can you tell me. Because…if you couldn't tell, I have a million things I want to say, but I can't say them all. So can you tell me what you want to say? I'd like that. Things have been so unclear lately. But everyone expects me to know everything. I can't. And master, if you can't answer all my questions, just answer me this:


Wow. This defiantly has hints of Hein!YamatoxHein!Ultimo. Whoops. But, yeah. I tried to style this BEFORE Ulti-chan killed Lady Gekko. But you can't blame the poor kid. He musta been so confused at how his master was behaving. Though this does have a lot of inferences, so don't kill me. Please review! I don't care for flamers, but they are more appreciated than no reviews.