A/N: I am making no money off of this, it's just for fun. A further adventure with the "three diablos", though reformed now, from the short included with the movie.

Also, I have the kittens able to talk in this because otherwise...the story sort of stalls out of the gate ;)

Chapter 1

Timmy, also known as Sir Timoteo Montenegro The Third, stared forward. His very own mentor, Senor Puss in Boots, had given him that title, saying it would carry him through all, and he wanted to prove that it would. Wanted to prove that the legendary cat was right in putting faith in him and his siblings.

So, as he, Perla and Gonzalo stood by the side of Princess Alessandra Bellagamba's throne, listening along with her to the tale the knight had to tell, the little gray kitten tried to hold the composure of a personal guard and not flinch or even frown as he wanted to do while listening.

Gonzalo also struggled with not showing his emotions, mainly that of skepticism and doubt.

"You...say you saw something...odd?" the princess had begun, clarifying after the knight had come stumbling through and over to explain about the great threat within the castle.

"Yes, Your Highness" the knight stated, head still down as he bowed, he lifted up just slightly, enough to look at her as he went on.

"Something odd that is still within this castle. We must start up a search, it...".

A slight laugh, an act of speaking out of turn but one that couldn't be helped, from one of the guards by the door, cut his comrade off. "Gilles!" he slightly chastised, "Come now, let's not frighten Her Highness with fairy tales; Um, pardon my intrusion Your Grace" the knight nodded to the princess, "but I felt Gilles should not go on spreading fear where there is cause for none".

He seemed to be looking just at the princess, but Timmy thought he caught the knight side glance over to him. Had he shown some of the fear this was causing on his face? Timoteo stood straighter, trying to cover for this, and his hat slid of his head.

Glancing behind him, he tried to figure out if he should break posture to get it or just leave it. While one of her guards was thus occupied, the princess motioned for the knight to go on.

"Thank you" she nodded to the one by the door who gave his attempt at calming the situation, "but I think we should hear out all Sir Gilles has to say. Please, go on" she nodded.

Sir Gilles swallowed, and continued, though even Timmy's lacking attention span and pausing to finally pick up his hat, caught that the knight would rather not re-live it; but for the sake of the kingdom, went on.

"I was down in the kitchen" he began, "making...um, well, making sure the cook was making the pastries for the evening correctly". There were sighs and eye rolls from some of the other knights at this and what Gilles meant. He had been sneaking treats.

Gonzalo gave a slight chuckle, until Perla shot him a look that said to act dignified, as a guard should. From the other side of the chair, Timmy just stood there, studying Gilles. Even as the knight told this part, the tremor was in his voice of what he knew followed.

Ignoring his fellows amusement at his admitting to slightly embarrassing breaches of proper knight etiquette, Gilles pressed on in his story.

"As I stood there, trying to talk Iridessa into the value of my cause, a loud bang sounded at the back door of the kitchen. I call it a bang rather than a knock because that is what best describes the loud sound".

"Yet no one else heard this extremely loud knock of yours" another of the guards pointed out.

"You were all far enough away, at higher levels, that I don't find that surprising" Gilles went on, hardly seeming to break stride in his narrative.

"What of the princess' own guards?" another in the room pointed out, "cats are often praised for their hearing. Did any of you hear this extremely loud knock?" he looked between all three for an answer.

They all three just stared back, as confused as everyone else. No they had heard nothing.

"We shall not bring the kittens into this" Princess Alessandra rose. "Gilles" she addressed the knight once more, "did you see any of whatever it is you claim came into the castle?" she got to the point of the knight's narrative, what were they facing and what should they look for.

"No, Your Highness" the knight bowed once more before lifting his gaze, his mouth a tight line in his anxiousness as he went on, "All I saw was a giant, but hard to describe beyond that, shadow and yellow eyes and...then it slammed the door into me, and when I came to...".

Giles shut his eyes, as if fighting with the fact that he knew all this was true but also knew how it looked, "Iridessa was over me, checking me and asking what happened. She...she said she didn't see anything either, just the open door".

"So, in other words, if it is here, it's hiding in the mouse holes" another knight grinned.

Gilles leapt up and suddenly pinned him to the wall, "Do you honestly think I would come before the princess herself and tell such lies! I swear to you, it happened!".

"Gentlemen, please!" Princess Alessandra snapped, gaining both of their attention and a bow of apology from both.

"It has been a long day" she went on, "but as no evidence can yet be found, I suggest we wait until morning and then question Iridessa on the events as well. Truly something strange does seem to have happened, whether hallucination or real".

Gilles seemed about to protest, but then corrected himself in addressing the princess. He simply bowed along with the others before leaving the hall.

"Well, let's all get to bed, shall we?" the princess turned to her three personal guards she had grown to at least like once figuring out they were reformed; it was still just so odd though...their being cats, but then she had hired a famous cat for the important job that brought her the guards in the first place.

The three bowed and then began their nightly ritual of leading the princess up to her room before turning into their own rooms on either side of hers, Perla on the left and the two boys staying in the one to the right. Each room also had a door in the wall that faced the princess' room for easy access should an alarm be sounded.

"Well" Gonzalo commented on the walk up, and partly for putting the princess at ease as well as just to comment his own opinion, "If the others are right and our attacker is simply hiding within a mouse hole, he shouldn't be too much trouble to defeat" the orange kitten gave a showy grin as the kids and princess reached the top floor and doors to their rooms.

Alessandra gave the perhaps boldest of her guards a smile fitting of any child having said this. Gonzalo just smiled back before going into the princess room to check it over before she went in.

"If you wish us to stay on guard outside the door longer tonight than we do other nights, we'd be happy to do such" Perla said.

"That won't be necessary children, thank you" the princess nodded as Gonzalo came out once more, "I still feel, mysterious though it all is, this is not anything to worry over just yet; good night".

"Good Night, Your Highness" they all repeated as she walked into and shut the door of her own room.

"Well, you heard her, we get to turn in too" Gonzalo walked over towards his and Timmy's door. Perla shook her head at her brother quickly taking to this leave of absence, then noticed how quiet Timmy had been. Her other brother had never been known for many words, but this few was odd even by his standards.

"Timmy?" Perla questioned looking over at him and cocking her head. Her brother didn't answer, just followed Gonzalo over to their door and even turned the handle, when his brother jabbed his shoulder.

"Oh come on! You're not actually getting worked up over that dumb knight's story are you?" the orange kitten asked.

"It...I just...wish he hadn't told us...it...it's creepy" Timmy said quietly. This wasn't really putting into words all the trepidation Timmy felt, but he had always had a problem with expressing himself properly. He was the one of them always a step behind and it was causing problems even now as he couldn't even fully say how the story made too much sense.

It was possible, for himself, Timoteo Montenegro the Third, to run into a door because he didn't see it, but not a knight of the castle. They had never been so unobservant in all the time the kittens had served here, or even in all their time as henchmen and prisoners.

None of the knight force able to chain such wily kittens as they'd been were so inept. But, again, "Creepy" was as far as he could explain all this.

"Aw, Timmy" Perla gave him a smile. Since they had all started in the "right direction", she was a lot nicer to him for his being a step behind. She now walked over to place a hand on his shoulder. "The princess is probably right, it's nothing".

"Yeah, Gilles is probably just trying to scare us even" Gonzalo went on. Timmy just nodded, but none of his siblings could tell if he took their answers or not.