A/N: So, now that the...well "cat's out of the bag", yeah the terrorizer is an Ogre. I'm afraid this isn't exactly Shrek, where the good points of Ogre's are argued for. Puss started out as an Orgre Killer and thusly, my version of how that started means he has to meet an Ogre that pretty much perpetuates the rumor.

Chapter 5

Gilles and the other men made their way along the dusty trails of endless expanses of desert, asking and receiving similar clues as to where the small kitten on horseback that they tracked had gone.

The knight shook his head, wondering again on what the kid was thinking coming out here alone and hoping that he was alright.

"There's something up ahead, and coming fast" one of the other knights he had recruited nodded towards a dust cloud that seemed to travel towards them. Gilles shielded his eyes to get a better look and soon two horses could be seen coming from the dust and still ever towards them.

"Sir Gilles!" the knight was shocked to hear young Sir Timoteo's voice cry out and to spot the young guard on top one of the horses.

"Well, I'll be..." another of the men whispered, spotting the other figure, "the kid actually found Senor Puss!".

Gilles smirked, why was he not surprised. "Timmy", he and the others spurred their horses forward and soon the two met.

"Do you have any idea how worried you have Princess Alessandra!". Despite his happiness, Gilles felt he needed to give this slight...well not lecture, not to a royal guard, but reminder on where the kid had gone wrong. Arguably, there was little different between the two.

"Well, but you found Senor Puss" another of the knights said, giving a slight bow to the cat of legend, "Senor, it is an honor yet again and thank you for at least taking Sir Timoteo's words seriously".

Puss nodded back, "De nada, Senor. Sir Timoteo would not seek to find me if it were not important and...after discovering what it is you all do face, of course I must come and help the Princessa out". This was said with his classic semi-dramatic pose.

"You will help us fight a shadow, Senor?" Gilles asked, a bit surprised.

"Not a shadow..." Timmy frowned, and handed the knights over the picture he had drawn.

"What is that?" one of them was quick to ask.

Puss took the question. "A legendary creature known as an Ogre. It terrorizes villages and destroys crops, spreading death and destruction in it's wake!".

"He found out about them today too, same as me" Timmy told the knights, killing Puss' knowledgable speech a bit as it seemed he didn't know much more on the creatures than they all did excepting what he'd heard.

"But...Senor" Gilles interrupted, shaking his head, "if it was a giant beast such as this looks like, I...I didn't see that, I saw a...".

"Shadow" Puss finished, "Yes, one of the things the good bar keep told us on the creatures is that some have the power of changing themselves into whatever they wish. They use it to further scare their victims".

"Well it works" Gilles muttered.

"H-How do you fight a shadow that can be anything?" another of the knights asked shakily.

"Oh sure...because the legendary cat believes it's real now we believe me when I say I saw something" Gilles muttered.

"And Sir Timoteo saw it too" another of his companions chimed in. Gilles just scowled. It was lovely, really it was, knowing cats had such precedent on being believed over him.

"I have a plan" Puss declared, "and a feeling that vanity in it's powers is this creatures biggest weakness; we shall use that. Now, please lead the way, we must hasten back to the castle before the Princessa and her other two guards meet trouble!"

Timmy had thought on this, and could only hope they were still ok and that he hadn't let up any in his duty to his siblings or the princessa; after all he had only left to gather help for them and now was coming back with said help.

Yes, the kitten thought as they all spurred their horses forward back towards the kingdom, now that Senor Puss in Boots was here, they would be fine.

Meanwhile, Perla, Gonzalo, Princess Alessandra and the other knights with them slowly backed farther and farther, aiming to go up the dungeon stairs backwards as the tiger down there slowly stalked forward.

"W-what do we...", the princess had just leaned to ask of any between guards and knights to have an idea, when the breath was stolen right out of her.

The tiger assumed a sort of glow about it and seemed to grow.

"What..." Gonzalo breathed, hardly believing what he was seeing.

A human shaped, bulky green figure took the tiger's place and a smirk came upon the wide toothed maw. "Well hello there Your Highness" the creature greeted in mock formality, and even if the short hair has put doubt on it, the voice suddenly identified one other thing. The creature was female. "or at least that is what you are called now" she went on.

Perla instantly recognized the sort of a threat that seemed held in the words. Female nor not, and the last to give any sort of favors for such fact, the kitten would not allow any to take Princess Alessandra's castle.

"What do you mean by that!" she demanded, pointing her sword.

The green creature, most definitely an Ogre(ss), glanced down to her and her smile grew. "Aw, how adorable" she bent, hands on his knees, still mocking by parody, this time parody of a sweet local lady speaking to a child, "the princess has a cute widdly kitty protecting her, oh excuse me, two of them", the ogress' smirk turned to take in Gonzalo as well.

Standing, she chuckled, "This shall be easy and this castle mine by sundown, if not sooner".

"You'll have to go through us first!" Gonzalo shouted. Also not put off the fact this creature was female. If she had frightened Timmy as she had, she was no-one deserving chivalry!

"Uh, better choice of words, Gonzalo..." Perla whispered, even if her sword stayed up and in guarding position. The knights spears clanked into a locking position of back up.

The Ogress merely laughed, "Have it your way boy!" she exclaimed. Suddenly rushing forward, she seized young Gonzalo by his uniform collar and drug the kitten forward.

Perla and the knights made to surge forward in aid of the other guard, when they paused as they realized this was complicated. Where once an Ogress and Gonzalo had stood, now two of Gonzalo seemingly stood, and whichever was the copy was hard to tell, even for Perla.

They also could not guess off position, as the scuffle had mixed that up as well, the creature's intent of course.

"Quickly!" one of the Gonzalo's leap up to the steps and pointed, "She's the creature! Creepily being me...Seize her!". Well, it sounded like him.

"No! She's lying! It's me!" the other of course defended, and all were shocked to find the voice sounded the same as well. Oh this creature had skill, scary skill!

The words made sense no matter who the liar was, also, so still the knights were paused.

"Perla! Attack her!" the one on the stairs insisted.

"No Perla! It's me, can't you tell that!".

Perla shut her eyes, unsure what to do.

With a growl, the one on the steps lunged towards the other and they tussled once more, off into the shadows.

Confused or not, and even if their spears may still be paused in uncertainty, it was still clear that one of the princess' guards was in danger and the knights surged forward to aid.