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A Dragon in Shining Armour




Prologue: Alpha

Darkness loomed over the continent of Eniac.

It was late at night; this was clear from the hundreds of tiny lights that sparkled in the ebony sky above. These stars gradually circled around the Digital World, acting as distant beacons that promised light in spite of the forbidding abyss. Two moons rested in opposite ends of the sky. The smaller one was a crescent, while the larger moon was full. The pair of satellites reflected dim, ivory light from the hidden sun.

Rays from the moons shone down on the stone parapets of a gigantic castle. The castle was a stone fortress which stood many stories tall. It was surrounded by a dense, imposing, impenetrable wall of smooth rock, carefully constructed to form the shape of a long octagon. By far the tallest and most expansive structure was the main building, which towered over the others at roughly forty meters high. Within the confines of the walls were several smaller buildings as well.

The castle stood in the middle of an ocean of lush, green grassland. Wind swept through the clumps of long grass, creating waves of wind that could be seen from the fortress' immaculate ramparts. There were eight tall, cylindrical guard towers at each corner of the castle wall. The towers were topped with open, flat, walled roofs for sentries to keep guard from, giving them a fortuitous vantage point. Slightly taller than these were three free-standing watch towers that formed a triangle around the main citadel of the castle, with two towers at the front and one at the back.

A black figure stood on the ramparts of the castle wall, staring down at the moat surrounding the castle wall. One of the Digital World's moons was reflected in the serene water below. He watched as the moon was distorted by the ripples created from the gentle wind.

The figure in question was a humanoid Digimon who was clad in dark, greyish-black armour from head to toe. This intricate, ebony plate armour covered the whole of his clearly muscular body. Massive pauldrons covered his broad shoulders, and his breastplate protruded outwards, giving him an imposing appearance. The knight Digimon wore a large helmet that had long, pointed, ear-like features. On his forehead, in the dead center of the helmet, was a large, flawless, ruby-like gem, known as a digicore interface. The hue of the jewel matched two large crystals, one of which was embedded in his chest, underneath a slab of metal from his armour, and the other was in his lower torso, just above his groin. The moons' light caused the armour to shimmer, its gems to sparkle, and its ornate gold trimming that lined the edges of the armour to glisten.

Two broad, metal, wing-like features extended majestically from his back, complete with short, golden, metal feathers that protruded from the underside of the wings. Between the pair of strong wings was a white cape with a deep, royal blue underside. The night breeze caused the white and blue cape to flow and ripple in the wind. It gave him a bold and gallant appearance as he stood atop the tall castle wall, gazing over the edge. The soft, golden eyes behind his helmet were deep in thought about the situation at hand. Despite the tranquil gold of his irises, there were specks of red underneath them that seemed capable of emerging and overtaking the gold. There was a faint sparkle of moonlight in his eyes as they stared down at the reflected moon in the moat. They gazed down thoughtfully until the sound of movement behind him got his attention.

"So, this is where you went," a voice said from behind him. The voice was light and soft – warm and approachable. It sounded as if two Digimon were speaking in unison. The fused nature of the voice gave it a dual echo that made it seem a bit otherworldly. "Alphamon."

The Digimon in question, Alphamon, turned around to see another knight directly behind him, walking over to the castle wall from a stone bridge leading to the main building.

The speaker was a humanoid knight Digimon, like himself. However, instead of black plate armour, he was adorned with white metal. He had a broad upper body with far apart shoulders. The left shoulder was orange in colour, and it donned a small, shoulder-mounted shield with the sun-shaped Crest of Courage engraved in the gold metal. It was known as the Brave Shield Omega. His right shoulder contained armour that was a contrasting blue colour, and, instead of a shield, the armour was lined with three spikes. In stark difference to these broad shoulders and pectoral muscles, the knight had a skinny waist that gave him an hourglass figure. The rest of his body was lithe as well. He had thin hips and long, slender legs, which were covered with pristine white armour from waist to foot. The armour matched the breastplate that covered his pectorals. The breastplate was designed with blue streaks that went inwards towards the center of his chest. Just below them, in the metal over his ribs, was an asymmetrical symbol that was a combination of the Crest of Courage and the Crest of Friendship.

This asymmetry was reflected in the slender Digimon's body. His left forearm was covered in a large, orange gauntlet in the shape of a horned, reptilian Greymon head. Although it was currently sheathed, the Grey Arm was capable of opening up and extending a massive blade from its mouth. The right arm opposite it was a deep blue colour that was in the shape of a lupine Garurumon head. In contrast, the Garuru Arm could also open and extend a large cannon from its metallic mouth. This Digimon, therefore, had components of both the Greymon species and the Garurumon species.

His lithe body, particularly at his waist and arms, was garbed in a black, leathery fabric. It was a body suit that he wore under his armour to cover his form. Like Alphamon, he had a long, flowing, white cape, except the interior was a striking crimson instead of a noble blue. It rippled behind his dashing, athletic body as he crossed the bridge onto the parapets. Behind his white helmet were light, cyan blue eyes that gazed at the black knight before him.

"Omegamon..." Alphamon spoke, his voice deeper than the fused tenor of his close friend. He eyed his second-in-command curiously. "You're up late."

"As are you," Omegamon responded, walking up to his side and looking out over the wall. "You seem like you have a lot on your mind. Are you still thinking about it?"

"No... I think I have made my choice," the black knight responded. "It's a... somewhat unorthodox one. Some of the others may be uncomfortable with it. He's not a traditional option for a new Royal Knight."

"Whatever it is, I'm sure they will accept your choice eventually," the white knight spoke, looking over at him with his reassuring blue eyes. "We all trust your judgement, Lord of the Empty Seat. Me especially."

"'Knight'," Alphamon corrected. He smiled slightly, betraying his scepticism. "And you say that now..."

"They got used to Sleipmon, didn't they?" Omegamon asked, putting a hand on Alphamon's shoulder. "It isn't about what's on the surface."

"I suppose you're right." Alphamon turned to him, returning the look. He stared at his white counterpart with resolve. "I'm satisfied with my choice, even if some of the others may not be. I fear that we will need his exceptional abilities in the future."

Omegamon gazed at Alphamon pensively. "Do you think that the cloud of evil is emerging once again, Alphamon?"

Alphamon looked out across the darkened landscape, as if gazing into the distant abyss. He closed his golden eyes, and a red gleam overtook the gold of his irises right as his eyelids shut. His instincts made him feel uneasy. Something wasn't right in the Digital World. He could feel it.

"…Isn't it always, Omegamon?"