OKay Kiddies sorry i havent been able to update and this chapter may seem werid but i got it from this video on youtube i highly suggest you watch it Its called [APH CMV] - Uninstall

, the cosplayers of VandettACosplay made this video so realistic it made my heart ace , i was hardly able to make it throught school today it was that sad .

Like all families they had one black sheep America had two twin brothers you know Canada but do you know the Confederacy . Its easy to say hes the exact opposite of America in personality excpet for the belive of wanting to do what he thinks best for his people . As America layed in the conferance room he came in , knocked out as the nations around the room where watching his dream to see how America saw them . Laughing as the nations gave him questionable looks yes they knew who he was but why he was here was what they where confuessed about .

" You fools , thats not the real Alfred , even in sleep he hides his true self in hope not to hurt but if your so desperate to find his true self then fine i'll show you " He walked over to America kneeling down andwaved his hand over America fore head .

Instantly the nice beautiful dream everyone was like melted away like blood and thier was a large field by the clouds one might say it would rain , just might , or prehaps it was a cloudy day .

America started running through the fields , by the looks of it he was eathir escapping from somewhere or running away . He looked terriffed but that didnt stop him from running he was running as fast and as hard as he could as he passed some trees he stopped and looked .

Their was he and Japan laughing and talking . America himself just gave a soft one laugh smiling at the scene then he turned completely around ad there was he and Japan again except this time it was during the war and after the tomic bomb had been shot , there on the ground collasped and gaspping for air but America was their with a gun in his hand pointed at him .

Grabbing his head America ran off again as he ran past some park benches he saw him self with Lithuvania lauging and talking . Telling Lithuvania his plans to improve the world and other such stuff . But as he turned around it was the depression and their he was telling Liet he had to go back to Russia .

America ran again running down streets past buildings he passed Japan and Liet in a building but didnt notice them . Then he just stands their still as people walk past him some nation but most regular people . Slowly he lifts his head and a single tear has slid down his face .

He came up tp a building and started to hit it England right beside him but America doesnt notice him how can he when hes useing the building to keep him from collasping. He starts running again and passes England without noticing him again .

Again hes in the field he runs and run but it seems to go forever he stops at a pond where he saw himself with France . He was pointing to somthing probebly talking about how to get a man to the moon . France started talking too and they laughed for a moment . America turns to see him kicking France a gun in his hands . He shakes his head and runs again .

He stops more quickly this time though there he sees hims playing around with Russia like two 5 year olds playing tag . But behind him lay the cold war guns pointed at each others heads just waiting to fire . America starts to almost hyperventalate but he keeps running.

He starts to beat this black brick wall until Canada grabbed him by the wrist . By this time his mind isnt fully there any more , hes angery and upset at himself he didnt mean or want to but he pushed brother down to the ground. Seeing what hes done he begins to back up only to back into another Canada who lookes just evil in the eyes , dead inside if you will . Looking like hes seen a ghost american ran down the street again until he hit this wire fence . Looking around he tried to find someway out . He gripped the wire before turning and running again .

Hes in the field again but this time theres a really light patch of snow on the ground . He passes a tall weed field where he sees himself as a colony again and there was England who was smiling like he use to before the revolutonary war. Colonial America ran up to him and almost took his hand until it turned into the Revolutionary war America grabbed England's wrist throwing him behind him , England charged back but America was quick and turned bloacking Englands attack throwing a couple punches himself . America himself couldnt take it he ran toward him trying to stop it but before he grab England they were gone .

He ran again through the wide open field but his legg started to give out but he kept trying until he collasped on the ground . He panted there for a bit forcing himself to get back up he walked with a limp and the nations he was terriable to came behind him . England put his hand on Americas shoulder but as he turned there was nothing .

( End america's nightmare the dream fades to black ... for now )

As the nation looked down at America most had tears in their eyes , England turned to the C.S.A and asked " Why did you show us this ? "

" Because all nations have terriable historys some better then others non the less ,we all make mistakes but we shouldnt be tormented by them, he is though , do you think that was the whole thing, oh no from each time an event happens a new bad an good memory get put into that nightmare, im glad you only seen some of it and not all , Have anyone of you a single good thing to say about my brother excpt the fact that you want him on your side at war , ... that what i thought my brother is no war machine he never wanted war , hell if it wasnt for englands taxes and inability to listen America would still be a colony and we wouldnt have some of the greatest things known to mankind , you all treat him like a peice of crap why dont you look at your own history i know he has "

The Confederacy leaves the room with his brother still passed out on the floor . The nations all glanced at each other before they looked back to America as another dream started to appear . Most hoping this wasnt as sad and misrable as the last one .