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(When I refer to the 'nightmare' analogy, I mean like in a movie when they focus on the face and spin out to show the person - unfortunatley, Hiccup does not have that perspective at the time, and he, at this moment, has NO clue what a movie is. XD Read on!

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I really was minding my business, seriously. I was. I wasn't doing anything, to anyone when I left. You know, more than usual.

Well…if you count touching the boot, being sucked about a zillion miles away…actually, I think I'll start from the top.

My name's Hiccup. I used to be the (rather dramatic title) 'Hope and Heir' to my tribe – that is, until I saved them all from a huge, monstrous (bad word choice, sorry) dragon we now get to call the Red Death. Of course, I started the whole thing by making best friends with a Night Fury – hmn. I don't really want to go into it, so I'll just assume you know these details of my life. That's highly improbable, obviously, but…you know. All you care about at the moment is that Toothless is my pet dragon.

Now, going back to what I was saying: a few weeks after our little Boneknapper adventure, when the air was cold but it wasn't snowy yet (very soon, though) was when it happened.

I was walking in the woods, playing hide-and-seek with Toothless. This was a very stupid idea. At first, Toothless didn't want to play (because 'play' for me is another version of 'smack into trees, fall on rocks, and sprain muscles I've never even heard of before') but once I proved I could stand up for more than five minutes without stumbling (a new record – even before I got the prosthetic leg) he really got into it.

If you haven't picked up on this already, Toothless is black, and the deep, dark forests of Berk are very good camouflage for him.

I sighed.

Man, I wished I wasn't the seeker.

But really, playing anything with Toothless was pretty hopeless. He won at everything. Especially since he's big, strong, fast, and can breathe fire. And can smell me, and – well, let's just say he's superiorly gifted. The only thing he can't do is fly – I have to help control the replacement tailfin I built him when I shot him down in fall.

Anyway – (I didn't think it was possible to distract myself so much) I was banging into things and having an overall magnificent time not finding Toothless.


And then I fell for the fourth time (usually when I fall, Toothless catches me, but then again – so into Hide and Seek, he wasn't paying much attention). This once, it actually really hurt. My skinny torso smashed into the ground, and all the breath was knocked out of me for a minute.

I gasped for a second, trying to return oxygen to my lungs, and pushed myself up. I frowned. In my little falling-down episode, I'd managed to get myself into a bush.

Now, when I say 'bush', I don't mean some scrubby little thing (that I recently learned existed) that you can see straight through.

When I say 'bush' I mean a bunch of leaves, branches, and whatever else packed into the space surrounding the person who has just fallen into the bush.


I tried to sit up, but if I did I would have probably sheared my face in eight different ways. I leaned back down, attempting to push myself out.

Scowling, I ducked my head, clear of the thick, heavy branches. I shook off the dirt and brushed my shirt down. Then I got to my feet and almost had a heart attack.

In front of me was a boot the size of a Monstrous Nightmare's snout. In other words, humongous. I could have used it as a bed a year ago…okay, fine. This year, too. Probably.

I didn't even think you could make a boot that big. For what reason? It wasn't like ours, but it did share the same general shape – but this one was made of some sort of leather, with laces the size of rigging.

I gaped. Really, there was nothing else for it, except clamp back on my strong urge to go inspect it.

That didn't last long.

Finally, after looking both ways, with no one jumping out with a sword screaming at me to back off, I edged closer. From a foot away (I really don't know how I missed it in the first place) I could tell that there were no footprints, leading to or away from the spot.

It was like…the boot had just…appeared.

I reached out, my fingers just barely brushing the hard leather. I turned my head. "Toothless? Did you see this? C'mere, bud!" A blue caught my eye, and, panicked, I whipped back to the boot, thinking Toothless had set it on fire. "N- wha?" It was pulsing, glowing, and as I watched, I realized my hand was stuck fast.

I tried to wrench it off, planting my feet in the dirt, but I just slid closer. I pushed against it with my other hand, and (stupid of me, huh?) then couldn't get that one off, either. I fell forward, losing my balance, my whole front glued to the boot. Beautiful.

I was self-pitying so much that I didn't even do anything when it flashed once, white, and everything disappeared.

My vision clouded over in bright colors (somehow, black was one of them…) and there was a sickening sensation as the world around me spun.

Then I dropped to the ground, (thankfully separated from the boot once more) and actually didn't even see it. Instead, I was lying on the grass, staring up.

You know those nightmares where you see yourself, and your vision spins out: slowly revealing more and more of the landscape surrounding the body?

It was exactly like that.

I sat up slowly, wondering what exactly that boot was, and noise exploded all around me.

Shrieks and screams that sounded like tearing metal (the unconventional way), thrashing, huge limbs flung against thick wooden bars.

Wait – wooden?

Fire? The heat crackled all around me. Who in Thor's name would put something firebreathing in a wooden cage?


It hit me like a ton of bricks.

I wasn't in Berk anymore, that was for sure.

And the four huge creatures trying desperately to escape, belted with leather to the ground, collapsing even as I watched –

It wasn't possible.

It couldn't be –