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I initially had only a few more scenes planned out, and it would have ended up as probably two chapters at the most. But I realized, after re-reading my last chapter, that the point of the story was made at the end of that chapter. That Kurt would be the kind of family Sebastian needs. And once I realized that I'd gotten there (in my head anyway) I realized that I just wanted an epilogue of sorts. So this is it. First half is set a few months after the last chapter, and the second half is set further into the future.

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Three Months Later

"I got in," Kurt's voice was full of disbelief, and Sebastian snorted at the look of shock on his face.

It had to have been the tenth time Kurt had repeated it since he'd opened and read his NYADA letter in front of Sebastian and Burt. Rachel had tried to talk him into opening their letters together, but he'd wanted to share it with just Sebastian and Burt. Sebastian knew it was because he'd been terrified that he'd get rejected while Rachel got in.

Kurt had instructed Finn to go be the one to be with Rachel while she'd opened her letter, which had been the one that involved a rejection. Their situations had been completely reversed from how Kurt had been imagining it. It had almost been like Kurt was talking himself into a rejection so it wouldn't hit him as hard if it actually had happened.

Finn had come back to the Hummel-Hudson house after spending a few hours consoling his girlfriend, and when he'd walked in, he had looked almost relieved to be there. One glance at his face and Kurt had known what Rachel's letter had said.

But since Sebastian and Burt were clueless about all things musical theatre, Finn had tried to tell them what the letter had mentioned. There was a reference to unprofessional behavior both on and off-stage. All in all, Finn had said that the letter had broken Rachel down completely. Her fathers had then given him permission to leave so they could console their daughter, because Finn had been muttering about not knowing what to do to make her feel better.

"Of course you did, Firebird. I was there at the audition remember? Gold pants. Black shirt. The hip thrusting shimmy that tore me apart. Do you not remember any of that? The glowing review from that woman whose name I can't remember but you can't seem to stop repeating? The channeling of Hugh Jackman? Of course you got in," Sebastian stood and changed spots in the booth at Breadstix, sliding in next to Kurt. They were meeting Dave and Chandler for dinner again and he planned to sit on Kurt's side in order to engage in some inappropriate under the table groping.

Sebastian had thought it appropriate to invite the other two guys since they were the ones that had celebrated Kurt's successful audition with them. The audition celebration had to be postponed for a day, a situation that Sebastian had not been happy about, because Rachel had completely tanked her audition. She'd expected Kurt to "be there" for her, and he had been.

But Sebastian, who still had a tendency to default to his asshole status, especially when someone or something was harming Kurt, had felt the urge to point out that just because she'd failed didn't mean that he couldn't celebrate his success.

Elphababe had nailed it, while Galinda had choked, he'd helpfully pointed out, and Kurt had snorted despite himself because the sentiment was true.

Sebastian had been extremely and probably annoyingly happy that she'd choked, because really?

The girl was just irritating.

Yes, she had pipes, but the only reason he'd attempted to blackmail her into dropping out of the competition was because Schuester always concentrated on her. He apparently didn't know how to create a setlist that didn't feature her, so if she'd been out of the picture, there may have been a little more of a chance for the Warblers.

His blackmail was more about setting Schuester up to fail rather than a toast to her talent.

"But I got in," Kurt repeated.

Sebastian snorted before leaning over to kiss him on the cheek, "Yeah, I know. I read the letter after you did. Then I read it again when you were convinced that you'd imagined the entire thing."

Kurt laughed and sipped his soda, "I got in there. And Tisch. And to both of the fashion programs I applied to in New York, so how in the world am I going to choose?"

Sebastian leaned back into the seat and put an arm around him, "You choose where you will be the happiest. I'm good. NYU dorm here I come."

"I can't believe that Uncle Rick sent in that recommendation for me."

"I can. He loved you when you went there. Jesus, he eats up the fact that you call him Uncle Rick too. It's disgusting."

"You're just mad that your family loves me just as much as they love you."

"More, in Ellie's case," Sebastian snorted and took a drink of his soda.

"Well, my dad loves you, so it's only fair. And Carole thinks you're the most charming guy on the planet, and where she got that idea is a mystery to me," Kurt turned so that he was partially facing Sebastian and pulled his leg up into the seat.

"She gets that idea because I am."

"Modest too."

"Of course," Sebastian nodded.

The changes over the past couple of months had been hard but also satisfying. Uncle Rick had offered him a place to stay over the summer, and so had Burt. When Kurt's father had heard what had happened that night, the night of the big blow-up, Burt had become immediately protective of Sebastian. Kurt had told him that might happen, but he'd never seen that before because he didn't "do" parents. The protective dad look was foreign to him.

Uncle Rick was the closest thing he'd had to an actual father, and he was tolerant and only came down on Sebastian when it was necessary. Ellie was still the closest thing to a mom he had, but Carole was slowly wedging her way in there as well.

Uncle Rick and Ellie, it turned out, had been contacting each other regularly to keep an eye on him. Uncle Rick had decided that the quiet and solemn defense was the best route against Sebastian's father. His advice to Sebastian had been to keep his nose clean and don't fight back. Fighting back had never gotten him anywhere to begin with, so he'd agreed. And in the long run, it had worked out.

Media had gotten wind of his father's manipulations, and Sebastian had been blamed in the initial fall-out. He'd had Mother contact Sebastian to demand to know if Sebastian had made "false" accusations to the press about a politician being openly oppressive to his homosexual son. He hadn't, of course, because he'd taken Uncle Rick's advice and had decided to lay low. But it had turned out that Uncle Rick had done it, and apparently he'd been planning it for a while.

That news had arrived last week, and Kurt had grinned when they'd caught a glimpse of Sebastian's father being questioned by the media about his political affiliations and his case record. Burt had been especially happy about that, and his role as a Congressman had made his little media blurb about supporting his son and his son's boyfriend even sweeter.

His father wouldn't suffer for actions in the long run, because he never did. He always seemed to talk his way out of it, but the pressure being put on him, even if it was short term, had been satisfying to watch. And as much as he'd like to have said watching it hadn't hurt, that would have been a lie. Watching his father attempt to worm his way out of the mess simply to save his career rather than as an attempt to make things right with Sebastian had hurt.

And Kurt had seen that.

They'd gone out by themselves that night. They'd walked and held hands, and Kurt had encouraged him to talk as much about mythology and his writing and his aspirations as he wanted. They'd talked about New York, and they'd hashed over plans for themselves for the four years that they'd be at college. Or more than four years if either of them decided to go further.

It had been a good distraction for him.

"I got in and Rachel didn't," Kurt said softly.

Sebastian turned to him, "It's okay to be happy for yourself. Would you expect Rachel to be quiet if she got in and you hadn't?"



"You always sound so smug when you use that word."

"Because I'm right, Firebird. It's okay to fly. As long as you fly back down to me every once in a while."

Kurt leaned in and kissed him softly, "Thank you."

"You're welcome."

"Hey hey. If you're going to engage in PDA, at least make it worth watching," Chandler smirked as he slid into the seat across from Kurt.

Dave laughed and slid in next to him, "Don't listen to him."

"I never do," Kurt smirked over at Chandler before sitting up in the booth and scooting closer to Sebastian.

Sebastian glanced over at Kurt to see if he was a little tense. He'd had a run in with Chandler during the first night they'd had dinner. Chandler, who'd appointed himself as Dave's champion, had cornered Kurt near the bathrooms the night they'd double dated. And apparently, they'd had a discussion about Kurt's comments to Dave and how they'd hurt him.

Kurt had told him a little about it, about how he'd responded to Chandler's accusations. Apparently, he'd admitted to feeling some blame about how Dave felt about himself, but he'd also brought up a discussion that Kurt and Dave had had back at the Lima Bean. And ultimately, the two of them had decided to make amends for Dave's sake.

Dave had gone after Sebastian as well, but he'd done it in front of Dave. About Sebastian's comments to Dave before his suicide attempt. Dave had been embarrassed, but he'd also looked a little pleased that someone was defending him so expertly. Sebastian had accepted Chandler's comments without argument, because they had been well deserved. And then he'd apologized again.

Dave had accepted again. And now they were okay.

Kurt was always a little tense around them, but Sebastian knew that was partly because Kurt had the underlying issues about his self-esteem. It had taken such a battering.

Sebastian had never known the old Kurt that everybody seemed to talk about.

His friends always seemed to talk about that Kurt. When they'd gone to the movies with Santana and Brittany, he'd heard stories of the Kurt from the Cheerios. The Kurt who'd challenged Rachel all the time. The Kurt who'd never taken no lying down. Sebastian saw glimpses of that Kurt now. And it was apparently the Kurt that Sebastian had always been able to bring out.

Santana had decided to take her scholarship to the university in Kentucky. It had taken a lot of discussion with Brittany, and some with Kurt, before she agreed to go. She'd decided to put the money her mother had given her into savings, for after graduation. Brittany would not be graduating this year, because of some craziness regarding her GPA, but she was planning to attend a dance school when she finally did graduate.

Sam and Mercedes were still together, but Sam would be in Lima for another year. Puck had applied to the university that would be closer to Beth, but he'd have to commit to at least one semester in Ohio before he could transfer credits over to the school in California.

"So how is everybody?" Dave asked.

"Good. Now do you have news or not?" Kurt leaned forward slightly.

Sebastian grinned because he knew Kurt would never let this go. Dave had actually graduated on time, despite the incident, because he'd switched over to homeschooling and had been allowed to take the placement tests independently. Chandler had helped him, and he'd been accepted to Ohio State. Chandler was a junior this year, but he planned to visit Dave at school on weekends and during breaks. Unless Dave came back to Lima.

"Yes," Dave grinned and he relayed all of the information that Sebastian had already known about.

"That's wonderful," Kurt grinned. "Dave, look who's coming to wait on us."

"Ah fuck," Sebastian murmured.

The waitress that hated Sebastian was assigned to their table tonight.

Dave grinned up at her when she approached the table. "Hi."

"Hello sweetie," she grinned down at him and smiled over at Kurt.

Her expression changed when she realized that their seating arrangement made it clear which two guys were paired off together. And she still disapproved of Kurt being with anybody but Dave. She clearly also disapproved of Dave being with anybody else either, if Chandler's expression was any evidence.

Chandler sighed, "You know. Every time we come here. Why can't you accept this?"

"I see what I see, young man."

"He loves me," Chandler rolled his eyes and glared up at her, causing Dave to hide his laughter in his napkin.

"Doesn't matter to me young man. Those two were meant to be," the waitress argued back. "Usual orders?"

They all agreed and watched as she rolled her eyes before turning away.

"Every fucking time," Sebastian complained.

"Shh. It's okay. The waitress doesn't have to love you," Kurt put his arm around Sebastian and tugged him in for a kiss. "I do."

"It's really annoying Dave," Chandler muttered.

"It's okay, Chandler. Not everybody can be as fabulous as me," Kurt snorted. "She'll get over it eventually. I hope anyway. It's hard being so lovable, isn't it David?"

Dave nodded in agreement, but Sebastian had to laugh when he turned and caught a glimpse of Chandler's expression and immediately backtracked.

"You're much more lovable than I am, Chand."

"Shut up."


Six Months After That

"What's your favorite part of our life together?" Kurt asked lazily, as his fingers traced patterns over Sebastian's back.

"Firebird, am I allowed to pick sexual stuff this time? Because the last time I answered one of these life questions of yours with a sexual answer, you elbowed me in the throat and then locked yourself in the bathroom for thirty minutes until I signed over exclusive blow job rights for a week," Sebastian smirked against Kurt's throat as he trailed his lips over the hyper sensitive skin.

"I'm sorry baby. I shouldn't have done that," Kurt laughed and kissed him on the temple.

"You're forgiven. But I'm not answering until I get your word that my jugular is safe."

"I might bite it, but otherwise, your throat is completely safe from me."

"Okay then. What's the question again? I got distracted."

"I'll make it easier for you. We'll do a Sebastian category and a Kurt category. What is your favorite part of our sex life? And then what is your favorite part of our life together?

"My favorite part of our sex life? Let me think." There was a sexy little smile on his face, and Kurt knew that he already had the part in mind, he was just pretending to have to consider it.


"It doesn't even involve actual fucking." Sebastian stared down at him. "There is this moment when we are just about to have sex. When you do this thing with your body that is completely unreal and indescribably sexy. You lay back, and you completely relax. You are so completely wrecked that you don't even realize how you're unconsciously spreading your legs for me. And your head tilts to one side or the other, and it's the point where you just give yourself to me, and you're mine. And you know that any moment I'm about to be inside you, and you start moaning in anticipation, and then I just lose it."

"Fuck, baby, that was the sexiest thing I've ever heard."

"I know. That was my intention. Now can you shut up so we can have sex?"

"No, not till you answer the other one."

"What's your favorite part of our sex life?" Sebastian countered.

"Mine will make me seem shallow. You're supposed to be the one who picks the shallow sex stuff. If I tell you mine, you'll win."

Sebastian snorted against his skin, "Tell me."

"When you play with my ass."

"Ah. The fingering? I know you love that."

"Yeah. That."

"Okay, so let's do that now," Sebastian replied.

"No. I want to hear the other part."

"Tell me yours first."

"How does this always get turned around on me?"

"Because you want to talk instead of fucking. That's how things get turned around on you. If you'd shut up and just fuck, I wouldn't win so many arguments."

"I don't like you."

"Fun, I don't like you either," Sebastian laughed.

"I hate it when you have a good point."

"See, I won again."

"Shut up."

"Would you get to the fucking point of this?" Sebastian laughed.

"Oh yeah. I love when we cuddle up on the couch while you read. I don't even care that you're reading instead of fooling around with me. Well, I care. But I love to watch you read."

"You can interrupt me to fool around though. That's always an option."

"I know," Kurt kissed him. "Now, what's yours?"

Sebastian sighed against him. "Okay. My favorite part of our life together. Is Sunday afternoons."

"Yeah?" Kurt grinned.

"Yes. My favorite part is when we have absolutely nothing else to do for the rest of the day, and we could actually just stay in bed and make love all day. And we do make love. But then we get up and go get coffee. Just because we can."