This fic is based off the Grimm's version of "The Frog Prince." In that version the princess does not actually kiss the frog. The princess drops her golden ball into a well. The frog agrees to fetch it as long as she will care for him, let him eat from her plate, let him drink from her cup, and sleep in her bed. She agrees but runs away once she gets her ball back, not intending to fulfill her promise. The frog arrives while the royal family is eating dinner, and reminds youngest princess of her promise. The king then insists that she keep her word. The frog then transforms back into a prince when the princess furiously flings him against the wall because she doesn't want a frog in her bed.


"Father!" The young princess bellowed as she raced down to breakfast. "Mother!"

"Some decorum please," her father replied. "Where is that frog you're supposed to be taking care of?"

"Oh, I'm getting to that," the princess said quickly. Her cheeks flushed. "I'm getting married!" She squealed.

The king raised his eyebrows. "To whom?" He asked as he sipped some milk.

"The man in my room."

The king choked on his milk, and the queen dropped her fork.

"My dear," the queen spoke up, "why is there a man in your room?"

"The frog that slept in my bed last night. He is actually a very handsome prince," the princess replied dreamily.

"This man slept in your bed last night?" The king inquired.

"Yes." The princess's voice was chirpy.

"Would you like to be married tonight?" He asked wearily.

"Do you mean it?"

"Oh, yes." Unfortunately, he added silently.

The princess squealed in delight as she threw her hands around her father. "I'm going to fetch him." The princess sprinted off.

As soon as the princess was out of earshot, the king turned to his wife. "My love, do you think it would cause a war if I poisoned our future son-in-law?"

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