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I didn't really get the excitement of senior year. It was just another phase of high school. Another year of bitchy girls and idiotic guys. Plus, there were still endless piles of homework. And not to mention the stress of trying to get into a good college or figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life.

On my first day, I woke up before my alarm clock went off, like always. I could never sleep past six in the morning; it was just one of my "things".

I had a lot of "things". I couldn't stand rap music, the smell of any kind of alcohol, cigarettes, or the color yellow.

All these things reminded me of memories from my past. It was practically a different life with a totally different family and a totally different outlook.

I was adopted when I was three by Alex and Brittany Fuentes. They took me in after my brother was killed and I was taken away from my alcoholic father.

Cruz, their son, was best friends with my brother, Rio, before he died. He was also one of my four adopted siblings. Paco was thirty-three, Alicia was thirty-one, Cruz was twenty-nine, and AJ was twenty-eight.

The oldest three were married while A and his partner Cam, were happy with just spending the rest of their lives together.

At first glance you couldn't tell AJ was gay. I heard stories from my family saying that when he was teen you could tell, but he dropped that once he started high school. Cam on the other hand was a total giveaway. He was a hairdresser in Chicago. AJ made his living by making jingles for radio and television ads.

I sighed and rolled out of bed. Neither of my parents were up yet; I could feel the stillness of the house.

I didn't have to be at school until eight and I wasn't the type of girl to spend all morning getting ready. I was the type of girl to grab my running shoes and go for a jog instead.

And that's exactly what I did. It's what I did every morning. My parents were used to me running and didn't expect me to be home when they got up.

Our neighborhood was full of people who ran early in the morning before work. We lived in a place filled mostly with doctors and lawyers. I hated running here.

So I ran where I used to live. It was so much calmer. Everyone up this early were mostly getting home from the graveyard shift. Nobody ran, but they all knew me and were used to me passing by.

"Hola, Zita," Señor Cortez yelled to me as I ran pass his house.

I waved to him and continued on my way.

I had a route that I ran every morning. I always stopped at the little cemetery at the border that divided the north and south side of Fairfield. I visited my brother. Rio's grave was what really woke me up in the morning. I couldn't function without going to see him.

I miss him more than anything. I was only three when he died, but I remembered him being my shield against my abusive father.

I didn't know where my birth father was. The day Rio died my father wouldn't answer the door and the police were forced to come in. They saw the condition of our house and the fact that I was hiding under Rio's bed while my father was passed out on the bed. The police took me into custody and my father disappeared.

I remember the night Rio died like it was yesterday. I remember sitting in the police station while officers talked around me in hushed voices. I was scared; I didn't know what was happening. Nobody would tell me anything.

Then two men showed up. Those men would forever be in my life. They were my uncles: Luis and Carlos. Luis scooped me up in his arms and I remembered crying for the first time about Rio. The police let Luis and Carlos take me back to their Mamá's house (my abuela now), and I spent the night crying against my adopted grandmother's shoulder.

Soon after, Brittany and Alex showed up and took me to their house. Cruz was in the hospital for getting hurt in the same gang-related action that got Rio killed. He was just as sad as me and understood the situation more.

That night was the first time I felt real emotional pain and was comforted by a parental figure. I had no idea that I was missing out on such a simple yet important part of life.

After I was done at the cemetery, I went back home. My route was a total of four miles. Once I opened the door to the kitchen, I smelt breakfast. Papá was over the stove scrambling eggs.

He shook his head at me. "You are not a normal teenager, I hope you know that."

I kicked my shoes off and smiled at him.

I was a girl of little words. If I didn't know you, I wouldn't talk to you. If didn't feel like talking to my family, I didn't. My parents were used to this, along with my siblings and uncles. People at school, however, just thought I was just quiet. I was the kid that nobody knew or recognized when they said my name.

I came across shy, but once you really got to know me I would show my true colors.

As I headed for the stairs Papá called after me. "Breakfast in a half an' hour!"

"'Kay," I called back to him and hurried towards the shower.

Mamá was scrambling to get ready for work.

"Hey, Baby! You ready for your first day of senior year?" She asked me.

I shrugged and she chuckled a little. "I guess not."

I smiled a bit.

Mamá was pretty. She had golden blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She also loved making herself up, shopping, and shoes.

"Good luck, today," She called after me as I walked towards the bathroom.

As I started the shower, thoughts of rain crossed my mind. Thunderstorms were another one of my "things".

When I was first brought to my family I was incredibly damaged. I wouldn't eat, I wouldn't speak, I wouldn't sleep, and I was deathly afraid of the shower or any rain that fell. When the first thunderstorm ripped through Fairfield, no one knew what to do with me.

I eventually got over the shower, but rain still sets me on edge and thunderstorms were worse.

Once I was done showering, I dried my wavy sandy-brown hair and put on the little makeup I ever wore- a touch of mascara and foundation.

After brushing my teeth I went to my bedroom to get ready.

My room was pretty simple. I got Paco's old room. When I moved in his walls were painted navy blue, but Papá repainted it a light pink. I had a desk, a full-sized bed, a dresser, a bookshelf, and a closet. I didn't need much but my parents still bought me a laptop freshmen year.

I raided my closet for something wearable. Mamá loved taking me shopping, but I hardly wore the things she picked out for me. I passed over the dresses and skirts Mamá had purchased and went with my favorite pair of worn jeans and a new navy blue v-neck. I grabbed my Nike high-tops, backpack, and soccer bag before heading downstairs.

Soccer was one of the things I loved in my life. I may have not been popular or outgoing but once I stepped onto the soccer field, I was better than any of the other players.

I wasn't surprised to find my brother, AJ, at the table,shoveling eggs into his mouth.

"Hey, baby sister!" He exclaimed with his mouth full.

Papá slapped him with a dishtowel. "Alejo, cerras tu bocca!"

A made a face and I sat down next to him.

"Where's Cam?" I asked.

"At work; he had to go in early today. Something about an intense photo-shoot."

Papá set down a plate of eggs, bacon, and toast in front of me then made one for himself.

"You're babysitting for Lia and Cruz after practice, right?" He asked me.

I nodded. "Cruz told me I should just stay over. He doesn't know when they're going to get home."

Papá nodded.

I took a few bites of my breakfast before getting up.

"Thanks for breakfast Papá."

He nodded. "Give your old man a kiss before you run off, though."

"And your brother," A added.

I rolled my eyes and pecked them both on the cheek before heading out the door.