"You need me? For what?" John inquired. "…" Sherlock sighed heavily. "I need you to have sex with me." He finally said. The doctor looked startled. "You need me to have sex with you? Um, let me think about that….NO!"

"John that may be out of the question." The vampire said. "Yeah? And what're you going to do? Rape me?" John yelled. The detective rolled his eyes. "No, I won't do that, but my choices are either have sex with you, never leave the flat, or feed more than usual. Which, the last, is quite dangerous."

"Do you…do you feed on animals or people?" John asked, slightly put off. "So you want the truth?" Sherlock question. The shorter nodded: yes. "Well…they're not very nice people." Sherlock told him. John could almost laugh. "Oh my god! You-I'm living with a man who eats people!" The vampire groaned. "To be fair, I drink their blood. Not eat them."

The ex-army doctor stared at his flat mate for half-a-second in astonishment. "Oh well that makes all the difference!" Sherlock laughed lightly. "You're so cute." He told John. John had stopped freaking out long enough to look at his friend. He blushed at Sherlock's words. "I'm not 'cute!'" Shouted John.

"No, actually, you're quite adorable." The detective stepped closer to his flat mate and pinched his cheeks lightly. "You're just a soft little human. I could just cuddle with you all night!" Sherlock said, intentionally trying to piss his friend off.

John growled and drew his arm back, ready for a punch. The vampire looked out the window to see that it had gotten dark outside. Sherlock looked back at John to see a fist coming at his head. The detective gracefully caught the hand and smirked at his friend.

The doctor gasped. "How did you do that?" Sherlock turned his mouth into a wide smile, showing off his teeth and fangs. "Vampire. Remember?" John groaned. "And you have special powers too?" The vampire chuckled. "Just strength, and only when it's dark out."

The shorter of the two rolled his eyes. "Whatever, show off." John finally noticed Sherlock was still holding his hand. "Um, blood sucking demon, want to let go of my hand?" Sherlock growled at the nick name his flat mate had given him and then smiled. "No, I don't think I do."

John rolled his eyes again. "Well what are you going to do then? Hold my hand until I agree to have sex with you? Oh, and while we're on the subject. Why do you need to have sex with me anyways?"

Sherlock dropped John's hand. "Um…" The vampire sighed, "My body believes that I have found my mate and my fangs wont shrink until I have sex with that person." The doctor pursed his lips. "So, can you tell it that it's wrong?"

The vampire chuckled at his friend. "It's not wrong John. It may not be physical attraction, but I know something is there." John gave Sherlock a confused look. "What do you mean by that?" The detective stared at John. "I'm, as much as I don't want to admit it, not entirely sure myself."

The shorter male laughed. "Well that's great! And what if we do have sex, and what if you stupid fangs don't shrink, huh?" Sherlock deeply sighed. "I know they will, I know for a fact that you're the one." The doctor laughed again. "And how do you know?" Sherlock smirked. "Easy, I used the process of elimination, and background information to come to the realization that it had to be you."

John glared at Sherlock then stomped out of the room, slamming the door behind him. Sherlock groaned, this was going to be difficult. Thoughts fluttered around Sherlock's head. What was he supposed to do though? He couldn't make John like him and want to have sex with him. He sure as hell wasn't going to force him either.

The vampire sighed and sat down on the edge of the bed. He wished that this whole ordeal wasn't happening, that it was just a nightmare. Why did he have to like John? Relationships just weren't for the detective. Sherlock looked over at his clock to check the time. He was too tired to think, which was weird because he didn't sleep.

Damn, this sucked. No pun intended.

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