Chapter One: Kallye Shepherd

Trauma happens to everyone, at some point in time we experience trauma in some form. It doesn't have to be blunt force, in fact more often than not, it's mental trauma. I used to think I'd be one of the lucky few who never experience personal trauma. I deal with other people's trauma everyday. I'm a surgeon, a third year resident. I've seen it all, but this job always keeps you on your toes and being Derek Shepherd's little sister doesn't make things easier.

My pager went off and I shot up in bed. I raced to pull on my scrubs. I ran downstairs and took a taxi to Seattle Grace Mercy West. I ran into the ER and met everyone in the ER bay

"What do we have?" I asked.

"Nine car pile-up." Dr. Webber told me.

"Oh my God." I breathed.

"You know the protocol." Derek reminded everyone. We nodded and Bailey and Meredith ran out to get the first ambulance. Derek's pager went off. "Crap. Mr. Clark is here to sue. I have to go handle this." He said and left, April Kepner hot on his heels. I got on a case with Callie; a little boy with a crushed knee.

"Where's my mommy?" The little boy asked.

"Can you tell me your mommy's name and I'll go find her." I asked.

"Jessica." He told me.

"Does she have the same last name as you?" I asked. He nodded.

"Dr. Shepherd I'll page you when we take him up to surgery." Callie told me. I nodded and stepped out of the trauma room into the chaos of the ER. I found Jessica on Teddy's OR table. In fact Teddy was closing up. Jessica's surgery had been a success and she was going to be okay. I went back and told the little boy that his mommy was okay. Then we took him to surgery. We ended up putting six plates in it to hold everything in place. I felt really bad for the kid. He was only eight. I worked with Callie the rest of the day.

"Do you want to get a drink with me Kallye?" Callie asked later when we were changing out of our scrubs to go home.

"Are you and Arizona still at odds?" I asked.

"Actually we're done." Callie said.

"Well I actually have a date with Mark tonight." I said. Callie nodded.

"Right." She muttered. I smiled and changed out of my scrubs. I still had three more years as a resident. I hated being a resident they still handled us like Intern's. Callie was a first year Attending. I pulled on my shirt and jeans and laced up my sneakers.

"Bye Cal." I said.

"Bye Kal." She said. I smiled and walked out of the locker room to find Mark. He was waiting for me in the lobby.

"Hey Kal." He said and kissed me.

"Hey." I said.

"Ready to go?" Mark asked. I nodded. Mark took me to a fantastic dinner and then back to his place. He gave me a beer. I looked down at it almost in disgust.

"What's wrong?" Mark asked.

"Can we get a real drink?" I asked. Mark laughed.

"I have some Scotch in the cupboard." Mark offered.

"I'll take a double shot." I said. Mark laughed and took the beer back. He brought a bottle of Scotch and two double shot glasses out. He filled each glass and we downed them together. We ended up finishing the whole bottle off. Then Mark started making out with me. Next thing I knew I was waking up in bed next to him. I had the worst headache ever. I buried my face into the pillow and begged for the pounding to stop. Mark's pager went off making my head pound even more.

"Mark." I begged. "Please turn it off." I groaned. Mark got out of bed and the pager silenced.

"Shoot. I have to run." Mark said.

"Please whisper." I begged. Mark chuckled.

"Okay. Bye." He whispered. I smiled but kept my face in the pillow. After a few minutes I rolled out of bed took some ibuprofen and got dressed. Then I went into work. My head was still pounding when I pulled on my scrubs. I grabbed my white lab coat and ran off to find Callie. On my way to find her I ran smack into Jackson Avery, the hottie from Mercy West.

"Good morning Little Shepherd." He said.

"Don't call me that. You aren't allowed to call me that unless you're originally from Seattle Grace." I snapped.

"Oh come on no need to be rude. You know you want to share your surgeries with me." He smirked.

"Uh that would be a heck no." I said and pushed my way around him. I met Callie at the Nurse's station on the ortho floor.

"Hey Dr. Torres." I said sliding in beside her.

"Good morning Dr. Shepherd." She replied.

"Sorry I forgot morning Callie." I said. Callie smiled.

"We have a knee replacement in twenty." Callie said and grabbed a chart. She turned and led me off down the hall.