A/N: This is a parody of sorts of The Scarlet Letter. Probobly one of the most painfully horrible books I have ever had to read. The author didn't know what conciseness was, made the most evil little daughter for the heroine, and overall wrote an unenjoyable book. Either way this is a little alternate ending for Scarlet Letter that is not to be taken seriously. Overly long descriptive sentences included.

Around the minister's lifeless body resting limply across the scaffold stood the people of Boston in utter silence. Some were shocked while others angered by the deception done unto them by the minister whom they exalted as nothing less than a saint of God who had no doubt obtained a position only a little lower than the angels of heaven and would receive many a crown forthwith to cast at his savior's feet at the end of all time, while others still waited in anticipation for some explanation to satisfy their confusion or affirm the words and events which they questioned the validity of; even the birds in the trees were struck dumb and all tongues ceased to wag, robbed of that natural power of human discourse with which God had blessed their daily lives. This unforeseen respite of colloquial sound durated what seemed in the minds of the spectators to be an eternity of silence until a giggle of childlike laughter cut into the crowd.

Little Pearl stood by the minister's body like a dark mischievous spirit, laughing in innocent glee at the state of her deceased father-by-blood whom she had moments ago showed unmatched sorrow-filled adoration for. Now above his corpse stood the witch-child in her dark sadistic manner, exuberantly smiling at the solemn occasion. This action reawaked in the minds of all men and women of Boston, who had previously set aside their discriminative thoughts of the child, a distrust and disturbance by her presence.

Chillingworth was the most touched by this occurrence and from his pocket drew out a paper which was found to be a will written out to the child herself and, despite his utter hatred for his patient Dimmesdale who had done such immoral acts of passion to his wife, inspired by the horror of her happiness found in the suffering of others, ripped the deed to a thousand pieces of leaf which flew away in a sudden gust of wind as if nature herself approved of his choice.

Pearl lived out the remainder of her days a sadistic mad woman, throwing rocks at children and giggling at their screams and bruises. She was forced to wear a black letter "S" for the remainder of her existence, forever labeled as a sadist, but, unlike her godly mother, rather than become something so beautiful as able, angel, or apostle, The meaning of Pearl's black letter never changed.