And here is the third act by the Little Terror :D! Longest piece yet for a reason.

Naruto meets his match with another little master manipulator. She's his lady counterpart being as sociopathic and manipulative and friendless as he and with an equal determination to completely crush those who she felt hurt her. But of course, she has it much easier than he does and an advantage that he does not have. But she knows how to set up the right situations.

So who's better at the game ;P? This is the final boss of the orphanage!

Warning: Dropped the 'c' bomb.


Sometimes you can't avoid punishment.

Meet Little Emiko

Emiko was a small girl for her age. She was one of the oldest but was so short and tiny, she could pass off as one of the youngest. And with her shiny, long black hair that curled in just the slightest way, her big, wide green eyes, her pale skin, and the fancy dresses she always wore, she looked like a living doll. This she used to her advantage. Passing off a sweet personality and by pretending to be frail and weak, the adults adored and doted on her more than the other children.

Emiko was too sweet to cause trouble. She was to tiny to be a hassle. Emiko was always polite and well-mannered. Emiko the doll, in the eyes of the adults, could do no wrong.

But the children knew better. She had a loud voice and an incredibly spoilt personality to go with it. Her material possessions and her perceived beauty were her life and when someone crossed her she screamed and shouted until they were punished and never left them alone afterwards. This Naruto was going to learn this the hard way.

"Isn't it pretty?" Naruto heard Emiko brag as she showed off her new, lacy pink and white dress(bought from a cheap thrift store) to the overalls and t-shirt wearing girls of the orphanage. Naruto saw her do a little twirl and the thought occurred to him that Emiko would be really cute, crush-worthy even, if she wasn't so rotten on the inside.

He felt bad for the other girls as some of them stared jealously at Emiko. Naruto knew that despite their claims of being tomboys, some of them really did wish they got the second-hand princess dresses and other girly things Emiko got for being such a 'precious, little, darling'.

But there was nothing that could really be done. Emiko had the adults wrapped around her tiny finger. The only thing those jealous girls could do was accept their slot in the orphanage and just grin and bear it. Or they could listen to Naruto and try and fight it, try and expose Emiko as the lying, arrogant, spoiled, grudge-bearing brat she really was. But they weren't interested in listening to Naruto because all of his attempts to fight his slot in the orphanage never worked.

Oh well. One day they'll snap and possibly do something they'll regret(but no one else will). That'll be entertaining to see, Naruto thought as he stood up and walked out of the puddle of mud he was playing in. He ran in the direction the girls were in because the old bucket and shovel he needed were right behind them.

Naruto was a fast kid with usually good reflexes, but when little Emiko twirled once more and one of the girls shoved her, Naruto couldn't move out of the way in time.

They both fell to the ground, Emiko cushioning Naruto's fall. Naruto heard the girls laughing and walking away, his sharper than average hearing picked up their whispered insults towards Emiko. Amazing that it wasn't him they were jeering. He would feel bad for Emiko if it wasn't for the events that happened afterward.

Emiko screamed and Naruto quickly got off of her.

"I'm sorry I-"

"LOOK AT MY DRESS!" Naruto winced at the volume but didn't wince when he saw the mud-splattered dress. The design looked kind of cool in his opinion. But he didn't dare say that to Ms. Vanity.

"I'm sorry! It was an accident! Just wash it off or something."

Emiko glared at Naruto fiercely. Her cheeks were red and puffed out and her green eyes were filled with fury. She then let out a loud scream and sobbed hysterically. Naruto panicked and tried to calm her down. He offered to clean the dress himself and said apology after apology. But it did no good.

"Emiko!" He heard one of the adults shout running up to them. He gulped. This woman was Ms. Mai, Emiko's greatest supporter among the adults.

"What's the matter?" The woman asked kneeling down and placing her hands on Emiko's hands. Emiko looked up with tears streaking down her face. Naruto could tell immediately she was faking. Where was the typical snot that came with such hysterical cries? Not to mention he has seen Emiko fake cry before.

"It was an accident! Those girls shoved her and I was running and I couldn't stop-" Naruto tried to say but was interrupted by Emiko's loud sniffles and her version of what happened.

"N-N-Naruto threw mud on my dress and shoved me to the ground!" She cried. Naruto paled.

"No I didn't! I ran into her by accident! I'm telling you those other girls, Satsuki and her friends-" But the woman wasn't listening. She hugged Emiko comfortingly and patted her back in an effort to calm her down.

"I didn't throw mud! Or even shove her! Look I'm covered in mud too!"

But Ms. Mai and Emiko glared at him and Naruto wondered when he would stop taking his own advice and just accept his slot in the orphanage.

Those girls got in trouble too. Naruto saw them moping the floor after dinner when he knew it wasn't their turn to do so. They were grumbling loudly about Emiko, some words boarding on disturbing.

Little did Naruto know that in just a another week's time he'd be agreeing with those very same thoughts.

Naruto knew Emiko held grudges and went after kids with a merciless glee once she decided she hated them. But a part of him imagined she would leave him alone. After all it was an accident, she got her revenge by lying, and he wasn't even the only one involved.

But she came after him.

Day after day, moment after moment, she hounded him.

During breakfast she'd sit next to him and set her plate to the floor and shout "MS.! NARUTO STOLE MY EGGS AND KNOCK MY PLATE ON THE GROUND!"

After that was chore time, where he and Emiko had laundry duty. Emiko would take her empty juice box from breakfast and set it on top of the washing machine while Naruto was gathering up the clothes.


During lunch once more she would again sit next to him, but this time she shouted,


During outside time she would always run up to him and shout, "MS.! NARUTO KEEPS SHOVING ME!" Even when he was facing away from her and just minding his own business.

During dinner she would sit across from him and glare at him. She did this the whole time, as she slowly ate what was on her plate. Her green eyes never strayed from his person. It was an intimidating tactic Naruto knew and he made sure Emiko knew it wasn't getting to him.

And finally, during bed time she'd kick the ceiling, "MS.! I CAN'T SLEEP BECAUSE NARUTO WON'T BE QUIET!" Even though his room on the third floor was down the hall from hers on the second.

He tried to tolerate it. It was annoying sure but not the worst he's been through. He wasn't even getting punished with isolation thanks to his broken lock and the lazy supervisor going on a long 'vacation'... At least, he wasn't getting punished right away. But each time she did made something up and blamed him for it and each time Ms. Mai, the one she always told, refused to verify perfect Emiko's story, hours and more hours of isolation were added. Once the lock was fixed, he was looking at quite a while of being locked in his room.

But she wasn't even going after those girls in the same way she was going after him. Naruto didn't even know if she was going after her previous grudges the way she was going after him. He was starting to get angry the more she harassed him. It was to the point that overhearing the other kids talk about her, even if they were insulting her, made his blue eyes darken and disturbing/threatening thoughts run through his mind.

It was finally on Sunday, exactly one week after the first time she got him in trouble that he snapped. She blamed him for something she always blamed him for, pushing her to the ground. Despite the fact that not a hair was out of place and there was no dirt or scrapes on her to show this, Emiko did anything short of tainting her beauty to get kids in trouble, the woman who favored Emiko above anyone else and always took her side, believed her.

Naruto was ready to burst. Ready to shout and just explain to the woman that she was being a complete tool for Emiko. But then she said,

"You little demonic child! Always messing with poor Emiko who did nothing to deserve your ire! That's it! I've had it! It's been a week of this and I can't let Emiko suffer like this anymore! It will take too long for the lock to be fixed so I will go to our honorable head lady and speak to her about locking you in the basement closet! Obviously knowing what will come doesn't stop you. So perhaps having it happen now will discipline you."

Naruto's mouth clamped shut and he turned as white as a sheet. Ms. Mai ignored his reaction and strode inside of the building. Emiko was smirking at him.

The...basement closet?

Naruto felt like shaking. He felt like bursting into tears. He wanted to cry loudly and beg the woman to reconsider. He would die down there! The basement closet was the worst place to be in the whole entire orphanage! It was even worse than the head lady's room! It wasn't because the basement was always pitch black dark, even in the day time. Naruto never had that childish fear. It wasn't even that it was small, much tinier than his room.

It was that it was haunted.

The building that they lived in was old, very old. And several kids have bragged about seeing a ghost in the basement. Some have bragged about hearing something in the basement even though no one was down there. Even the adults seldom went down to the lowest floor in the orphanage and when they did they always, ALWAYS, brought one or two people with them.

Naruto had never seen or heard the ghost. And he desperately didn't want to.

He shook where he stood as his feet were rooted to the ground in fear. Tears streamed down his cheeks but not a sound was heard coming from his mouth. He looked down at the ground and tried desperately to come up with a way out of it. But when Emiko said,

"I hope the ghost makes you ugly," and she turned around and walked away, her new green and white lacy dress swishing from side to side and an air of smugness coming off of her, his eyes darkened to a blackish-blue and he decided his next plan won't be how to get out of trouble, but revenge against the one who caused it in the first place.

It was night and Emiko couldn't sleep. She was still excited and proud of herself for finally getting the ultimate revenge against Naruto. It took a week and a lot of patience but it all paid off.

A little pain Emiko could take. It was something she was used to since she was surrounded by kids jealous of her. Those girls shoved her, but they didn't ruin her dress. They didn't defile her beauty like Naruto did. Her dress went through ten washing cycles but Emiko could not unsee the mud stains. It was ugly. The beauty was ruined. And it was all Naruto's fault. That's why she'll never forgive him. That's why she had to go after him. Pain goes away eventually, insults from jealous people did not touch her, but ruin beauty just once and it's gone for good.

Her mom, a beautiful model, taught her that. She called her beautiful, precious, dainty, and lady-like every day. She told her, "Emiko, beauty is the only thing that can get you anything you want in this world. Remember that."

And she did. She protected her beauty and her beautiful things in the same way her mom use to until that man stabbed her in the face and ruined it all. Her mom's beauty was gone for good after that. But it paved the way for Emiko, who could similarly get almost anything she wanted.

Well, except friends.

But she didn't need friends. It was a 'friend' that ruined her mom's beauty and so Emiko decided they were an utter waste of time and not worth it at all. And it angered her how she was almost forced to make some after Naruto ruined her dress. Stupid Naruto. The only thing that frustrated her now is that Naruto's punishment won't be implemented until next week. He had a meeting with the Hokage in a few days and they wanted him to be in tip-top condition.

That annoyed her too. Why did Naruto get to meet with the honorable Hokage? Why couldn't she meet with him? The only times she got to see him is when he visited, but even then he gave his attention to everybody and not just her! It wasn't fair. She wanted to dine with the Hokage alone. She wanted one-on-one time with the kind, village leader. Why did Naruto get special attention?

Emiko was stewing in anger in her top bunk because she wanted to meet important people too. Important people plus a beautiful girl like her led to many glorious opportunities and anything she wanted no matter the cost. No more second-hand dresses and cheap make-up.

She rolled onto her side when she heard it. Light footsteps. Too light to be an adult's footsteps. Emiko frowned. It was way past curfew. No kid was supposed to be up and walking around now or else they will be punished, even her. Emiko was a light sleeper and always woke up to the slightest sound. The last time she remembered waking up to a child's footsteps was when Naruto was holding that stupid thieving-in-exchange-for-this operation.

But ever since Shinji stopped that it hasn't been started again. Or has it? Could Naruto be up to no good again? If so then she should stop it. Maybe Naruto will receive his punishment earlier then.

She quietly slipped out of her bed and crept to the door. She opened it the slightest bit and frowned when she didn't see anything. But she heard the footsteps down a level so she quietly went out of the room and walked down the stairs. Emiko wasn't as afraid of the dark as some of the other kids were, but she did feel nervous creeping through the dark, silent building. Once she reached the first level she still saw no signs of Naruto, but she still heard footsteps. They were near the front door.

Gulping slightly, she made her way forward. A part of her wanted to turn around and run up the stairs and call for an adult, but another part reminded her that because she was awake too she would also get in trouble for leaving her room. She needed to be smart about this. The best way to get the perpetrator, in this case Naruto, in trouble and avoid trouble herself, was to find a way to blame him for her being up. Something like...he came into her room and dragged her out of bed while she was sleeping as part of a revenge plot.

It could work. Her roommates snore so loud they wouldn't notice a thing. Now she just needed to catch Naruto in the act. Racing forward she paused when she saw the front door ajar. Strange she didn't hear it open, and this was one of the doors that always creaked. Not to mention leaving the building itself? There would be major trouble for her if she got caught without Naruto. Even would punish her out of worry.

But she steeled her resolve and squeezed the doorknob. She jumped when the door opened some more and made a loud creaking noise. As she got her heart rate down she tiptoed out the door and noticed that outside was much darker than she had anticipated. Weird because usually the lights on the gates went on when it turned night. Something about the sun power or something. But now they were all off, as if they didn't have any power at all.

It scared Emiko. What also scared her, was that she couldn't hear the footsteps anymore. It was completely silent except for the natural night time sounds. And she couldn't see Naruto at all, even when she looked around. But it wasn't possible for him to disappear that fast. The yard was just too big. Was he inside? Did he just open the door to throw her off? Was he now walking up behind her to shut the door and let her get in trouble with the adults for being out?

Clever. But not enough. She quickly jumped and turned around and grabbed onto the door, whispering, "Nice try Uzumaki! But I caught you red handed and you are not getting away with this!"

But as she grabbed onto the doorknob, the door swung a little, creaking all the while, and hit nothing. Naruto wasn't standing behind it. Nor did she see him as she stared inside. She didn't hear him stomp his feet and curse at being outwitted. She didn't hear anything.

She was alone. And now she was getting scared.

What if...she didn't follow Naruto?

What if...she followed someone else?

...Something else?

The ghost in the basement, no one ever said it had to stay in the basement. Emiko's breathing picked up a little. She felt paranoid and scared, like she was being watched. She quickly turned around and to her unimaginable relief she saw a flash of an unmistakable, blond spiky-do disappear behind the front gate.

She sprinted forward and once she got out she confirmed her eyes weren't playing tricks on her. Naruto was heading straight for the forest. Emiko didn't have time to think how odd it was that Naruto could sneak around without her hearing him. She needed to catch him. This would only work if they were close to one another as leaving the orphanage was a serious offense. And Naruto was going into the forest?

He was really going to get it.

She ran forward, going over her plan once more. Catch up to Naruto, grab onto him(she'll have to jump on his back for she was smaller than he was), and scream. Once an adult comes, preferably Ms. Mai since she always took Emiko's side and favored her so much more than the other kids(to the point that it slightly creeped her out. Emiko may not have been a nerdy bookworm like the dumbass of the orphanage, but if she didn't know better she'd say that woman was in love with her), and then she would claim that Naruto dragged her out here while she was still sleeping and was planning on leaving her there so that she could get in trouble.

It was perfect! All she needed to do was get on Naruto. Emiko paused and slowed down in her running.

Where...was Naruto?

Was she so in thought she didn't notice-oh! There he is! Spotting the yellow flash, Emiko picked up her pace in that direction. She resolved to keep focused on Naruto.

But it proved harder than she thought.

Either Naruto was fast or she was slow because it looked like he was getting farther and farther away from her. And he kept twisting and turning, going left and then right, turning around and then going a different way. Emiko was starting to get tired and she wondered if this exhaustion was affecting her because now it looked he was in two places at once! She'd see the flash in front of her but then in the next second it'd be beside her. She didn't know which was Naruto or an animal or what but she was starting to get scared and tired and paranoid because in the next second...Emiko stopped.

She was alone.

She looked around her, all around. Nothing but the faint outline of the trees and the shrubs. No yellow flash, no Naruto. Where was he? Where was he? The black-haired girl spun in place looking almost desperately for her sole human companion. She tried to relieve her fear by focusing on annoyance.

It annoyed her how Naruto of all people knew the forest so well that he could navigate it in this darkness and make her get lost. It annoyed her how scary Konoha's forest was because Konoha was supposed to be a safe haven. It annoyed her how if worse came to worse and she had to scream for aid, she would get in trouble for being out well past curfew.

But all this annoyance did very little in a long run as the minutes ticked by and Emiko was still alone. How could Naruto leave her out here alone like this? The forest was especially dangerous at night, specifically for a small girl such as herself. She knew they were enemies and that her recent actions meant that Naruto owed her zero favors, but he seriously wouldn't leave her out here to die would he?

Would he?

Emiko let out a loud but short yelp when the bushes beside her rustled. Placing her hands over her mouth she stared fearfully at them. Was that an animal! A large, scary animal with razor sharp teeth that would gobble a young girl like her up-Emiko let out a another scream when she heard the leaves in the large tree rustle.

There was no wind so that definitely had to be an animal sorts. It rustled in the same way as the bushes. Was it the same animal? Could an animal really go from the ground to the top of a tree that fast? Where was Naruto? Why wasn't he leading her out of here? Emiko needed to go back to the orphanage! She needed to-Emiko gasped and fell back.

Was that a shadow? Something darted in front of her eyes! She saw it something moved! It looked big! Or was it? She didn't know! But she was scared and-

"STUPID NARUTO THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT! I HATE YOU! YOU MAKE BAD THINGS HAPPEN AND I NEVER WANT TO BE NEAR YOU AGAIN-AHHHHHH!" Another scream came from her mouth when she glanced up and saw blue eyes staring at her. They disappeared as fast she noticed them but now she was completely terrified.

She wasn't here alone, there was something she couldn't identify with her. For once she wanted Naruto here, but at the same time she wished for someone else because this always happened. Naruto was a bad omen and she knew the moment he ruined her dress that being around him would cause something bad to happen to her again.

Tears streamed down her face and her body shook with sobs and fear. She was on her knees not knowing what to do. Run? Or wait for whatever it was that was stalking her to finish her off?

Then a branch on the ground broke. Something smacked against the tree. There was a weird 'haaaaaaah' noise that did not come from her mouth everything was rustling, the bushes, the tree branches, the leaves, but there was no wind everything was moving so fast Emiko stood up and back up crying and shaking wanting to wake up from this nightmare in her safe, little bed when she backed into something.

It wasn't a tree, but it was alive. It was breathing against her. Warm breath ghosted across her ear. And then she heard a very, soft...


Her scream pierced the night before she fell forward in a dead faint.

Naruto was laughing like there was no tomorrow.

He was rolling on the ground and clutching his stomach. It went off very well. There were a few close calls, he lost her a few times, and he was worried at various points that the crazy bitch would run back and get an adult.

But she didn't!

And so she suffered the consequences! Because he wasn't supposed to be the one who suffered with the scary ghost. She should be the one because she lied all the time. Looking at her Naruto hoped he didn't accidentally scare her to death. It wouldn't be great if all his hard work ended in a death. But his unusually sharp senses picked up signs of life coming from her...along with something else.

Naruto burst into laughs again. "Ahahaha! She peed herself!"

Indeed there was the distinct scent of urine coming from her. And wasn't that a new nightie gown? Well. When she wakes up she can't blame annnnnyone else for soiling that one.

Speaking of which, Naruto succeeded in the revenge plot he wanted. Sure he couldn't get at her for her lies, little bitch had too much advantage over him for that. But he was satisfied with putting her through the scare he was going to go through. This meant that leaving her out here for the forest's completely friendly, nocturnal creatures was out of the question.

Best to drag her on back to the orphanage so she can wake up hollering over there and give everyone else a headache.

With that objective in mind Naruto grabbed her ankle and dragged her on the least rocky path back to the orphanage. He wasn't about to pick her up because ew.

This was a good idea he thought. Knowing this crazy cunt, she probably would've woken up and blamed him for dragging her out here despite her following him on her own account.

Ms. Mai was worried. She was pulling her curly dark brown hair and her green eyes were wide as she paced back and forth.

Sweet, darling, Emiko wasn't in her bed! She had gotten up in the middle of the night on a whim to check on her only to find her precious little girl missing! And not only that, but the front door was open!

Now Ms. Mai was walking back and forth in front of the front door. All the lights were on and her coworkers were doing their best to calm the children down from the excitement Ms. Mai caused when she realized Emiko was gone. They did a head count and found out that every kid was accounted for. Even the demon brat who was still sleeping soundly in his room under the covers. Normally Ms. Mai would spare a few thoughts dedicated to wishing he was suffer under those sheets, but now all of her wishes were dedicated to Emiko's safe return.

She had told the ninja all she could, but she was still incredibly worried. One of the men had mentioned that some people heard what sounded like a young girl's scream before she called them.

She prayed it wasn't Emiko. Not Emiko. Ms. Mai couldn't stand to lose another daughter. She couldn't. Her first daughter left her when a pot fell off of a window sill and landed on her beautiful, little angel's head. And now Emiko, her new angel needed to survive and come back to her. Because she was the sole reason she was here. She wanted to make sure the girl with the long black hair and green eyes that reminded her so much of her once tomboyish daughter would make it in life.

She couldn't have failed again. She could not. Have. Failed.

A knock on the door made her jumped. Ms. Mai rushed to the door and it made a very loud creaking noise as she swung it open. There was no one in front of her, so she instinctively looked down. She put her hands over her mouth and let out a muffled scream.

Emiko laid on the front door step. With leaves and twigs in her hair and on her clothes and dirt caked on her once unblemished skin, she was a spitting image of Ms. Mai's first and only daughter. But why was she in the state she was in? Why was her gown nearly ruined? What was that smell? It was vaguely familiar to the woman who worked with children all day.

With all of these questions running through her head, she called out for her coworkers and then gentle picked up the little girl and held her close. She was still alive, Ms. Mai was relieved to note, but she still worried. Rocking the unconscious girl back and forth, she hoped that for once, the medics will get here in time.

On the third floor, the window to Naruto's room was opened. A soaking wet Naruto who smelled like flowers quickly hoisted himself in, careful not to land on the moving 'lump' under the covers. He lifted the sheets up and grinned at his four fox friends, who oddly enough grinned back.

"Thanks for covering for me guys. I bet they didn't even come into the room to make sure it was really me under the covers."

All four foxes shook their heads. Despite their job being done they stayed cuddled up with Naruto when the boy went to sleep. Naruto was a special friend to the many foxes in Konoha and they did what they could to keep him safe and happy. And they would continue to do so no matter what.

It was a brand new day but same old paperwork.

Sarutobi would think the excitement that happened last night would change things up a smidge but nope! Still the same. But it was strange how a girl mysteriously disappeared from the orphanage only to mysteriously show up on the doorstep. She was a little scratched up and dirty but otherwise unharmed thankfully. Sarutobi actually just heard that she woke up not too long ago which was great news.

He thought about visiting her personally to see if she was okay, but the only free time he had this week was dedicated to Naruto and he could not-would not-retract that. Hopefully he could send her some flowers then. He'll have to send someone to find out what kind of flowers she liked.

Or maybe not as at that second a woman he recognized from the orphanage rushed into his office. But he was slightly concerned as her normally well-kept curly, dark brown hair was messily thrown up into a half bun and her green eyes were wide with distress.

"Lord Hokage! I have news about Emiko! She told me everything!"

Sarutobi frowned. "The little girl who got lost?" He then leaned forward giving the woman his full attention. Normally cases like these would be handled by underling ninja. The fact that she is bringing this straight to him meant it was pretty big. His mind raced with scenarios. Another village tried to kidnap her. A missing-nin from Konoha or an S-rank ninja got a hold of her. Would he have another Cloud scandal on his hands?

But what the woman said, shocked and confused him more than any of those.

"It was the Kyuubi jinchuuriki! He did it!"

Naruto? He'll look past her slip up because there was no one around here who didn't know. At Sarutobi's skeptic look, the woman explained.

"Emiko was screaming about him Lord Hokage. You should've heard her! She was screaming about monsters and animals and kept saying his name! She said they were in the forest and that he-"

"Hold on," the Third Hokage cut in. He will admit that her explanation distressed him, especially when she mentioned monsters and animals, but something confused him.

"As I recall there is a strictly enforced rule about the children and forest. Something about them not being allowed there correct? So what were Naruto and...Emiko doing there?"

The woman looked Sarutobi dead in the eye.

"It's obvious!" She spat. Her tone had a hard edge to it. "The Kyuubi jinchuuriki was sneaking off and Emiko was just being a good girl and trying to stop him."

"How are you so certain Naruto was the 'bad' one in all of this?" He asked. Admittedly there was some credibility to the assumption. He cared a lot about Naruto, but he knew the boy was a troublesome child that was highly curious. Sarutobi would almost go to say that Naruto was attracted to danger and thrill. But despite his suspicions Naruto himself has been well-behaved at all of their meetings. And he wasn't oblivious to the hatred and discrimination the boy faced thanks to what his father did. He needed to make sure this wasn't another one.

But the woman actually stomped her foot and looked angrier.

"Because he's always causing trouble Lord Hokage! Day in and day out I get complaint from Emiko about how the Kyuubi jinchuuriki did this horrible thing and that horrible thing. He has been messing with her constantly and so I find much reason to believe that she is telling the truth!"

The Third Hokage narrowed his eyes. Not only was this woman disrespectful and unprofessional, stomping her foot and getting angry in his presence, but she is raising a lot of questions here.

"Tell me something," he began, "How is it possible for Naruto to lead a girl into the forest far enough to get her lost, scare her by pretending to be monsters without her realizing it is him, and then get her back to the orphanage relatively unharmed? All of this in the dead of night?"

The woman opened her mouth to speak but Sarutobi wasn't finished.

"In order for Naruto to be able to do that he'd have to know the forest so well that he could navigate it blindfolded in his sleep. And in order to do that, he'd have to be in the forest often. When I first put Naruto in the orphanage's care, you all made it clear to me that no child was allowed outside of the gates without permission or supervision and that no child was allowed into the forest. You all also promised me that I would have a detailed log on what Naruto does there and not once was 'trip to the forest' written on those logs. Naruto also never tells me about how you kind, intelligent people take him to the forest during our meetings which means there is absolutely no record of you taking Naruto to the forest." Sarutobi was full on glaring now.

"So help me understand how that is possible that Naruto was behind what had happened to the little girl last night. Unless none of you are watching him like you should and have been lying to me this entire time."

Sarutobi didn't want to overwhelm the now pale, shaking lady so he only let out enough killer intent to make her break. Bowing lowly she started apologizing.

"I'm sorry Lord Hokage! I'm so, so sorry! Please forgive me for my rash assumption! In fact, I do recall checking his room and seeing him asleep under the covers so it couldn't have been him. I'm so sorry!"

It was what he was looking for but the old man couldn't let it go at there. There was something else the woman said that disturbed him.

"You were also saying that this girl says Naruto constantly messes with her right? All the time? Show me proof of this harassment. After all if Naruto is being a constant nuisance to one of the kids then I should know about it right? To correct his behavior? Why don't you bring the girl in so that she could tell me about Naruto and what you have done to correct his behavior."

The woman stiffened where she stood.

"Unless of course, she is also lying."


It was sad. It was completely tragic how impressionable, young kids can feed off of the stupidity of the adults. A young girl lying about Naruto harassing her, and for what? The approval of the adults that hate him too? Tragic. Now Sarutobi was certain he made the right decision.

"I'm so sorry Lord Hokage! I didn't realize...I'll do my best to make sure it never happens again!"

"Actually I'll do my best to make sure it never happens again. You are dismissed from my office."

The woman wasted no time in getting out of there. With a sigh, Sarutobi leaned back in his chair. He wondered if Naruto will ever get past this. It was ridiculous how a little girl gets lost in the woods and talks of 'monsters' and the first thing that comes to their minds is that Naruto did it. It was Sarutobi's theory that the girl went off on her own, ran into some animals, got scared and ran back in a blind panic before passing out on the door step.

Poor Naruto. The girl's constant lies about his behavior probably put him in an irredeemable light if he wasn't in one already. Well then that settles it.

In return for his good behavior and undeserved punishments, Sarutobi would treat Naruto out to ramen when he told him the good news. After all Naruto deserves to be as happy as possible when he gets rewarded with his new apartment.

And done!

The crime: Put Naruto in a scary situation(and annoy him A LOT!)

The punishment; Scare her in return and 'ruin' that beauty that she loves so much.

Just so you know, this sounded a LOT less disturbing in my head which was basically, girl annoys Naruto, Naruto gets her back by scaring her a bit so that she'd leave him a lone. But I kind of went far with the characters lol. Emiko has issues and needs therapy obviously.

Also note how even with the disadvantage Naruto still makes it work for him. Indirectly, but it all worked out.

And is there a ghost in the basement? Or are the kids exaggerating?

Note: I tried to be stylistic with that large run-on. Hope it worked...

And now for a real NOTE: This is NOT the last one. Just because Naruto has moved away from the orphanage, doesn't mean his days of vengeance are over. He now has the Academy kids to torture hehe.

In all seriousness I have about 3 more stories planned. After that we'll see.

Please tell me what you think!

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