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Sebastian was 30 minutes late, and Kurt was starting to freak out just staring through the window looking for any sight of a certain meerkat. The two of them hadn't contacted each other since the kiss and honestly, Kurt almost had a panic attack because he couldn't decide if falling for Sebastian, the king of fuck and dash, was a good thing. Kurt was also scared at the way Sebastian kissed him back. Was it just because Sebastian wanted sex, or at least some form of physical connection and Kurt was just there, throwing himself in.

Kurt swore that his brain was about to explode when Sebastian pulled up the drive way. Kurt ran to open the door immediately and braced himself to face Sebastian for the first time since the kiss.



Awkward Silence.

Eventually, Sebastian helped Kurt load his bags to the back seat of the Porsche. The pair didn't say anything to each other for the first thirty minutes of the drive. Kurt clenched his hands into fists on his thighs as inconspicuously as possible. He wasn't sure if he was nervous, scared, or all of the above. He was still thinking what he should say about the other day. He knew they had to talk about about it at some point but...

"Sebastian!" Kurt scream when Sebastian suddenly stopped the car.

Luckily there were only a few cars on the road so they didn't cause a scene. Well, up till when Sebastian got off the car and started pacing back and forth. Kurt watched him with worry and got off the car as well.

Kurt walked towards Sebastian "Sebast-"

The blue eyed boy was cut off when Sebastian suddenly turn and pressed him against the car "What are we?!"

"What?" Kurt asked with confusion, his face a mixture of lost, worried, and shocked; he was absolutely sure he'd be the first to break on this subject.

"What are we? What is this between...us?!" Sebastian press both of his hands on the car trapping Kurt between him and the car.

"I-I...don't know."

"Kurt I-fuck, I don't...I don't do relationships."

Kurt looked down at the ground. "I know." The words came out just barely a whisper and he wondered for a moment if Sebastian heard him at all but was far too worried he'd mess up this already messy moment and kept his eyes glued to the road.

"But...it's you. You're driving me crazy." Kurt looked up at Sebastian immediately.

"Are you- What are you trying to say?" The question came out so weak, Kurt so scared he got it the wrong way.

"I want you Kurt, I want you in a way I've never thought I'm capable of wanting! I never thought I can feel heart ache anymore after what my father did to me. But then you just pop into my life, turn my world upside down, and now I can't think straight whenever I'm near you! It's confusing, and scary but in a good way I guess because, I always want more of these things I only feel around you. It's like I can never have enough of you! Do you get what I mean?!" Sebastian literally shouted the whole speech at Kurt's face in one go, like he was scared that Kurt might interrupt him and say no.

Kurt looked at the taller boy with wonder stricken eyes like he'd just seen the most curious thing in his life, words lost to him, only wanting to look and observe more of this fascinating side to Sebastian.

"Kurt, please fucking say something for god's sak-" Sebastian started, only to be cut off by Kurt grabbing his face and crushing their lips together.

Sebastian didn't hesitate this time, the response was immediate and there was only that heat between the two with the hard press of lips, teeth, and twining tongues. Kurt cupped Sebastian's face when they eventually broke off as air became a nagging need, each boy panting as they took dizzying breaths.

"I want you too." Kurt said with a shy smile. "I didn't know it before...but it was you I wanted all along. Your everything was already there and in my mind there was always something wrong about me and Blaine. It's because he's not what I want."

"Kurt-" Sebastian choked out, his voice slightly broken, because, wow he never thought Kurt would say that.

"It's you. I want you. Whatever this is, no matter what will happen. I wanna try it, with you. Is that-is that okay?" Kurt asked softly.

"Yes. Very okay. We'll figure this out." Sebastian broke out a smile when he planted another quick kiss on Kurt.

"Okay." Kurt nodded. "I think we should, um, maybe get back to the car." he suggested after another moment of loosing himself in Sebastian's (adoring?) stare.

Sebastian laughed "Yeah, let's go, we don't wanna be too late."

"I can't believe you confessed to me, on a sideway." Kurt stated with a disbelieving laugh after he finally calmed down from the event.

"Are you complaining?" Sebastian arched an eyebrow at him.

"Well...it is quite dusty and very not romantic."

"Wh-" Sebastian began, his eyes darting from the road to the brunette in his passenger seat.

"But I like it." Kurt offered with a fond smile to the taller boy.

Sebastian let go one of his hand from the wheel and reach to hold Kurt's. A smile spread across Kurt's face as he took Sebastian's hand. "Romantic enough for you?"

"Not even the slightest." Kurt teased and gave a small squeeze.

"Hey I'm trying, cut me some slack."

Kurt laughed as he leaned in and gave the boy a kiss on the cheek. "Your reward for trying okay?"

Sebastian nearly almost lost control of the car. "Shit, Kurt I'm driving!"

"Sorry! Sorry!"

"Well, you can make it up when we get there."

"About that..."

"Jesus, Kurt I'm not trying to jump you. Relax."

"I'm not saying that, well, I hope you don't do that too, but I'm hoping maybe we can not tell everyone yet."


"It's Lucas birthday party after all, I don't wanna steal the focus, I already know the boys are gonna ask a lot of thing once they find out. Also...I don't know how break the news to my friends in glee club."

Sebastian stopped the car suddenly, earning few horns from other drivers. "What? Kurt! I'm not good enough for you? Is that it? I finally pour my fucking heart out for you and you still don't wanna give us a chance?!" Sebastian's voice is filled with anger and hurt and it hits Kurt that Sebastian is regressing; feeling rejected by Kurt like he was rejected by his father.

He quickly reached to cup Sebastian's face. "No! It's not like that! It's because of Rachel. She used to date this boy Jesse who was from Vocal Adrenaline and it ended up that he was just using her to spy on us. Since then she puts up a whole drama whenever any of us mention anyone from other show choir. She even gave me A Talk when I started hanging out with Blaine just as a friend. I don't want her to put on any pressure on us now with her inevitable interrogation. And I know you said this is all new to you. This is going to be something serious for both of us and I don't wanna mess this up either. I don't want everyone to start questioning us or judging us when we've only started trying this thing between us because I want this. I want us to work. We can take it slow, or casual if this makes you feel better because I'm not gonna let go of this second chance with you. You're not the only one scared of being in a relationship. Now, I know I want different things, I'm learning this as well."

"Kurt I-fuck I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have..." Sebastian's voice cracked a little, he hated himself for scaring Kurt. Not putting enough faith in him because this boy in front of him could possibly be the best thing in his life, and he's not brave enough to trust him.

"Shhhh, it's okay. You're not the only scared here. I'm scared too. But I really really like you Bas. I don't wanna let you go. We don't have to label ourselves boyfriends or anything. Not yet anyways. Not until we figure out what we are."

"Okay." Sebastian said with a rigid nod and took a deep breath before he took hold of the wheel and started back on route.

"Okay." Kurt repeated and gave him an assuring smile and snatched Sebastian's right hand from the steering wheel and enjoyed the contact.

The pair finally arrived at the town house, only about 30 minutes later than their plan no thanks to Sebastian's racer like driving skills. (Next time we go out, I'm driving! / Don't pretend you don't like the speed babe.)

"Do all of your families houses look this grand?" Kurt asked in slight awe as he took in the sight of the masterpiece of a building in front of them.

"Well, momma's grandfather was architect in France, so she inherited the high standards of properties and all things design as she grew up."

"I can tell, Edie's got great taste." Kurt smirked at Sebastian.

Sebastian didn't bother to fish his keys so he rang the doorbell "What's that look suppose to mean?"

"Well, first, you wore pop collar."

"That's-" Sebastian began to say only to be cut off by an excited Lucas opening the door to greet them. Well, more like shout at them.


"Hi, Lucas, and a late happy birthday to you." He greeted as Lucas hugged Kurt tightly and the boy smiled a little too happy to Sebastian's liking.

Stupid brother.

Lucas ushered them into the house and put Sebastian's bag in his room and Kurt's in one of the guest room, where Kurt would be staying. A few of the Warblers were already there and in the middle of a heated battle of Mario Kart.

"Trent you suck ass." Jeff teased when he beat the boy, again.

"Ugh not fair!" Trent huffed out his frustration.

"Trent, honey, let me help you." Kurt walked over with his HBIC mode full on as Trent handed over the controller.

"Kurtie, you can't be serious. No one, I mean NO ONE has ever beaten Jeff in Mario Kart." Nick said with proud look to his boyfriend.

"Until today." Kurt said with a confident smirk. "I'll prove you wrong."

Even the other boys sat down on the couch behind them just to see the match but Sebastian arched an eyebrow at Kurt with doubt.

"Watch and learn boys." Kurt sat down on the carpet next to Trent "Don't worry honey, I will kick little Jeffrey's ass for you."

"Kurtie, I don't wanna see you cry." Jeff found Kurt's confidence very cute.

But then, after about 10 rounds of losing, Jeff finally gave in and handed Kurt the title of King of Mario Kart.

"God damn it Kurt! How did you do that?!" Nick pretty sure his boyfriend is this close to actually bow down to Kurt.

"Practices make perfect." Kurt smirked at the boys.

"I'm not sure any of us could have beat that record." Flint looked at Kurt with awe.

"Yeah keep trying, Finn and Puck have been trying to do that for a year already, and Sam made it like his mission of life since he moved it."

"Wait, who moved it?" Sebastian asked.

"Sam. He lives with us now. He had some problems at home, Finn and I offer him to live with us..." Kurt tailed off as he realised that Sebastian didn't look too happy and the boys were staring between them.

"Oh, I'm starving! Food!" Lucas broke the awkward silence.

As soon as the word 'food' came out, all the boys changed their focus and all the boys went to the kitchen / dining area where the food was all set up along with a very expensive collection of alcohol at the little bar table in the corner of the room. Sebastian went straight to the bar and opened a bottle of merlot and pour himself a rather big glass of it. Lucas gave him an odd look and the older boy just shrugged. The boys decided to move most, well all, the food to the living room while they set up the little home cinema and started giving each other presents.

Lucas got various very high tech gadgets and toys from the Warblers and Kurt gave him a special edition vinyl of Mogwai. "Kurt! This is awesome! Thank you!" Lucas exclaimed and hugged him a little longer than necessary.

"I'm glad you like it." Kurt smiled with a little awkwardness and something like guilt as his eyes flicked onto Sebastian for a spilt second while he pressed his lips to a thin line like he was trying to stop himself saying something really rude.

Neither of the boys noticed that the other Warblers saw the whole eye contact exchange.

Sebastian ended up with the biggest gift. All the Warblers, Lucas and Kurt together gave him a Gibson 70th Anniversary John Lennon guitar. "Guys...wow, that's-thank you so so much." Sebastian smiled so big he thought his face was gonna split in half.

Kurt couldn't help but smile as well. Lucas talked to him about all the Warblers wanna get something big for Sebastian and asked if Kurt wanted to be part of it as well. Even Kurt didn't pay as much of a share as the others because really, how could he possibly pay that much, but he was so happy that Sebastian like the present.

And Kurt thought that he might actually be the star of the night, not Lucas, with all the Warblers absolutely spoiling him with so many designers accessories that he was pretty sure he would not be able to afford in at least 5 years time.

"Boys! That's too much...I can't" Kurt feel a little embarrassed with the amount of gifts because now that he think of it, his presents for the boys were really cheap.

"Stop it Kurtie, we like to spoil you." Jeff patted his shoulder and winked at him.

"Beside, you're a designer buff, don't even try to deny with the way your eyes lit up like the fucking sun when you saw the scarf." Nick smirked.

"Well, it's Hermès!" Kurt couldn't help running his hand on the silk scarf in that bright orange box.

"Also, the Alexander McQueen brooch looks great on you!" Trent grinned. Kurt lightly touched the feather brooch on his shirt, Trent insisted him to try it on once he opened the box.

Flint ruffled Kurt's hair playfully "Little Kurtie, I think you should put your presents back to the guest room before you get too exciting and break any of them."

Kurt instantly dropped the scarf back at the box and not dare to touch anything like everything around him is fragile glass.

David laughed out loud "God you are still so endearing."

"Yeah go ahead and laugh, I don't care, I'm gonna wrap myself in Hermès tomorrow." Kurt rolled his eyes.

"Seb, what's your present?" Lucas asked suddenly, and the boys all just noticed Sebastian had yet to give Kurt a present.

Sebastian put a red leather box in front of Kurt, and not only Kurt, but everyone in the room recognised the gold border pattern that pressed along the edge. Kurt gasped at the look of the box, hands slightly shaking when he reached for the box. "For me?" He looked at Sebastian with surprised and slight disbelief.

"Well, that seems fitting for a princess like you." Sebastian teased Kurt with an arrogant smile but his voice is filled with happiness.

With one more look at Sebastian, Kurt opened the box and his jaw dropped.

"Holy shit, is that a vintage?" Jeff asked once he moved closer to look what's inside a box.

There, inside the luxury red leather box, sat a vintage Cartier watch. Gold rectangle frame with black leather band.

"I..thank you. It's really beautiful." Kurt's finger brushed along the gold frame gently.

"Fuck, Sebastian you might as well just give Kurt a ring." Nick gave the tall boy a knowing smile.

Kurt and Sebastian avoided eye contact for a moment. "I'll just go put them in the room first. Thanks again guys. These are gorgeous I can't thank you enough."

"Put your lovely new fashion collection away and quickly come back to join us for some drinks." David patted him on the shoulder.

By the time Kurt came back to the living room, music was blasting through a grand set of hi-fi, and holy shit...truth or dare.

"Kurtieeee, come here!"

Kurt walked over like he's going to his execution and gingerly sat down next to Sebastian. His (maybe) boyfriend gave him a comforting smile before he slightly shifted on the floor like he was getting into a comfortable position, and their thighs were touching. Kurt bit the inside of his cheek as he did his best to hold his smile back a few notches at the feeling of Sebastian trying to get closer to him.

After a few rounds of the game, Kurt found out Wes actually did make out with David during their junior year, he wasn't really surprise though. Flint called his girlfriend and asked for phone sex which led him to leave the game about 5 minutes ago. Thad was dared into having to run out the front door and shout 'I just had sex' so loud Kurt thought it was lucky that the people were either having a party themselves or they were out, or the boys might have gotten a warning from neighbours. However, the one dare Kurt enjoyed the most was when Jeff gave a rather hot lap dance to Nick, earning so many cat-calls and whistles Kurt wondered were they really drunk or was his gaydar defective in picking up on a few people.

"Kurtie, your turn! Truth or dare."

"Dare." Kurt replied instantly. He doesn't do truth all the time because he's scared of people asking something really private.

Jeff and Nicked exchange a look with each other before they said at the same time "We dare you to have seven minutes in heaven with Sebastian."

Kurt's face got paler, if that's even possible, as he looked at Sebastian with uncertainty.

"Go on boys, the big coat closet next to the stairs." David pointed to the direction and said it like an order.

"David, you're beginning to sound like Wes." Kurt sighed

"Don't try to change the subject Kurt. That's a dare!" Thad gave him a devious smile.

Kurt slowly got up and looked at Sebastian. "Well, that's just get this over and done with."

"Just be careful with your claws princess." Sebastian smirked.

"Oh yeah, like I would like to go near you meerkat."

The pair tried to put up the 'I-Hate-You' scene in front of everyone but a few of the boys behind them were covering their mouth with their hands trying not to laugh.

Kurt got pushed against the side of the closet once the door was closed behind them. Sebastian wasted no time to attack his neck with his mouth.

"Oh..." Kurt moaned, tilting his head back to give Sebastian more access.

"Shhh babe, we're not suppose to enjoy this this much remember?" Sebastian whispered against his ear as hot hands roamed over his body.

Kurt bit down on his bottom lip as he tried to keep quiet, his arms draped around Sebastian's shoulders, fingers combing through his hair. Sebastian's hand kneaded Kurt's back and slowly ran down as he kissed Kurt, eagerly swallowing his groans when he squeezed Kurt's ass. Using his own legs to spread Kurt's apart, Sebastian settled between them and rocked his hips against Kurt's who was already half hard. "Umm,Bas..."

"Fuck Kurt, I should just take you right now, so hot."

Sebastian was licking Kurt's jawline, one hand cupping Kurt's ass and pulling him closer as the other started pulling the hem of Kurt's shirt up. Kurt gasped when Sebastian's hand worked its way under his shirt and met his skin, the boy took the opportunity to kiss him harder, nibbing and licking along his lips and oh that felt amazing. Sebastian was grinding his hardness against Kurt's thigh, making the boy go weak at the knees.

Suddenly, the mood was completely ruined when there's a knock on the door "Hey love birds, that's like 10 minutes already."

The boys freeze and slowly untangled themselves from each other and, after a quick tidy up of themselves, they walked out of the closet only to see the Warblers standing in front of them as a half circle, blocking their way out, smirking at them.

"Huh, so Kurtie, do you wanna explain that...?" Jeff pointed at Kurt's neck.

Sebastian looked down and chuckled "Oh, I left a mark there."

"What?!" Kurt covered his neck with his hand, he could tell his face must be tomato red.

"So, spill." Nick eyed the pair with a glare that said 'don't-even-think-about-getting-away-from-this'.

"We're not..." Kurt looked down suddenly found his pants very interesting.

"Kurtie, really? You're trying to deny it?"

"Do you honest think you two can hide this?"

"You were doing a lousy job trying to cover this to be honest."

"First, Sebastian couldn't even hide the way he practically undress you with his eyes..."

Kurt looked at Sebastian with a glare, and the boy shrugged.

"And Kurt, you basically blushed whenever you look at Sebastian. Really, don't even dare to deny it there's something going on between you two."

Sebastian cleared his throat "We're taking this slow."

A few of the boys looked at him with disbelief, because really, Sebastian Smythe who always wanted nothing more than a quick fuck whenever meeting a new gay, now wants to take things slow.

Kurt looked up as well, shifting a little closer to Sebastian "We, still have a lot of things to figure out, so we don't wanna label anything just yet..."

"And don't tell Anderson about it. We don't want New Direction to fuss over us." Sebastian said, and he felt Kurt's hand slip into his palm, holding him gently.

Jeff and Nick didn't miss the gesture and they smiled "Well, finally. The sexual frustration between you guys are unbearable since you walked into this house."

"Now that the cat's out of the bag, I can have so much fun seeing Sebastian got whipped." Flint laughed.

"I'm not-"

"Yes you are." Jeff, Nick and Lucas said at the same time and Kurt tried to hold back a laugh with hand over his mouth.

Somehow, Lucas and Kurt end up in the kitchen alone. Kurt was trying find something non-alcoholic while Lucas looking for snacks when Kurt sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Lucas, stop staring at my ass." Kurt said while he was digging through the fridge, didn't even bother to look at the boy.

"How would you know what I'm staring at?"

"I can feel it." Kurt shook his head slightly while pulling a box of orange juice.

"Well, I have eyes. It's hard not to look when you wear those pants." Lucas pouted and gave Kurt the cutest puppy eyes he ever seen.

Kurt put down the drink and reached to hold Lucas' hands "Lucas, listen I'm sorry..."

"What for?"

"Last time you asked me if I liked Sebastian, I didn't get to tell you-"

"But you did tell me you don't like me that way. I get it."

"It's just...I don't wanna cause any trouble between you and Bas, you're a great guy. Really."

"But you don't like me."

"Lucas..." Kurt frowned a little.

"Hey, it was a joke! Relax. I get it. " Kurt let out a relief sigh.

"Kurt, I know I just can't force someone to like me. And to be honest, you and Seb are really quite obvious. I knew I didn't have a chance, but I said I was going for you, I thought it might hit his nerve or something so he would man up. God knows it took him long enough."


"I actually wanna thank you."


"You brought him back. He acted all like he had fun sleeping around, but he was like a damn robot before. He feels now. He feels about you. You make him notice about what he's feeling again..."

"He brought me back too." Kurt smiled with so much affection when he thought about it.

"Thank you for making him happy again." Lucas hugged Kurt and Kurt returned the hug without awkward feeling because he knows Lucas is truly happy for both of them.

"What are you two doing?" A voice asked, interrupting the moment.

The boys broke off the hug and found Sebastian leaning against the doorframe looking at them with a 'Are you serious?' look, well, more like looking at Lucas.

Kurt patted Lucas shoulder gently and walk out of the kitchen, his whispered. "Talk to your brother." when he past Sebastian and gave him a light kiss on the cheek.

The Smythe boys sat at the bar corner, drinking silently.

"Do you still like Kurt?" Sebastian asked after a while.

"Does it matter? He likes you, not me."

"But you like Kurt too..."

"Are you saying you're going to give him to me if I said I want him?"


"There's your answer." Lucas smiled, taken another sip from his drink.

"That's it?!"

"I might like Kurt, but I love you more Seb. You're my brother and I'll always love you so, if Kurt is the one makes you happy, the one that make you brave enough to feel again, then I'm happy for you two."

"Jesus where did you learn to talk like that?!" Sebastian chuckled rather a embarrassedly. Lucas wasn't his little brother anymore, he's almost a grown man and Sebastian suddenly realised he missed an awful lot of time seeing his brother grown up.

"Well, things happened while you're away. Momma and dad, fighting..."

"I'm so sorry man. I should've been there with you."

"I'm good. Dad was awful...I'm glad you weren't there to hear those things."

"Well, at least he knows how to keep his mouth shut now."

Lucas clinked Sebastian's glass "Well, get your ass out there and spend time with Kurt."

"Speaking of ass, stop staring at Kurt's ass."

"Are you jealous brother? Well, I'm still friends with Kurt and I'm sure he doesn't mind a friendly hug from time to time." Lucas stuck his tongue out at Sebastian.

"Put that thing away before I tell you where my tongue's been on Ku-"

"Eww, jerk, get out!"

Sebastian threw his head back and laugh out loudly as he walked away

"Bas...no. We can't...oh god-" Kurt was cut off when Sebastian pushed him down on the king sized bed in his room. Somehow the two escaped from the Warblers and their teasing questions about how far they've gone and now Kurt's shirt is unbuttoned, half hanging on his one side of his shoulder while Sebastian was removing his own shirt.


Sebastian smiled and rolled his eyes fondly as he threw kissed Kurt. "You talk," he began to say and stopped to press a kiss to Kurt's flushed cheek. "too," a lingering kiss on the lips. "much." he finished and landed a soft kiss on the boys neck.

Kurt gently pushed Sebastian away a little "Bas..."

Sebastian pouted "What...?"

"I thought were agreed to taking things slow. This is nowhere near slow. Don't you think?"

Sebastian sighed with a slight frustration and shuffled on bed next to Kurt, arm around his waist pulling the boy close to his chest. "You're right...sorry."

"Don't be. I just don't want us get carried away with the sex. We'll still have a lot to...deal with."

"Right." Sebastian nodded, and rested his chin on top of Kurt's head while he buried his face into his chest "Maybe we can start dealing with talking about the Sam guy."


"He lives with you. Under the same roof, with you."

"Sebastian Smythe, are you jealous?"

"I neither confirm or deny." Sebastian mumbled, but he felt Kurt's smirk against his skin.

"Sam is a really nice guy, he's a little nerdy. He's the nicest straight guy to me, he's practically my brother now."

"Sounds like you like him a lot."

"I like you a lot more." Kurt assured and planted a gentle kiss on Sebastian's chest "Much much more."

Even though Kurt couldn't see his face but he knew Sebastian must be smiling.

"Are we seriously not getting New Year's fuck?"

Kurt laughed "No. What about New Year's kiss and cuddle?"

Kurt pulled back a little just give himself enough room to look up at Sebastian before the boy leaned in for a kiss and wound his arm tighter around Kurt's waist. Kurt felt warm and comfortable and also a little excited about the coming year.

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