It the very last chapter
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Ch: 6 The Final Chapter

"Rocky!" Cece yelled as she knocked on the frout door of Rocky's apartment.
The door opened but to Cece surpise it was Ty that was behind it. "Hey Ty. Where is Rocky?" Cece questioned.
"With Deuce" Ty informed Cece
"Really!" Cece exclaimed "What are they doing?"
"Swapping poems" Ty told her.
"Wait… as in the poem that Rocky wrote about Deuce?" Cece gasped.
"Rocky likes Deuce!" yelled Ty in shock.
"Calm down" Cece told him "I wasn't supposed to tell you that"
"Come on" Ty said as he pulled Cece behind him.
"Where are we going?" Cece asked.
"To find Rocky and Deuce." Ty informed her

As they reached the front door Cece said "About time"
"What?" asked Ty confused. Cece pointed at Rocky and Deuce who were making out.
"Really why did she have to like Deuce" Ty complained.
"Well at least he will respect her" Cece told Ty
"Still if Deuce breaks Rocky's heart I will kill him" Ty told Cece
Cece laughed "Had a feeling you would say that."
Ty smiled "Come on lets go back inside"
Cece smiled back at him and followed Ty back inside

The End

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