We wanted to play with OOC situations. So we decided to make the characters do things that we would do... Erm, so far it's silly things that we would do. Though, the following isn't necessarily something silly. We'll explain why it's not silly afterward. Anyway, this will be updated as often as we find inspiration. Which very well could be never.

Arthur Pendragon of Camelot sat at his desk. He had been fretting over matters of state, and he had become engrossed and frustrated with it. Besides, it was so cold that Arthur found it quite impossible to think straight. He needed to complain to Merlin about how ridiculous some of these things were. Where was Merlin anyway? It seemed like the king had given his servant some chores that required Merlin to leave the chambers. But they shouldn't be that time consuming. It occurred to Arthur that his boots were in dire need of a good polishing. Arthur resolved to order Merlin polish all his boots when that lazy servant finally came back. Except for the pair that was on his feet. There was no way Arthur was going to take his boots off right now; it was too cold. Was that fire getting a bit low? Arthur rolled his eyes. No wonder it was cold in here. And to make matters worse, there was no fire wood near by to fix this. Arthur was going have a long conversation with Merlin about this.

At long last Arthur heard his chamber door open. When Arthur looked up he felt his jaw drop. Merlin was soaking wet.

"What happened?" Arthur demanded, he didn't know if he should be angry or concerned.

"I don't know what came over me," Merlin muttered dazedly as he shook with the cold. "I was struck with a sudden fear that it was going to be gone when the sun came out. So you see, I had to stop and play with it."

"What?" Arthur furrowed his brow. "Merlin, this isn't playtime... What were you playing with? And why are you all wet?"

"The snow," Merlin chattered.

"Merlin, listen to me very carefully." Arthur said threateningly. "You are going back down to Gaius. Then you will get into some dry clothes. And come right back here. Also you will stay out of the snow. Do you understand?"


"Because if I hear that you have so much as stuck your toe in the snow... I will make you take another set of lessons from George."

"Arthur don't you think that is a bit," Merlin paused, "extreme?"

"Nope," Arthur replied firmly, "By the way, Merlin, if you're sick tomorrow. You will still be working."

Arthur smiled tersely as Merlin shot him an indignant look. He didn't know if he would actually carry out that threat. But it will teach Merlin not pull stupid stunts to avoid work.

Little did either man know that there were menaces roaming around Camelot and brandishing an out-of-character stick.

Now, before you make fun of us, realize that we live in the southern U.S. We are lucky to get half an inch of snow for half a day in an entire year. The snow really does melt when the sun rises! We have to play with it while we can.

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