Morgana sat in her hovel plotting to take over Camelot. She felt rather of proud of her shiny new elaborate plans. No one would stop her this time.

Then something happened that drove any scheming out of her mind. She was struck by a desire to bake cookies. Well, more of a desire to eat cookies. She didn't necessary need to make them in order to eat them. However, if someone else made the cookies, she wouldn't be able to eat the cookie dough. That wasn't acceptable at all.

After making the batter and eating half of it, Morgana finally began roasting the cookies in a pan over the fire. Then she began enjoying them in their cooked form. After eating her third - or maybe fourth - cookie she decided that she should probably share a cookie or two. Morgana, munching as she went, gathered up the goodies and headed to Camelot.

When she got to Camelot, for some reason, no one wanted any of her cookies. Well, it was their loss. More for her! She was fine until she was arrested. She couldn't understand why they were accusing of poisoning her precious cookies. If she poisoned them, then she couldn't eat them. Granted, she had a bit of a stomach ache. But it was worth it!

Several hours later, Morgana, still nursing a stomach ache, sat in her cell. She wondered what had possessed her to try feeding Arthur, Gwen, Merlin, or Gaius perfectly harmless cookies. Nauseated, Morgana rolled over on her side. Maybe those cookies weren't so harmless.