It Was My Youth...Chapter One

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This takes place after Digimon 02. Joe is in Pre-Med school, and Mimi has skipped a grade in school due to tranferring ideals in America, so she, Sora, Tai, and Matt are all Seniors in High School. T.K., Kari, Davis, and Yolei are just entering High School as Freshmen.

Anything else? Oh, don't be upset that Tai and Sora are already a couple in this. I promise, I'll do something romantic with them. I'm just starting this thing! (And I write looooong stories.)

It Was My Youth
(Seishuun Dettane)
Chapter One

Mimi hadn't changed very much. But she wasn't the least bit ashamed. In the real world, a girl of her caliber could go places!

Could it already be seven years? Had school kept them that occupied?

Why was she even thinking about it?

The eighteen-year-old Mimi was going through boxes of old clothes. There was a community garage sale for charity this weekend, and she had little use for such thingsas these.

She held up a faded pink hat. It was so longsince she held it. She looked back to the box in front of her. Beneath the hat was her pink dress. With a blissful sigh, she rested her hands on the box's edges. Tears stung her eyes.

What a snob I've beenshe thought. Seven years, and not a word from me. Where are they now?

She rested the hat back on the clothes, shut the box, and set it aside.

"Mimi! Let's load these things into the car!" her mother's voice called from downstairs.

"Okay!" Mimi called, and picked up one of the boxes with a huff.

The drive to the auditorium was grueling. The traffic was backed up for miles. Mimi stared out of the passenger's window silently.

Mimi's mother smiled, glancing at Mimi. "What are you thinking?"

Mimi blinked, and straightened up. "Just watching the cars."

Mimi's mother nodded. "I hope you're not too bored there."

Mimi smiled back at her mother. "This wasn't exactly my idea of a shopping trip."

"Just think of that little girl who will be blessed with your darling clothes from 5th grade." Mimi's mother said.

Mimi looked back outside. "If we ever get there."

Mimi wasn't the least bit impressed by the community center. The walls were faded; the carpet was a drab burgundy colorcertainly not an ideal place for a thinly spread eighteen-year-old girl!

Mimi began to wonder why she agreed to even go along

and these boxes! Weren't there any male volunteers around with a few manners?! She shouldn't have to carry such a heavy load without some assistance!

With a grunt, Mimi managed to lift the box onto the table. She wiped her brow, and opened the box to unload everything.

"Mimi! One more box still needs to be brought in!"

Mimi rolled her eyes, and walked away from the table. "Coming!"

"Tai's just a little too eager to help out, wouldn't you say?" Sora and Matt walked behind a tall boy with wildly spiked brown hair.

The blonde boy shrugged. "Let him. I don't see any harm in him flexing his muscles."

"Yeah, until he pulls something." Sora retorted. "I'm not carrying him if his back gives out."

"Don't look at me, Sora. He's your boyfriend, it's your responsibility, not mine." Matt folded his arms.

"I think Sora should carry him, since she's the one Tai's trying to impress by doing this." T.K. chimed in next to his brother.

"He knows plenty well that brawn impresses me very little." Sora turned to Matt's little brother.

"Y'know, I may not be able to see very well with these boxes in front of my face, but I can hear you clear as crystal." Tai was holding a stack of three large boxes, and although his footing was steady, the boxes were certainly not.

"Hey, squirt, I thought you had something else to do." Matt rose an eyebrow at his fifteen-year-old brother.

T.K. gave Matt a blank stare. "I never said that."

"Really? I could've sworn you had something else to do." Matt repeated through clenched teeth.

"huh?" T.K. blinked again cluelessly.

"I think Matt's implying that he was planning to pick up some girl while here, T.K." Sora winked, and Matt glared at the shorthaired redhead. "And, no offense, but you're not a kid anymore, so you kinda cramp his style instead of improving it."

Matt scoffed, "Yeah right, Sora. What do you know about style?"

"Hey," she grabbed Tai around the waist. "I got me a guy. Don't tell me who doesn't have style!" She kissed Tai on the cheek.

"Heh!" Tai blushed and staggered, almost dropping the boxes but he managed to recover.

"Oh brother." Matt rolled his eyes.

"What?" TK leaned in.

"Didn't you have something FUN to go do now, T.K...?"

"No, I don't think so."

Matt stared at his brother. Then, with a sigh of defeat, he pulled out his wallet and handed him five dollars. "Here. Doesn't that arcade game over there look like fun?"

"Wow. Thanks. A WHOLE 5 DOLLARS! That'll keep me busy for at least, oh, 7- no! 8 minutes! How cool!" T.K. droned, and flatly glared at his brother.

Matt took the five from him and handed over the remaining cash. "Beat feet, will ya already?!"

"Okay!" TK ran off beaming. "Wow! I'm gonna buy a soda and a burger and a new hat!"

Tai laughed lightly. "You never should have bragged to him how much your band's making now."

"Yeah, yeah. I sorta figured that one out." Matt blew a piece of hair from his face.

"It's not like T.K. would've gotten in the way, Matt. We're going to be so busy, no doubt you'd never notice he's here!" Sora told Matt.

"Matt probably just wants some space, Sora." Tai said. "Nothing wrong with that."

"Let me tell you something, Matt." Sora held up an index finger. "Getting a girlfriend will do anything but give you space!"

"Who said I was looking for a girlfriend?" Matt blushed.

"Oh, c'mon! You seriously mean to tell me that Mister Lead Singer of Capricious is still single?" Tai teased.

"There're bigger things to worry about than girls, Tai." Matt scolded. "At least for me."

"Matt's got to come up with a new song soon." Sora explained to Tai. "He's in a major dry spell right now."

"Ohh" Tai blinked.

"It's not a big deal, it's happened before." Matt folded his arms. "I just haven't found something to write about yet, that's all."

"The auditorium isn't far, we should head over there so they have enough time to go through our stuff." Sora said.

"Sounds like a plan." Tai replied. "We should be meeting up with Izzy real soon.

"He said he'd be here early, so we can't miss him." Sora replied.

"I don't see how he could miss Tai's hair." Matt smirked.

"I heard that!" Tai rose his voice. Matt shrugged in reply.

Lo and behold, the computer wiz greeted them at the entrance of the auditorium.

"Hey, guys!" Izzy took one of the boxes Tai was lugging around, and Tai's eyes peeked over the top of the two boxes he still held.

"Whoa, Izzy!" Tai took a step back. "Has someone been drinking his milk, or what?!"

Izzy blushed a bit, and kept his eyes on the box he carried.

"Aww, cut it out, Tai! You're making the poor kid blush!" Matt rested an elbow on Izzy's shoulder.

"It took long enough." Izzy smiled, his chin straight. "It's nice to be able to look you guys in the eyes finally."

The other three smiled, and Sora spoke.

"It's so cool, seeing each other change so much." Sora took one of the boxes Tai was carrying.

Tai heaved a sigh of relief as he set the last of the three boxes on the table. "Man, I'm beat!" He wiped his forehead, and leaned on the table. "Hey, Matt, feel like joining T.K. for a soda?"

"Are you kidding? I just got rid of him!" Matt scrunched his nose.

"A soda doesn't sound too bad right about now" Sora looked to Izzy while opening a box.

"I don't see any harm in us picking up a drink before we unpack." Izzy closed the box he opened, and faced the others. "And it'll give me a chance to catch up on the latest in your lives."

Tai and Sora walked away from the table with Izzy.

"To tell you the truth, our lives have been pretty boring." Tai told Izzy.

Matt hesitated to join them, and his eyes drifted to the side in thought. IN the corner of his eyes, he saw a familiar shade of pink peek out of a cardboard box a few feet down.

"Matt! Y'coming or not?" Tai called.

Matt immediately jerked to attention. "Sure!" He ran to catch up with them.


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