A/N I've always loved the fact that Kurama as a healer, and I feel like he never got the recognition he deserved for his talent. That's why I decided to do this little series taking place throughout the Dark Tournament and featuring Kurama using his special healing ability. This first chapter was written due to the fact that, in the manga, it is mentioned the patches Yusuke wears on his forehead after his fight with Chu, were herbal remedies from Kurama. Stick with this fic, please, it's a little slow in the beginning but it gets very good in the end, I promise.

"If you got something to say, say it!" Yusuke bellowed to the rowdy crowd, cockily jutting out his chin in defiance, "But say it to my face, or else say it to my fists!"

A hush fell over the throng of spectators as Yusuke spoke. Well, you certainly have a way with words, Yusuke, Kurama thought with a shake of his head. He walked over to the detective, accessing the damage he had taken in his battle against Chu. The drunken warrior was a formidable foe, and it was unsurprising to find Yusuke the worse for wear after the altercation. He was lucky the blow to his head hadn't fractured his skull, but, as it was, the gash that was left there needed attention if it were to heal before the next match. More concerning were the deep lacerations that rent the flesh of his feet. If he were to walk at all, they needed swift treatment, especially if Yusuke wished to be able to move in his upcoming matches. A normal human might have been hobbled permanently by such a stunt. While Kurama was certain that Yusuke could heal on his own, it probably would not be in time for the upcoming round.

As Yusuke made a rude gesture at the Toguro brothers who had come to witness the fight, Kurama moved to relieve Kuwabara of the burden of supporting Yusuke. The boy was injured as well, and he would turn his attention to healing his wounds once he was finished with the detective. Kuwabara could not afford any soreness to distract him from his coming fights; he needed all the focus he could muster, if he were to survive. He had been lucky this round, but his next opponent, should he lose, would not be so merciful.

There was also Hiei to consider. While he would never admit it, he was in worse shape than Yusuke. The Darkness Flame had not only greatly depleted his energy, but had also burned him quite severely. If Hiei ever wished to regain the use of his right arm, his dominant arm, his sword arm, then he needed prompt aid. What was worse, Hiei would never admit that he needed help from anyone, even him. He would see it as an admission of weakness, and that was something he would never accept. He had healed him once when they first met, but that was only because he had been unconscious at the time. Kurama would have to resort to some underhanded method to heal him…which might just end in him being bodily harmed by his reluctant patient.

Deciding to deal with this situation later, he refocused his attention on Yusuke. Now that he had the detective leaning on him, he could sense his spirit energy, or more accurately his lack of spirit energy. What little energy he had left should have already subconsciously begun to heal his wounds, but Kurama was concerned that this wasn't the case. He could sense the dregs of his energy, but it seemed to be locked within the boy's body. It was troubling, but there wasn't anything that he could do for him in that regard.

"If you don't object, Yusuke, I could heal you," Kurama offered, leading Yusuke out of the stadium and down the path that led to the hotel. "The cuts you received to your heels are quite deep, and it would be advisable for you to accept my offer, so that the wounds have time to heal before the next round."

"Wow, Kurama, you have healing powers, too?" Yusuke asked, impressed. "You been holding out on me?"

Kurama laughed lightly at this, shaking his head and conceding, "I do have minor healing abilities due to me affinity for plants."

"I guess that makes sense. It's a good thing, too. We'll probably need our own ER unit the way this tournament thing's going."

"I'll go get my scrubs now," Kurama joked, smiling at the playful detective. Even as hurt as he was, he refused to lose his cheerful spirit. It was refreshing, dealing with this petulant child. Having spent so much time with the brooding Hiei, Kurama found Yusuke's lighthearted demeanor was a welcome reprieve.

Yusuke snorted as they arrived at the hotel, and upon reaching their rooms, he was forcefully shoved down on the couch with Kurama implying bodily harm would befall him should he try to escape treatment. Returning with a first aid kit and a small bag that Yusuke was sure was filled with seeds, he sat facing Yusuke. Opening the first aid kit, Kurama took out some bandages, alcohol, and cotton balls.

"Got any of that alcohol for drinking?" he asked, eyeing it warily.

"I will in about five years…" he replied absently, dabbing the cotton ball in the alcohol and applying it to the scrape on Yusuke's forehead. He flinched horribly at this, and moved to leave the couch.

"Sit still, Yusuke," Kurama chided patiently.

"But it burns," he whined, his tough act forgotten.

"Take it like a man, Urameshi," said Kuwabara, flopping onto the couch opposite them with all the grace of a sack of bricks. Then, as soon as his back hit the couch, he winced and whimpered loudly.

"Yeah, I should be more like you and just snivel," Yusuke gripped, shooting his friend an annoyed glare.

"I'll see to your back injury, too, Kuwabara, once I'm finished with him," Kurama stated, effectively heading off what was sure to become a heated argument, never taking his eyes from his irate patient.

After carefully cleaning his numerous cuts, he grew a small pain killer from a seed and wrapped it in a bandage, attaching it securely to the center of Yusuke's forehead. The detective felt the bandage dubiously.

"No offense, but if this seed came from your hair then I don't think this is very hygienic…" he complained uncomfortably.

"Don't worry, Yusuke, I only carry seeds on my person that can be wielded as weapons," he assured, amused.

"Ah, that's a relief," Yusuke said. He felt a blush creep over his cheeks as Kurama picked up both his feet and set them in his lap. The blush quickly turned ashen as he felt the burning sensation of alcohol seep into the open wounds, but he willed himself to keep still, mindful of how Kuwabara was watching them.

After both feet were cleaned, Kurama mercifully applied more painkillers to wound. Yusuke couldn't help a relieved sigh at the pleasant cooling sensation. He barely has time to appreciate his relief before Kurama applied another strange substance to his wounds. As Kurama fed it with his energy, Yusuke watched in amazement as his skin began to knit together.

"Whoa, how'd you do that?" he questioned.

"I merely applied some yarrow and used my energy to increase its healing potential and reduce the time it took to close the wound exponentially," he explained.

"Damn useful," Yusuke muttered, then grinning cheekily asked, "Wouldn't mind giving your sore team captain a foot rub, eh?"

Sighing, Kurama stood up, unceremoniously dumping Yusuke's feet on the cushion in the process.

A/N There's the first part, hope you enjoyed. Next up Kuwabara…